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How to Create a Tile Pointing to URL : S/4Hana


The goal of this documentation is to give detailed step by step instruction on how to create a static tile pointing to URL.


User id should be having Launchpad admin access “SAP_UI2_ADMIN_700” in Gateway for using Launchpad Designer for creation of Tile.

Creating Tile in Launchpad Designer:

Login to Launchpad designer by using below url or using Tcode “/UI2/FLPD_CUST” from Gateway system.

http://host name: port/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/arsrvc_upb_admn/main.html?scope=CUST&sap-client=100&sap-language=EN#

1. Create Custom Catalog : You are now into Launchpad Designer Tool, used for creation of Catalogs & Tiles. Follow the below steps for Catalog Creation.

  • Click on + Sign on left bottom of below screen.
  • Fill the required details on the pop up “Create Catalog” & press save.
  • Catalog is created.
  • Now we need to create Tile inside this catalog.


2.  Create Tile pointing to URL : You should be now inside catalog created in above steps. Follow the below steps for Tile Creation which would be pointing to URL.

  • Click on + sign on right screen to add Tile. It would open below screen.
  • Select + of “App Launcher – Static” tile type to proceed. It should open a new page.
  • Fill the required details and url in given fields as per below screen and choose save.
  • That’s it tile is created.
  • Now get the catalog assigned to user role in gateway with help of security team,.
  • The tile should be now visible under created catalog in FLP (Fiori Launchpad).




3. Access Tile in Fiori Launchpad : Access to GATEWAY by opening a web browser and go to the following URL:

http://host name: port/sap/bc/ui2/flp   or (/ui2/flp)

  • Once FLP is loaded, goto “App Finder” under me area.
  • Search for the created catalog.
  • The new tile created should be available under this catalog with name provided in designer.
  • Add the tile under your desired group.
  • Go to FLP content area, select group under which tile is added, and you should see the Tile.
  • Click on tile and it should launch the corresponding url in new tab.


Part 2 of this blog covering url tile for dynamic url is available at below link.


Fiori Fun at work!






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  • This document nicely documents how to create a Tile pointing to URL.


    Thank you for sharing your experiences.


    Can you please advise if it is possible to create a launchpad in sap Fiori which contains tiles which points to all  applications.


    • Hi Maleeha,

      I didn’t get your query.

      In SAP FLP itself you can add all types of tiles to point to any application.

      Do clarify me if you are looking for something else.



  • Thanks for taking the time to write this up Rakesh.

    I'd recommend a follow up showing how to create a URL tile using a System Alias - just as we do for Fiori, GUI and WDA apps.  This is really useful if your URL protocol/host/port needs to be different for  your DEV, QAS and PRD environments.

  • Hello,

    Thank you for this blog. I wonder if it's possible with this kind of configuration to have an inplace option? So the URL content opens inside Fiori Launchpad?



  • Hello Marco,

    Yes! we can do it, but you need to use system alias method using LPD_CUST to create the application and then use the same way to create tile for  "SAP Fiori App using LPD_CUST". Here as in below screen you can see property "Navigation Mode". Set it as inPlace and it should work.

    2018-02-16 10_42_32-Change Launchpad - Role_ ZPRAVCUST Instance_ TRANSACTIONAL (EN)




    2018-02-16 10_42_32-Change Launchpad - Role_ ZPRAVCUST Instance_ TRANSACTIONAL (EN)
    • Hello,

      Thank you for your quick answer. Actually I'm aware that we can do it in target mapping with a parameter, I was wondering if we could perform it also without target mapping directly on the tile definition if we point a path (URL) on it.



  • Hello,
    Thank you for your article.
    Would you tell me whether it is possible to add application deployed on SAP Cloud Platform by pointing URL of appRouter?
    Are there any authentication problems?

    Best regards,
    Marina Takabayashi

    • Hi,

      Yes! it would work, but every-time it will ask for credentials for connecting to cloud platform.

      Authentication problem is obvious as it's a url tile and the only way for avoiding providing credentials as per my understanding is by creating trust/SSO between 2 landscapes. I have not tried myself so not sure on this.

      I would suggest you to try it and let everyone know if it works.