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What’s new with Content Innovation 11

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What’s new with Content Innovation 11 Package

In this blog post, we will cover more details on newly added and enhanced packages with Content Innovation 11 – Q1 2019 (released Feb 25, 2019)

Here is an overview of the updates including screenshots. More screenshots and details can be found on the SAP Analytics Cloud Website, in the Roll-out Slide Deck or in the documentation. Also, find the latest information on youTube.

General Enhancement


Lines of Business:

General Enhancements

In addition to the Roll-out slide deck, we have published a new Content Inventory which helps to identify features used by specific packages.

The Content Inventory Excel is included in the Roll-out Slide Deck.


  • 2 new packages were added to the Industry, Let’s drill further for more details:
Industry Innovation Kit – Leonardo Fleet Insight 

Overview: This is a new package for SAP Leonardo Industry innovation kit- Fleet Insight, it helps to analyze the cost of operation and revenue generated from the fleet. This information enables the fleet manager to initiate an investigation and understand why the vehicles are in maintenance for a long time. This package access the data from fleet operations and maintenance system.

The story covers the following information.

  • Overview: Provides high-level information about the cost of operation and revenue generated from the fleet during a time interval.
  • Fleet Consumption Analysis: Provides information about the telemetry data against different dimensions such as time and route.
  • Trip Analysis: Provides information about the number of vehicles in your fleet, completing a trip, under maintenance, the count of completed trips, and driver and vehicle assignments.
  • Fleet Maintenance Analysis: Maintenance cost for Critical Vehicles.
  • Maintenance Details: provides details of vehicle age, maintenance cost, and spare part cost details



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Industry Innovation Kit – Leonardo Zero Waste 

Overview: This is a new package for SAP Leonardo Industry innovation kit- Fleet Insight, it helps the store manager to gather insights and perform deep analysis and combine point of sale data with inventory on shelf, promotions and weather data. Accurately predict daily demand and reduce waste to maximize margins without compromising on the fulfillment of consumer demand.

The story covers the following information.

  • Sales analysis: Actual Vs Estimated with a sales forecast.
  • Wastage analysis: Revenue loss analysis due to Wastage.
  • Key influencers: Influencing factors on sales.
  • Store comparison: compare sales among multiple stores.
  • Location Analysis: 


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Line of Business

Smart Predict: Finance Account Receivable – Invoice Payment Forecasting 

Overview: Accounts Receivable is typically the largest asset on any organization’s financial statements. Using the results from a machine learning model, payment predictions are presented to enable collections managers to prioritize their time on high-value invoices and customers with poor predicted payment behavior.

This content extends the existing Accounts Receivable Cash Collection functionality within S/4HANA Cloud. It can be considered as an extension of the “Process Collections Worklist”, “Process Receivables” and “Manage Customer Line Items” apps.

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Financial Consolidation for S/4HANA Cloud

Overview: SAP Real-time Financial Analytics for SAP S/4HANA Cloud enables analysts or planners to dive into SAP S/4HANA Cloud using a real-time connector. Accelerators include a prebuilt set of LIVE analytical dashboards, key performance indicators, and P&L/Balance Sheet reports (Best Practice Analytics scope item 2K6).


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Financial Planning & Analysis for S/4HANA Cloud

Overview: This package helps to Align your organization behind a common set of financials from SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Visualize Actual and/or Plan results side-by-side in real-time. Financial planning is based on the same data sets used in Analytics, allowing for a shared view of both historic and future business results

What’s New: CI11 Financial Planning and Analysis package includes the following enhancements,

  • Added new real-time story (SAP__FI_ANA_ARGRID) with accounts receivable manager overview, with 1) amount outstanding by period  2) overdue by customer
  • Driver-based planning for Balance Sheet accounts receivable
  • Added per employee metrics (e.g. revenue per employee, operating expense per employee) leveraging data from Workforce Planning for SAP S/4HANA Cloud
  • Simplified P&L and Balance Sheet dashboard views in the planning model.


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Human Resource

Overview: This package covers an overview of a few key Human resource topics such as Headcount & Tenure, Diversity, Salary and Performance, Employee Satisfaction, The source data is from SuccessFactors,

What’s New: From CI11, content is available in Simplified Chinese. The Chinese package contains copies of the English artifacts that have been translated (screen elements and sample data). Both packages can be imported without interference.


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Liquidity Planning for S/4HANA Cloud 

Overview: SAP Liquidity Planning for SAP S/4HANA Cloud enables planners to complete a Liquidity Item plan, including calculated closing balances, in SAP Analytics Cloud based on information sources from SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Accelerators include: planning input templates, planning calculations, and a planning process flow.


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Overview: Marketing package covers key insights for marketing executives covering Campaign Analytics, leads, contacts, Executive Dashboard, Marketing planning, and performance, offer management.

The content is delivered in two packages covering SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Marketing On-Premise (1809)

What’s New: In CI11, a new story on Bounce statistics is added in the package. Provides overview of the hard and soft bounces in your campaign, including the recipient id, name of the contact and bounce reason and description.

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Sales for S/4HANA Cloud

Overview: Increase efficiency with a highly integrated solution to eliminate data silos and make digital access simple, secure, and scalable Pre-built set of analytical dashboards and reports help you to analyze sales volume, open sales, profit margin, and incoming sales for analytics on S/4HANA Cloud data.

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Analytic Application: Sales Performance – CRM

Overview: Sales Performance package covers Sales Growth, Pieplines, Sales Team, Performance. Access the data from SAP Cloud for Customers.

What’s new: In CI11 Analytic Application dashboard is added.

For more information about Analytic Application refer SAC help

Please Note: Analytic Application is currently in BETA.

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Workforce Planning for S/4HANA Cloud

Overview: Workforce Planning for S4HANA Cloud provides

  • Visibility into Actual workforce costs, planned workforce costs, and workforce expense trends
  • Understand the cost of Salary merit increases, changes in benefit rates, bonus rate assumptions, travel, office, and other employee-related expenses
  • Close the gap between Finance and HR assumptions by merging the assumptions into one planning & analysis solution

(Best Practice Analytics scope item 3DJ)

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