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Customer 360* View Integrating C4C with S4 Hana


Today’s customers value personalization and want a brand to know more about them in order to provide content of value and interest.

Before I deep dive into integration I would like to say in few crispy word why 360* view is very important these days.

It is a strategic approach enabling businesses to offer the best customer experience across all channels, by allowing for a unified view of all customer touch points.A 360-degree view of the customer is a single, end-to-end picture of the customer’s journey and experience with a company

In a nutshell, the 360-degree view is the foundation that makes an organization’s relationship with customers experiential rather than transactional—the key to long-standing customer relationships and positive endorsements

In this blog, we will explore the 360-degree customer view integrating C4C with S4HANA.

Scope : Only going to explain mandatory setting required in C4C /S4 /CPI for 360* view and other configuration which is related to integration mainly Business partner and replication of data please refer to my previous blog (Standard C4C-S4H Integration and Business partner integration comparison with ECC- Part 1)

Configuration  C4C :-

  • Define communication system
  • Define Communication arrangement system- For Customer 360* view Business partner replication from S4(SAP Business suite) to C4C need to be configured
  • Define Distribution Channel & Division- Business Configuration> Fine tuning
  • ID Mapping- For Sales organization
  • Scoping – Enable sales order replication from external system to cloud
  • Code list mapping
  • Define Mashup- Standard mashupSM00039need to be updated

Path -Administrator-> Business Flexibility-> Mashup Authoring

How to get the URL Fiori: URL format as belows

EX: Example S4 Fiori frontend url: https://<Frontend system>< Client ID>-<Backend system><Client ID>

Login to S4 and use transaction: /n/UI2/FLP

Configuration S4H ->

  1. Create Communication user in S4H -> CODINTEG, make sure it has all required access
  2. Certificate management in S4H ->

->Download ROOT CA Certificates
->Maintain SSL Server Standard Trusted Cert List (STRUST)
->Maintain SSL System Client Cert and Trusted Cert List (STRUST)
->Export SAP S/4HANA Client Certificate(STRUST)
->Mapping Cloud Connector Certificate to Integration User in SAP S/4HANA(SM30)

3.Configure Single sign on – Optional

4. Define logical system-make sure logical system name is same as C4C system name- BD54

5.Define RFC: Connection Type External server if using CPI-TCODE -SM59

6. Run RCOD_Connectivity program for Automatically Generate Integration Settings for Data exchange – Refer my previous blog for detail

  • Select HANA Cloud Integration – If middleware is CPI
  • Get Runtime URL from CPI

7.Maintain Endpoints for Services-Update the Business partner web service using SOAMANAGER

  • Check the URL and logon details for BusinessPartnerSUITEBulkReplicateRequest_Out

8.Define business system – Used for Business partner replication( Refer Previous Blog)

9.Configure Data Replication Framework-( Refer Previous Blog)

10.Define Replication Models-( Refer Previous Blog)

11.Business Configuration Set-( Refer Previous Blog)

12Filter Reflexive Partner Functions

13. Assign catalog to user -( S4 Fiori user) -SAP_SD_BC_CUST_SLSOVP_DSP – PFCG

14.The ICF nodes and ODATA for the following SAPUI5 application must be activated on the front-end server

Generic Settings in CPI

  • Configure and Deploy the iFlow Using SAP Web UI


Data Loading

  • Replicate customer from S4H to C4C using DRFOUT

360* View of Customer

  • Open the customer downloaded to C4C from S4H
  • Navigate to Action
  • Click on Customer-360* View
  • Its launches a Fiori page
  • Enter User ID and password of S4H system
  • You can view Customer 360*
  • You can view of customer 360*


Conclusion :Customer 360* for S4H/C4C integration is based on URL Mashup and settings are different from ECC . It provides holistic view of all Transaction for that customer.

Please let me know if you have any open question and Feedback’s are always welcome.





















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      Author's profile photo Liza Amroch
      Liza Amroch

      Hello CJ,

      Is it possible even with S/4HANA on cloud? If so, do you have any indications.

      Kind Regards,


      Author's profile photo Chanchal Jha
      Chanchal Jha
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Liza

      Apologies for responding late. Need to check for S4 HANA cloud.

      Will revert.



      Author's profile photo Chanchal Jha
      Chanchal Jha
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Liza

      Integration features available with S/4HANA Cloud release 1808



      Author's profile photo Daniel Bergman
      Daniel Bergman

      This is all good and so, but then you have a user that want to use there mobile phones and PC and the PC have connection to the S4 Hana system via VPN.

      So I setup a application proxy and the phone have access but it needs to Authenticate. did i say we had saml SSO up and running in our environment. the problem is first time the user authenticates to the system when pressing the customer 360 view the user comes to the fiorilaunchpad.html, everything after # (hash) in the url is fragment and cannot be handle by the saml request or response.

      isnt there any way to access “Customer-displaySalesOverview” without going to fiorilauchpad.html.

      otherwise i need to create a “pre authentication” script somwhere or add redirect html site in the S/4 HANA system.

      as long as the authentication coockie is valid everything works(only until closing the browser), only the first time it doesn reach the destination url

      any ideas?

      Author's profile photo Chanchal Jha
      Chanchal Jha
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Daniel

      There is an additional step to set up SSO for this. Please enable SSO and it will work .

      Author's profile photo Mounia Erradi
      Mounia Erradi

      Hello, Chanchal Jha 


      We created same 360 view mashup HTML instead of URL. For now we only get the Account lists opening in the 360 view app.


      What do we need to do to open the Actual account? knowing that C4C External ID is the same as the S/4 Internal ID. How do we mapp the accoutn ID’s so that the HTML mashup get the correct Account and opens it in the app?


      thank you

      Author's profile photo Catherine Chaparro
      Catherine Chaparro

      Hola muchas gracias por esta información, tienes un blog de como seria la integración de la vista 360 con ECC?