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SAP HCI-DS Agent Installation and Configuration


HCI-DS Agent installation and Configuration


This blog is intended for SAP Technical/BASIS administrator, who need to setup SAP Cloud Integrator Data Services. Document describe the detail steps for setting up SAP Cloud Integrator Data Service in context of SAP IBP (Integrated Business Planning) Cloud application and customer on-premise landscape. Same procedure can also be used for setting up connection for SAP Success Factor application.


The SAP Data Services Agent provides secure connectivity to on-premise sources in your landscape.

At design-time, the agent is used to provide metadata browsing functionality for on-premise sources to the web-based user interface. At run-time, the agent will take care of the secure data transfer from the on-premise source to the targets in the cloud.

SAP Cloud Platform Integration Architecture

SAP Cloud Platform Integration for data services interacts with your local SAP landscape via the SAP Data Services Agent and secure HTTPS and RFC connections.

Download Agent Package from SAP Cloud Platform Portal

During initial setup of HANA Cloud Integration instance for your organization, SAP will setup administrator ID for your organization.  Administrator Id can further request access for more users with different access and authorization based on individual role.

User will get an account activation mail containing Organization Name and with link to activate the account to access SAP Cloud Platform Integration Portal WebUI. Ideally existing S-User Id for SAP portal will be authorized to access the HCI DS Portal.

Organization name will be having <DS><2-digit for Data Cenre Geography><4 numeric digit for organization code>  e.g   DSUS1234

Login to SAP Cloud Platform Integration Portal WebUI

Login using S user ID or e-mail Id mapped with S-user Id in User profile on SAP Portal.

Go to AGENTS tab and click on Download Agent Package.


Download latest DS Agent package.

Install HCI-DS Agent


  1. Copy Downloaded Agent package on Windows host.

Run the package installer as administrator.


HCI-DS Agent need user with administrator privileges. Get a User e.g. SVCHCIAGENT and add it to local administrator group. This user will be used to start/stop SAP Data Agent Service on Window system.

Enter User name as SVCHCIAGENT  and Password

Following log will be generated as a successful installation of Data Service Agent.

=== Installing files

Installing Files…please wait

=== Done

=== Configuring environment

Generating configuration file

Updating Adapters startup script

Updating the adapters startup script

Updating configuration file

Setting the environment variables

=== Done


=== Generating certificates

Creating SSL keys and certificates for the Job Server…

Initializing the keystore for Job Server…

Initializing the keystore for Metadata Browsing Server…

=== Done


=== Configuring internal database

=== Done


=== Create an event to purge SQLA log files

=== Done


=== Creating repositories

Creating sandbox repository

Creating production repository

=== Done


=== Configuring job server

Creating the Job Server

Adding the repository into the Job Server

=== Done


=== Upgrading adapters

Updating the adapters configuration files

=== Done


=== Starting agent service

SAP Data Services Agent service started successfully

=== Done


[Installation Log]




Success: Installing files

Success: Configuring environment

Success: Generating certificates

Success: Configuring internal database

Success: Create an event to purge SQLA log files

Success: Creating repositories

Success: Configuring job server

Success: Upgrading adapters

Success: Starting agent service


Completed successfully.

Choose Yes.


Configure SAP HCI-DS Agent


Download AgentConfig file

SAP HCI-DS Agent setup require Agent Configuration file from SAP Cloud Platform Web UI

Go to HCI Web UI to download Agent Configuration File.

Click on New Agent.

Enter some meaning full name with Description.

Name under Agent Group will be your Organization Name i.e. DSUS1234.

Click Next.

Save AgentConfig.txt file.

Copy the AgentConfig.txt file at directory C:\Program Files\SAP\DataServiceAgent on  DS Agent server.


Setup HCI-DS Agent

Go to C:\Program Files\SAP\DataServiceAgent and run ConfigureAgent as administrator.



Enter e-mail Id registered with S-User ID, used to access Cloud Web UI.

Specify location for AgentConfig file.  Leave other option as default.

Select ‘Upload’.

Choose ‘Yes’.

Choose ‘Yes’.

Go back to HCI Web UI

Click Refresh.

Agent status will change to GREEN.

Selecting the Agent will display the detail of the DS Agent host.

Create Data Store for SAP IBP Cloud Instance

To create Data Store connection for SAP Cloud instance in HCI Web UI, instance tenant had be ready by SAP for your organization unit as per customer license.



Click on New DataStore icon.

Specify the input for Name and Description.

In Credentials section, select ‘Integrated Business Planning’ as Application Type and Instance as ‘<Organization>_Test_NW’  from drop-down list.

Save the entry.

Configure Data Store for Customer SAP Landscape

Go to DATASTORES tab and click on ‘+’ icon to create new Data Store.


Enter the required connection detail for customer SAP system and Save.

All DataStore connection will appear in the left side navigation panel.

To test the connection, press button 

Configure Data Service Agent Directory

Create directory structure as defined below. You can use any naming convention of your choice.

Go to C:\Program Files\SAP\DataServicesAgent and run ConfigureAgent as administrator.


Click on Configure Directories.

Click on Add and enter directory  C:\Program Files\SAP\DataServicesAgent\HCI_INTEGRATION

It will prompt to restart the agent. Select Yes.


Create DataStore for Data Service Agent File


Go to SAP Cloud Platform Integration and go to tab DATA STORES.

Click on button to add New DataStore

Provide the input as above.  In the Type field, select ‘File Format Group’.

Click on Save.

Select DS_AGENT_FILE and click on Configuration

Enter C:\Program Files\SAP\DataServicesAgent\HCI_INTEGRATION\  in Root directory and Save.


Allow  HCI DS host into SAP ECC/APO Gateway

If Gateway Security is enabled in SAP environment, make sure that HCI DS Windows hosts is permitted in Gateway security to connect with SAP system.

Create RFC destination SAPDS in SAP Backend system

Once all technical connection are setup, metadata is defined under individual DataStore to be used by various HCI Tasks.

Based on project requirement, SAP Cloud Platform Integrator for Data Services further can be used to setup connection to any Database including SAP HANA DB, hosted in customer On-Premise landscape or other cloud platform. I shall be describing process of setting up Data Store in SAP Cloud Platform Integration for an On-Premise HANA DB, using HANA DB Client.

Hope this is helpful to consultants, who is working on setup SAP Cloud Platform Integrator for Data Services for the first time.


Mahesh Bansal

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      Author's profile photo Adalberto Blanco
      Adalberto Blanco

      Thanks Mahesh for your publication. Very good. I want to ask you something as I have My S/4 on premise in HEC (Hana Enterprise Cloud) and I have IBP Cloud. I would like to know where I install in HCI agent because you indicate that is on a Windows server. Can be on a Windows server in my landscape local no HEC?

      Author's profile photo Linda Fang
      Linda Fang

      Very good blog, Mahesh. May I check with you in OS level, how the CPI-DS agent look like? Is it a process in Linux? if yes, what's the process' name?

      Author's profile photo Linda Fang
      Linda Fang

      is HCI-DS agent the same as CPI-DS agent?

      Author's profile photo Jeff Kresse
      Jeff Kresse

      Yes it is. HCI-DS was once the name of the product, until about a year ago.

      Author's profile photo Kamran Navaid
      Kamran Navaid

      Hi there, if we are using AZURE blob storage Datastore, how can we add that root directory on the agent? i.e. Azure container root folder is not available on agent machine or network.



      Author's profile photo Luis Ibañez
      Luis Ibañez

      How do you get your organization code? by email when you create a subaccount on SCP?

      Author's profile photo Pooja Garudappa Gari
      Pooja Garudappa Gari

      How do we get job service account id ?? any idea?

      Author's profile photo Douglas Donivan de Oliveira
      Douglas Donivan de Oliveira



      this is the user and password you use to logon to the agent server... for instance, if you are installing in your own machine, this means you have to use the same User and Password you use to logon.



      Douglas Oliveira