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All About Maintenance Schedule in SAP Business by Design(ByD)

Maintenance Schedule view is a part of Service Control Center work center.

This view gives you an overview of maintenance activities performed for Productive and Non Productive systems.

Calendar Sub-View:

To see the maintenance schedule please follow the below steps:

  1. Login to ByD System.
  2. Go to Service Control Center work center.
  3. Click on Calendar sub-view Maintenance Schedule view.
  4. Select the System Type from the drop down.
  5. Highlight the system to see the overview of the corresponding maintenance activity.

In this view you can get an overview of the maintenance schedule for you systems in a calendar format.

The maintenance activities are color-coded, so you can see at a glance what events have been scheduled for which system.

There are four different types of maintenance activities:

  • Maintenance: A regular period of maintenance, as agreed in your contract.
  • Upgrade: A period of downtime that is required when installing a newer version of your SAP solution.
  • Emergency: A non-schedule period of maintenance that is required due to issues with the system.
  • Service Operations: A downtime scheduled due to additional service requests, such as copying a system, or a request for a test system.

List Sub-View:

To see the maintenance schedule please follow the below steps:

  1. Login to ByD System.
  2. Go to Service Control Center work center.
  3. Click on List sub-view Maintenance Schedule view.
  4. Select the System Type from the drop down.
  5. Highlight the system to see the overview of the corresponding maintenance activity.

To see more information about a maintenance schedule item, simply highlight one of the items in the list. The details are automatically displayed at the bottom of the content area.

We can also restrict the information which is shown by choosing Productive, Non-Productive, or All Systems, entering dates in the Date From/To fields and then clicking Go.

The default selection is usually for the current month and productive systems.

Create Queries:

When you use Selection criteria to restrict the information(ex: Date From/To, Filter by Date, etc.) to be displayed is called query. We can also save this query by clicking on Save.

To restrict the information to be displayed:

  1. From the show drop down list select a system type.
  2. Enter the period for which you want to restrict the schedule information.
  3. Click on the button Go.
  4. The information displayed is for the period and system type that you have selected.
  5. To save this particular set of selection criteria, click Save Query.
  6. In the dialog, enter a name of the query.
  7. To set this query as the default that is shown each time you log on, check the box Use As Default Query.

Organize Queries:

In this section we can delete a query if you no longer require it, or you can change the default query that is displayed.

To delete a query, click on Organize Queries, select the query you want to delete and then click on Delete.

Note: You can only delete queries that you have created. The three standard queries Productive Systems, Non-Productive Systems, and All Systems cannot be deleted. The Delete button will be deactivated, if you select one of them as shown in the above picture.

Hope this blog helps you!

Best Regards,
Ankit Kaneri

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    • Hello Amog,

      For Service Operations & Maintenance activity System will show you the pop-up info about downtime start on the same day for all users.

      Other Downtime activities like upgrade and Service operation Email communication will be sent only when the activity got completed.

      Ex: if you request tenant creation, once the new tenant ic created Email will be sent to IT contacts. OR Upgrade Emails will be sent twice one before the upgrade(before 3 weeks) informing you about the upgrade schedule and one after the completion of upgrade informing you to your system is upgraded to latest version.

      Other than that Emergency downtimes, for this Emails are also sent to customer IT contacts informing this downtime.

      This KBA is for the RCA communication for Emergency downtime 2558766 - RCA-Downtime Notification Policy -Communication

      For the Maintenance activity we will not send any sort of notification.

      At the moment, we don't have any such functionality where you can send out the Alert/notification to all the Key users informing them about the downtimes.

      Ankit K

  • Hi Ankit,


    My organization is in the life sciences space. The environment HAS to be 'controlled', wherein we are aware of what is going on in the env which includes what patches are being pushed in so that we can analyse and be aware if there is a possibility of it impacting us or not.

    Being in a reactive situation where we have a patch pushed in and then 'realizing if it impacted us or not is not something that can fly in this LOB.

    I have two questions:

    • We have a maintenance calendar which gives a 4 hr slot every week (more or less). Can we have an overview (in advance) of when you are actually going to use it to 'impact' / 'touch' our system. Is there a report to find out how many times you actually did that in the last 1 year or something.
    • There are these email defined 'SAP Business ByDesign - Degradation: Issue Identified' that come. How is this degradation happening when no one touched anything (unless there was something touched that we don't know) or how can that be understood. RCA around it?



    • Hello Achint,

      • You can check for the Report Name: Downtime Details (Current System) which might provide you the details around this. Moreover these details are also visible in the Maintenance Schedule list view. Other than these we don't have any specific report about this CMP.

      Note: Almost all the Contractual Maintenance Period(CMP) SAP will utilize for the activities like HotFix/Emergency Patch Deployment, Performance tuning or other planned activities.

      • These Emails are sent when their are issues faced with respect to system is not accessible due to unplanned downtimes because of some technical issues(May be changes from customer/partner, may be impact of Upgrade, may be some technical inconsistency and etc.).
      • Further for the RCA you can refer the KBA: 2558766 - RCA-Downtime Notification Policy -Communication

      Ankit K