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SAP SQL Data Warehousing Training now available

I am happy to announce that the 3-day training course “HDW410 – SAP SQL Data Warehousing” is now available.
New dates for 2019 courses in Walldorf can be seen here.

In this course you will get an overview and practical introduction to the agile methodology and tools for the development of a HANA-SQL-based data warehouse.

This training will focus on the SAP SQL Data Warehousing approach by using the SAP HANA Platform, SAP XS Advanced (XSA), SAP Enterprise Information Management, the SAP Enterprise Architecture Designer, SAP HANA Data Warehousing Foundation and the SAP Data Hub.

The goals of this course will prepare you to:

  • Understand the SAP SQL Data Warehousing approach based on SAP HANA Platform.
  • Build up a modern and agile Data Warehouse using an integrated development methodology
  • Use the development tools in an integrated manner


  • Unit 1: Introduction – Overview and Introduction
    • Lesson 1: Why SAP SQL Data Warehousing
    • Lesson 2: SAP HANA Platform
    • Lesson 3: SAP HANA Development Environment
    • Lesson 4: SAP HANA Enterprise Architecture Designer
    • Lesson 5: SAP Data Warehousing Foundation
    • Lesson 6: SAP Data Hub
  • Unit 2: Reference Architecture, Concepts & Methods
    • Lesson 1: Reference DWH Architecture
    • Lesson 2: Reference Development Method
  • Unit 3: Modelling – Master Data / Transactional Data
    • Lesson 1: Modelling Approaches
    • Lesson 2: Modelling Methods
    • Lesson 3: Conceptual Data Model
    • Lesson 4: Physical Data Model
    • Lesson 5: Persistence Types
  • Unit 4: Implementation
    • Lesson 1: Implementation WebIDE
    • Lesson 2: Data Provisioning and Transformation
    • Lesson 3: Analytical Layer
    • Lesson 4: Analytics – SAP Analytics Cloud
    • Lesson 5: SAP HANA Data Warehouse Scheduling
    • Lesson 6: Deployment
  • Unit 5: Data Hub
    • Lesson 1: Data Hub
  • Unit 6: Outlook
    • DWF -Technical basis for an SAP HANA SQL Data Warehouse
    • SAP Analytic Cloud

Please check out the details and sign in here.

Want to know more?

Check out our landing page for SAP SQL Data Warehousing with HANA

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