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Monday Knowledge Snippet (MKS) – 82 Detailed Package Building – Mixed Package Material

One of the key improvements of the new Package Builder is the support of a deviating package material for product quantities not filling a full package. So far the Package Builder definitions for the target package type only allowed a single package material. This is sufficient in most standardized product onto pallet scenarios, but a gap in cartonization or more complex palletization scenarios.

Basic idea now is that the product quantity, that can be handled without creating mixed packages, will use the standard target package material. If a remaining product quantity exists, PB will put it into the deviating package material. If this is not defined, the standard target package material will be used. As a next step, the PB will try to fill this package up respecting the defined constraints.

To enable such scenarios, the package type assignment has been enhanced with new (optional) definitions. Those definitions include the deviating target package material and a set of restrictions (maximum weight / height).

The PB logic is as follows:

  1. Check for each product if a full package quantity is maintained. If yes, create product pure full packages (that can have further packaging defined: carton -> pallet)
  2. For the remaining quantity determine if the same target package material shall be used or a deviating package material is defined.
  3. Create mixed packages.

System Example: A coffee product (250g coffee bean bag) is packaged into stock cartons (LRD_PM_CSTO_1)) with a full package quantity of 6 pieces. The remaining quantity shall go into a pick carton (LRD_PM_CPICK). Both the assignment and the full package quantity is defined not on the product itself, but on the reference product for package building (see MKS81).

Enhanced package type assignment

Product hierarchy

Full package quantity defined on reference product

If the product is now passed to the SCE PB, it will create a result like this:

Package Builder result

This logic of course also works for product to pallet scenarios (full quantity onto EURO pallets, consolidation quantity into pallet cage). But it also works for the following:

Package Type Assignment

Package Builder result

As you can see, the SCE PB jumps over the cartons for the full package quantity and only handles the consolidation quantity using the pick cartons.

Because I can foresee the question: No, a dynamic target package type determination depending on product quantities and other constraints is not part of the new logic.

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      Author's profile photo Marcus Zahn
      Marcus Zahn
      Blog Post Author

      Here is the link to the LinkedIn discussion:

      Author's profile photo Marcus Zahn
      Marcus Zahn
      Blog Post Author

      Here is the link to the MKS overview page:

      Author's profile photo Marcus Zahn
      Marcus Zahn
      Blog Post Author

      Here is the link to the Detailed Package Building overview MKS:

      Author's profile photo jhon Mickel
      jhon Mickel

      Thanks for this post,share good information

      Author's profile photo Jens Christian Madsen
      Jens Christian Madsen

      Hello Marcus Zahn,

      From what TM version is this functionality available? SAP TM 9.6?

      We are running a TM 9.5 version and have this requirement. Any possibility for doing that?