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Replicating from third party system to SAP Central Finance

In this blog we will talk about how Third Party/Non-SAP systems can be integrated with SAP Central Finance.

As background of the topic it is known that Central Finance has the capability of Integrating SAP as well as Non-SAP (aka third party) systems which are transactional in nature and accounting documents from all systems can be replicated to SAP S/4HANA Central Finance.

For Integration of SAP ECC to S/4HANA Central Finance there is lot of content and expertise available however it is important to understand how Third Party systems can be integrated.


Due to legal restrictions SAP can not get into the database of any third party system. Extracting the data from third party system has to be the part of customer project. Once the data is extracted that needs to be loaded to the staging tables in SAP SLT to load and replicate data from a third-party system to a Central Finance system and then it can be sent to S/4HANA Target system.

SAP provides preconfigured content that loads the data from a simplified staging area. You use the staging area to connect various legacy systems that have different data models than a Central Finance system. Now let’s understand how to get those staging tables created. Also make a note that new Mass transfer ID is needed in SAL SLT for each system.

Create Program and Execute the program to generate the following database tables:

/1LT/CF_E_HEADER – document header table

/1LT/CF_E_ACCT – accounting items

/1LT/CF_E_DEBIT – debtor items

/1LT/CF_E_CREDIT – creditor items

/1LT/CF_E_PRDTAX – product tax items

/1LT/CF_E_WHTAX – withholding tax items

/1LT/CF_E_EXTENT – customer extension on header level

/1LT/CF_E_EXT_IT – customer extension on item level


Do these setting in the system

Create Predefined Load Object

Source Object: Project REPL_CFIN

Subproject REPL_CFIN_ST

Predefined Object CFIST_ACDOC_L

Target Object – Table Name: /1LT/CF_E_HEADER


Create Predefined Replication Object

Source Object: Project REPL_CFIN

Subproject REPL_CFIN_ST

Predefined Object CFIST_ACDOC_R

Target Object – Table Name: /1LT/CF_E_HEADER


To check FI documents posted from a third-party system to a Central Finance system, you can use the following reports:

  • Comparison of FI Document Headers (transaction FINS_CFIN_DFV_FI_NUM)
  • Comparison of FI Line Items (transaction FINS_CFIN_DFV_FI_DOC)

Please read this SAP note carefully – 2610660 – SAP LT Replication Server for Central Finance – Third-Party System Integration 1709, FPS 2

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      Author's profile photo jhon Mickel
      jhon Mickel

      thanks for this post

      Author's profile photo Nitin Gupta
      Nitin Gupta
      Blog Post Author



      Author's profile photo H.P. Baxxter
      H.P. Baxxter


      we want to connect an Oracle database to the SLT, with a new MassID we choose "DB Connection" as source. Unfortunately the option "Create predefined Objects" is missing afterwards. We have observed notes 2610660, 2481900 and 2154420.

      Many greetings
      Mr. Baxxter

      Author's profile photo Chaitanya Singh
      Chaitanya Singh

      Hi Nitin,

      Can we load data from SAP DS (BODS) directly into the staging table (/1LT/CF_E_HEADER, /1LT/CF_E_ACCT  etc.) of SLT?

      If yes can you please give me some idea and if not how can we possibly add data into staging table if we have non-sap system as our source.

      Can you help me on this asap.

      Thanks in advance !!

      Author's profile photo Sam Sam
      Sam Sam

      Hi Chaitanya Singh,


      It would be great if you can let us know  the solution you got for your above mentioned problem?



      Author's profile photo Ritesh G
      Ritesh G

      Managing third party replication is complex as we need to change the data objects. Once it reach SLT its easy and simple.