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integration content advisor: List of Provided Type Systems


This blog gives you an overview of the currently supported and available type systems at Integration Content Advisor. It furthermore provides you the available versions per type system, the number of templates of message types, and the number of complex types, simple types and codelists that are used in the message types. You’ll also find the information, if the type system is freely available and if not, where you can buy this type system.

List of available Type Systems

Type System Available Versions Number of Freely Available? Where to buy?
    Versions Message Types Complex Types Simple Types Codelists    
ASC X12 – Accredited Standards Committee X12 002001, 002002, 002003, 002040, 002042, 003010, 003020, 003030, 003040, 003050, 003060, 003070, 004010, 004020, 004030, 004040, 004050, 004060, 005010, 005020, 005030, 005040, 005050, 006010, 006020, 006030, 006040, 006050, 007010, 007020, 007030, 007040 32 325 1256 1626 866 No SAP Store
SAP IDoc S/4 HANA Release 1709 1 47 440 3411 270 Yes
ISO Codelists 2002, 2004, 2013, 2016 4 5 Yes
UN/CEFACT Recommendations – Codelists 1982, 2001, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017 7 8 Yes
UN/EDIFACT 92.1, 93.2, D.93A, D.94A, D.94B, D.95A, D.95B, D.96A, D.96B, D.97A, D.97B, D.98A, D.98B, D.99A, D.99B, D.00A, D.00B, D.01A, D.01B, D.01C, D.02A, D.02B, D.03A, D.03B, D.04A, D.04B, D.05A, D.05B, D.06A, D.06B, D.07A, D.07B, D.08A, D.08B, D.09A, D.09B, D.10A, D.10B, D.11A, D.11B, D.12A, D.12B, D.13A, D.13B, D.14A, D.14B, D.15A, D.15B, D.16A, D.16B, D.17A, D.17B, 52 199 394 728 294 No SAP Store
Sum  96 571 2090 5765 1443


The intention is that further type systems will be released. You’ll find the updates of this type systems at this page. Please check out this blog, occasionally. You give us your comments, which type systems should be provided by the Integration Content Advisor.

Further Reading

Please go to the blog: integration content advisor: Overview of components and further reading

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      Author's profile photo Vinod Patil
      Vinod Patil

      Hello Gunther,

      Thank you for detailed blog listing all available versions. Is there any document/note listing updated X12 versions?

      I am looking for ANSI X12-3000, ANSI X12-2010 versions. It will be great if you can guide on how to import these if not readily available?



      Vinod Patil