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Author's profile photo Vaibhav Revankar

RFC/Program to Send data to MAIL as HTML table format

Hi Experts,

We has Standard RFC in SAP to send an Mail for the created or requested DATA.  but the same data when we open into our mail box it will be into Disturbed / Jumbled way.

we can write our won HTML Tag / Table format into our SAP ABAP .

The Data which we want to send as a mail , that we can add it into  html open and close tag with with TD and TR tag for the row and column to arrange our data into Table format into a mail body.

NOTE:  Full RFC Find the below attachment code.

So Kindly Find the below steps and code.

concatenate ‘QPH Process for notification:’ i_notification ‘has been created.’ into subject separated by space.

doc_data-priority = 1.
doc_data-obj_descr = subject.

wa_contents-line = ‘<html> <body style=”background-color:#FFFFFF;”> <basefont face=”arial, verdana, courier” size=”2″ >’.
append wa_contents to it_contents.
wa_contents-line = ‘<table style=”MARGIN: 10px” bordercolor=”#050211″ width = “100%” border=”1px”> ‘.
append wa_contents to it_contents.

concatenate ‘<tr><td width=”30%”>Vendor No/Name:</td><td>’ lv_final-sellifnr ‘ / ‘ lv_final-name1  into wa_contents.
append wa_contents to it_contents.

concatenate ‘<tr><td width=”30%”>Inspection Lot Number:</td><td>’ lv_final-prueflos  into wa_contents.
append wa_contents to it_contents.

concatenate ‘<tr><td width=”30%”>QPH/Notification Number:</td><td>’ lv_final-notno  into wa_contents.
append wa_contents to it_contents.

concatenate ‘<tr><td width=”30%”>Plant</td><td>’ lv_final-werk ‘</td></tr>’ into wa_contents.
append wa_contents to it_contents.

concatenate ‘<tr><td width=”30%”>Raised Date</td><td>’ lv_final-ddate ‘  /  ‘ lv_final-ddate+6(2) ‘.’
lv_final-ddate+4(2) ‘.’ lv_final-ddate(4) ‘</td></tr>’ into wa_contents.
append wa_contents to it_contents.

concatenate ‘<tr><td width=”30%”>Part No/Name:</td><td>’ lv_final-selmatnr ‘ / ‘ lv_final-ktextmat  into wa_contents.
append wa_contents to it_contents.

concatenate ‘<tr><td width=”30%”>Rejection code/Description:</td><td>’ lv_final-rcode ‘ / ‘ lv_final-rtext  into wa_contents.
append wa_contents to it_contents.

wa_contents-line = ‘</table> ‘.
append wa_contents to it_contents.

wa_contents-line = ‘</body></html>’.
append wa_contents to it_contents.


function z*******_sendmail.
*"*"Local Interface:
  data :   doc_data type sodocchgi1,
           it_pack type standard table of sopcklsti1,
           wa_pack type sopcklsti1,
           it_contents type standard table of solisti1,
           wa_contents type solisti1,
           it_recv type standard table of somlreci1 with header line,
           wa_recv type somlreci1,
           tab_lines type i.
  data: subject(70).
  data:      lt_final type table of zqm_supt.

  data: lv_final type zqm_supt ,
        lv_vendor type adrnr ,
        lv_mailid type ad_smtpadr .
  data :  obj_key  type swotobjid-objkey,
          cls_name type bapibds01-classname.
  data :  lt_gos   type table of bdn_con,
          wa_gos   type bdn_con.

  data : gc_307     type i value '307',
         gc_308     type i value '308',
         gv_msg_no type i.

  clear : lv_final, lv_vendor, lv_mailid , it_contents[]  .
  if i_notification is not initial.

    select single * from zqm_supt
                          into lv_final
                          where notno =  i_notification
                          and  block = ''.

    select  single adrnr from lfa1
                          into  lv_vendor
                          where lifnr = lv_final-sellifnr.

    select single smtp_addr from adr6
                             into  lv_mailid
                             where addrnumber = lv_vendor.

  wa_recv-rec_type  = 'U'.
  wa_recv-receiver =  lv_mailid.
  append wa_recv to  it_recv.

  concatenate 'QPH Process for notification:' i_notification 'has been created.' into subject separated by space.

  doc_data-priority = 1.
  doc_data-obj_descr = subject.

  wa_contents-line = '<html> <body style="background-color:#FFFFFF;"> <basefont face="arial, verdana, courier" size="2" >'.
  append wa_contents to it_contents.
  wa_contents-line = '<table style="MARGIN: 10px" bordercolor="#050211" width = "100%" border="1px"> '.
  append wa_contents to it_contents.

  concatenate '<tr><td width="30%">Vendor No/Name:</td><td>' lv_final-sellifnr ' / ' lv_final-name1  into wa_contents.
  append wa_contents to it_contents.

  concatenate '<tr><td width="30%">Inspection Lot Number:</td><td>' lv_final-prueflos  into wa_contents.
  append wa_contents to it_contents.

  concatenate '<tr><td width="30%">QPH/Notification Number:</td><td>' lv_final-notno  into wa_contents.
  append wa_contents to it_contents.

  concatenate '<tr><td width="30%">Plant</td><td>' lv_final-werk '</td></tr>' into wa_contents.
  append wa_contents to it_contents.

  concatenate '<tr><td width="30%">Raised Date</td><td>' lv_final-ddate '  /  ' lv_final-ddate+6(2) '.'
              lv_final-ddate+4(2) '.' lv_final-ddate(4) '</td></tr>' into wa_contents.
  append wa_contents to it_contents.

  concatenate '<tr><td width="30%">Part No/Name:</td><td>' lv_final-selmatnr ' / ' lv_final-ktextmat  into wa_contents.
  append wa_contents to it_contents.

  concatenate '<tr><td width="30%">Rejection code/Description:</td><td>' lv_final-rcode ' / ' lv_final-rtext  into wa_contents.
  append wa_contents to it_contents.

  wa_contents-line = '</table> '.
  append wa_contents to it_contents.

  wa_contents-line = '</body></html>'.
  append wa_contents to it_contents.

  describe table it_contents lines tab_lines.
******* packlist
  wa_pack-head_start = 1.
  wa_pack-head_num = 0.
  wa_pack-body_start = 1.
  wa_pack-body_num = tab_lines.
  wa_pack-doc_type = 'HTML'.
  append wa_pack to it_pack.

  call function 'SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1'
      document_data              = doc_data
      put_in_outbox              = 'X'
      commit_work                = 'X'
      packing_list               = it_pack
*     OBJECT_HEADER              =
*     CONTENTS_BIN               =
      contents_txt               = it_contents
*     CONTENTS_HEX               =
*     OBJECT_PARA                =
*     OBJECT_PARB                =
      receivers                  = it_recv
      too_many_receivers         = 1
      document_not_sent          = 2
      document_type_not_exist    = 3
      operation_no_authorization = 4
      parameter_error            = 5
      x_error                    = 6
      enqueue_error              = 7
      others                     = 8.
  if sy-subrc <> 0.
*    MESSAGE 'dgsgfds' TYPE 'I'.

    move gc_308  to gv_msg_no.
    perform collect_msg tables  et_return[]
                            using   space
  else .

    move gc_307  to gv_msg_no.
    perform collect_msg tables     et_return[]
                            using   space


*&      Form  COLLECT_MSG
*       text
*      -->P_ET_DMS_RETURN[]  text
*      -->P_SPACE  text
*      -->P_GV_MSG_NO  text
form collect_msg  tables      p_et_return type     bapiret2_t
                                          using    p_space

  data: gs_message   type bapiret2.
  constants:gc_msgclass        type sy-msgid value 'ZPPS_MC',
            gc_msgtype_error   type sy-msgty value 'E',
            gc_msgtype_sucess  type sy-msgty value 'S'.

*--Global Variables
  data : gv_msg_value         type string,
         gv_msg_no            type sy-msgno.
  clear: gs_message.

  if p_gv_msg_no = '308' .
    gs_message-id         = gc_msgclass .
    gs_message-type       = gc_msgtype_error.
    gs_message-number     = p_gv_msg_no.
  elseif p_gv_msg_no = '307'.
    gs_message-id         = gc_msgclass .
    gs_message-type       = gc_msgtype_sucess.
    gs_message-number     = p_gv_msg_no.

  call function 'BALW_BAPIRETURN_GET2'
      type   = gs_message-type
      cl     = gs_message-id
      number = gs_message-number
*     par1   = gs_message-message_v1
      return = gs_message.

  append gs_message to  p_et_return.
  clear: gs_message.

endform.                    " COLLECT_MSG


Conclusion  :   We can use HTML any tags to arrange our DATA into user’s expected , and also user friendly and meaning full result with clear and more understanding. sending a mail is an simple process but if DATA which we have send from SAP Mail should be meaning full and clear format , using an this example we can arrange our mail sending data into proper and clear format to understand the END use’s



Vaibhav Revankar.

SAP ABAP + UI5 + Odata .

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      Author's profile photo Matthew Billingham
      Matthew Billingham

      So… this is a program that makes HTML – hardly rocket science. But you’ve given no indication of how to attach this to an email. And there’s no attachment. I’m afraid I find it very hard what it is you’re trying to say here, nor what use it might be. Perhaps you can have someone locally go through it with you to make it clearer.

      Oh, and if you’re going to post code – do use the {;} button. It makes things much easier to read.

      concatenate ‘<tr><td width=”30%”>Part No/Name:</td><td>’ lv_final-selmatnr ‘ / ‘ lv_final-ktextmat
                  into wa_contents.
      append wa_contents to it_contents.



      Author's profile photo Vaibhav Revankar
      Vaibhav Revankar
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Matthew,

      please check now Code editor for the more details.


      NOTE:  it_contents    having HTML tags and Data, need to Pass into  "'SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1'"    with sender email id.

      Author's profile photo Matthew Billingham
      Matthew Billingham

      Well, I’m glad you know about the {;} button now. See how much better your blog looks already. Now… why not apply to the other code in your blog.

      But you shouldn’t be using SO_ function modules. The CL_BCS framework is far easier to use, more flexible and powerful, and less prone to errors.

      And use ABAP Objects rather than FORMs, which are obsolete…