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S/4HANA Customer Management: Product Bundle

Product Bundle is a new master data in S/4HANA Business Suite 1809 in customer management, With SAP S/4HANA for customer management, you can group multiple products (tangible products or services) and sell them together as a bundle.

Special price can be offered for the product or service when it is part of a product bundle in the solution quotation, that gives you complete consistency and process integrity from quotation to invoice.

Here is a short video to introduce the product bundle concept and what customer can do with product bundle in this link.

Master Data

Product Bundle can be create / search via path: Home>Accounts&Products>Search/Create Product bundles in the WebClient UI. You should assign the role “Service Professional” to your SAP id.

As described in the video, you need to define the product types for bundle products, that tells system which kind of a product can be treated as a product bundle. Component groups also need to be defined in the customizing if you want to use group in product bundle.

Product Bundle comes from the product package which comes from the CRM Business suite 7.x, with some new features and some adaptions. For example, BRF is not supported and it used BRF plus instead in S/4 HANA Customer Management.

Transaction Data

Currently Product Bundle is supported in solution quotation, that means if you input an product bundle in the solution quotation transaction type(SRVP), it will automatically exploded according to the product hierarchy stores in the master data.

To archive this, you need to check the “Bundle explosion” Checkbox in the customizing table of both the transaction type and the item category.

IMG Node can be found as below:

Customer Management>Transactions>Basic Settings>Define Transaction Types

Customer Management>Transactions>Basic Settings>Define Item Categories

Additionally, Product Bundle will be archived together when the product is archived.

Technical overview

The following picture described the main technical parts of product bundle.

In the transaction processing, solution configurator will access both product bundle master data and product master data to explode the product bundle in the transaction items.

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  • Hi

    The restriction to only quotation limits its use.

    I am using CM 2.0 on 1809 and trying to create a Item template, not sure where i can do that. I can see links for Service Request Template, Service Quotation template and Service order Template, but unable to find for Item template. I created few Service Order templates with item and hierarchies, but these do not appear in item template.

    Can anyone guide ? Help will be appreciated !!


    • Hi Shashank,

      It is created in "Service Orders -> Create -> Service Order Template".

      Did you release your service order templates?

      I tried in my system, only the released templates and the item status is "released" can be shown in the template items search.


      Thanks & Regards,


  • Hi Harry,

    great blog!

    I have a question about the general usage and maybe just a problem in understanding the logic/idea.

    So when using a produuct bundle in the solution quotation containing a service and sales item, the system generates based on the item category definitions the following:

    • Service order with main item of the product bundle as Service Item
      • sub item the real service item as Service Item
    • Sales order with the sales item

    This leads to my question about the handling in general. As the product bundle is in the end just the umbrella, why is it used in the subsequent service order and what would be the correct way of usage of the product bundle as from my point of view it makes no sense to have it in the service order.

    Best Regards,