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Add SAP Cloud Platform API Management as a Data Source in SAP Web IDE

SAP Cloud Platform Web IDE is a powerful, web-based integrated development tool that simplifies end-to-end application development and enables developers to quickly build Fiori applications connecting to APIs from SAP or non-SAP.



To securely connect to APIs from SAP Cloud Platform API Management, we can use the newly launched Create Data Source  functionality in SAP Cloud Platform Web IDE. Using this functionality the required destinations to discover and consume APIs from SAP Cloud Platform API Management can be very easily created from a simplified wizard in a single step from SAP Cloud Platform Web IDE itself.


  • From the services tab in SAP Cloud Platform cockpit, search and select SAP Web IDE Full-Stack tile and click on the Go to Service link.

  • You will be navigated to the SAP Web IDE Full-Stack. From the Tools drop down menu select Create Data Source menu item

  • In the New Data Source wizard, enter your SAP Cloud Platform User Id or email Id and credentials and Enter the details

Field name


Example/Sample value


Name of the Destination file



A short description for the destination

Destination to sap cloud platform api management


Type of the WebIDEUsage , for API Management it should API Management Catalog

API Management Catalog


Link to your Developer Portal URL



Link to your API Proxy URL



  • This would create the required destination files for SAP Web IDE and SAP Cloud Platform API Management integration. For the SAP Web IDE and SAP Cloud Platform API Management Integration two destinations are required, one to the Developer portal to discover and explore the APIs managed by SAP Cloud Platform API Management and another to connect to the API Proxified endpoint from your application.
  • To view the newly created destinations, you can navigate to the Destinations tab from SAP Cloud Platform cockpit.


With this cool feature of Create Data Source in SAP Web IDE it is very easy to create the required destinations to connect to SAP Cloud Platform API Management from your SAP Web IDE service.


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  • Hi,

    Thanks for this. I have done the same but once I reach Data Connection and Service Catalog, I can choose "apimanagment" destination but after that, no APIs show up to select from. even though I have created 2 APIs and 2 Products. Any idea?

    • Hi Melanie,

      In discovery of APIs in SAP Web IDE, only OData APIs are supported. Kindly confirm if in API Management the API Proxy was created for an OData APIs.

      Thanks and Best Regards,


      • Hi Divya,

        Correct, I noticed this later. My API proxy were both REST APIs, not OData. I added Demo GW OData service to API Mng and that API proxy was listed.

        Hope adding other than OData API Proxy directly in Web IDE is a feature for the future 🙂

        Thanks for your comment.

        BR, Melanie

        • Hi Melanie,

          Thanks for the feedback, i will take it back to the product development team.  It is also great to hear ,  after adding OData API, the discovery is working.


          Thanks and Best Regards,


    • Hi Sarvana,

      401 means that the user that has been defined in your destination file to connect to Developer Portal is not valid. In case, you are using Basic Authentication in the destination check if the S/P user id and password that you have used in the destination is correct or not. You can also use the Test Connection functionality of the destination file to check on the received status code.

      In case you are using AppToApp SSO in your destination file, then you should have the necessary trust configuration done between the account where SAP Web IDE is running and the account where Developer Portal is running.

      Thanks and Best Regards,


    • Hi Karthik,

      This functionality of discovery of the API Management managed APIs or API Proxies in SAP Business Application Studio is not yet available. Currently this feature is available in Neo environment only. In order to connect to an API Proxies from SAP Business Application Studio, the required destinations would have to be manually created.

      Thanks and Best Regards,


      • Hi Divya Mary


        We are facing the same issue as mentionned above. Could you please explain in further details what do you mean by "the required destinations would have to be manually created"?


        Thanks a lot,