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Issues with SAP GUI for Windows 7.60

Update 19.10.2019

I am happy to say that now, as of patch level 3, most of the issues listed here and in the comments have been solved. Patch level 3 especially solved the column width issues with table controls that made customizing very difficult or lead to columns not being displayed at all.


The day before yesterday SAP GUI 7.60 was released. I looked forward to finally trying out the Belize theme on non S/4HANA systems and I really like the new design. Unfortunately after just one day of use I noticed several issues with either the theme or SAP GUI 7.60 in general that I am going to list here. I would really like to use the new Belize theme, so I hope these can get fixed in a patch.

ALV performance has decreased significantly

On 7.60 regardless of I am using the Belize theme or Blue Crystal the load times to get into a dynpro with an ALV on it have increased by a huge margin. Clicking on the “Yesterday” button in ST22 gets me into the list on 7.50 within half a second.

On 7.60 it’s almost 2 seconds wait time (!).

I have this problem for every dynpro that contains an ALV. This is especially troublesome in SM50, where there are several ALVs (4) on the screen and you typically press the “Refresh” button quite often.



That’s a 10 time increase in response time (!). Since this issue is theme independant I am tempted to dowgrade again, but it seems like you can only do so by completely reinstalling SAP GUI.


Tree ALV scroll behaviour in Belize

This is only occurs using the Belize theme. In any multi column tree ALV there is a delay when scrolling. You can scroll your mousewheel for half a second and wait 5 seconds until the tree has scrolled to the position. On Blue Crystal this is much faster.


Column widths in ALVs and table controls

The column widths seems to have been adjusted to be in line with the new default size of fonts in the Belize theme. There however are some side effects.

The multi selection for the company code does not show the last character of the company code. That means if I select company code 1001 and 1002 it looks like this:

Several transactions also have a pixel perfect width for every column in their ALVs so that they fit perfectly on a 1080p screen. While in Belize now the fullscreen ALV container finally uses the full width of the screen it shows less columns than before. In SM50 I cannot even see the column which contains the information what the process is currently doing without scrolling to the right (on a maximized window with 1080p resolution).

SM50 on Blue Crystal 7.60:

SM50 on Belize 7.60:

SE01 Transport task view (LIMU and CINC get cut):

I was able to fix the default column width in SM50 and several other transactions by changing the proportional font in the GUI settings to a non proportional one, like Lucida Console 11. I assume there is some kind of error in the width prediction. For example the CPU time column gets this default width with the new 72 font, size 11:

Even with the widest characters in the 72 font the cell should not take that much space.

And this is the more expected width with Lucida Console 11:

For reference on 7.60 width BlueCrystal (default Tahoma 11 font):

(Tahoma 11 on Belize also has a more reasonable width, so the cause might be the new 72 font?)


Black bar at the top of maximized GUI window

For some reason there is a black bar at the top of the screen for maximized windows using the Belize theme. This prohibits me from dragging the window by moving the mouse to the top of the screen. (I have enabled the smaller task bar in Windows, maybe that has something to do with it?)


ALV totals line background

In Belize only some of the total line background is colored in yellow. On Blue Crystal it’s all the way around. Not sure if this change is intended but it makes it harder to read multi level totals in my opinion.


Blue Crystal:

Without the group-line there is no background change at all in the totals line.


Blue Crystal:


Amount fields with signs are not aligned in ALVs

This by the way also always happens with the IDA ALV regardless of the theme.


Blue Crystal:


ALV vertical field alignment

In SE16 field values of a row are not on the same vertical height for some reason.


Blue Crystal:

I don’t have this problem on my other laptop. I assume it might have been caused by me messing with the font settings in an attempt to fix things. I however currently have set everything back to default and the issue is still there.


ALV scrollbar

In some ALVs you cannot scroll by grabbing the scrollbar with the mouse, moving it the the position you want, and then releasing it. In SE16 for example you can only click and hold on the upper ~5 pixels of the scrollbar. Anything lower will result in behaviour as if you clicked on the background (single click on any position in the bar where the rectangle is not).

I can imagine the reason for this being the “hitbox” for the scrollbar to be as large as the correct percentage of the rows displayed. But the displayed scrollbar has a minimum size and is therefore larger.

-> You cannot grab the scrollbar on any point lower than the red line


Container Bar shows scroll buttons

With CL_GUI_CONTAINER_BAR* you can normally get containers and toolbar buttons in a specific configuration, where the container automatically takes the remaining space between the buttons. With Belize I now have scroll buttons because it somehow could not determine the height correctly. Instead the container should have been sized with less height, so that the buttons fit exactly.


Blue Crystal:


This is especially noticeable in SE80:


Show longtext link missing

For some messages the link to open the longtext is invisible.

Only once I hover over the place where it should be it appears.


Some progress indicator messages are not displayed

In FBL5N there usually is an indicator at the bottom of the screen to inform the user how many items have been processed so far. In Belize there is no such information (even though on other occasions the progress indicator works fine with belize).


Blue Crystal:


For the occasions where the progress indicator does work in Belize: Since it is now in centered in the screen if you have a popup screen (like a selection dialog) in the foreground, you cannot see the progress messages or even the loading indicator that used to be at the bottom of the screen.


Black border in embedded SAP GUI in Eclipse

In Eclipse every time you open a SAP GUI window it first has borders in main part of the screen. These disappear once you execute a dialog step.



I hope most of these are somehow related to my local configuration. I do however have these issues on two separate PCs. Hopefully these can get resolved. Otherwise it is very difficult to recommend switching to the new recommended Belize theme or even to upgrade from 7.50 at all.

CC Frank Krause

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  • Did you use the latest PL of GUI 7.50 to compare the performance?

    At the moment we are facing problems with high frontend times while switching our clients from Windows 7 (GUI 7.40) to Windows 10 (GUI 7.50)

    Maybe there is a bug regarding performance in the latest GUI 7.60 aswell in the latest GUI 7.50 ..

    • Hello Florian,

      based on the input from Fabian above I just compared:

      • SAP GUI for Windows 7.60 PL0
      • SAP GUI for Windows 7.50 PL8
      • SAP GUI for Windows 7.40 PL19

      And interestingly the times for 7.60 and 7.50 are almost identical while the times for 7.40 are by far better. This indicates that we indeed have a performance issue - likely introduced in a later patch of SAP GUI for Windows 7.50. I will report this to the responsible team and we will see what we can do about this.

      Best regards,

  • Hi Fabian,


    thanks for you summary. I installed SAPGUi 7.60 some hours ago and at the moment I'm not pleased with the Belize theme. The fonts that are standard with Belize theme look really crappy. The fonts change from transaction to transaction. The columns are much to wide which causes a huge amount of scrolling to the side. Here for exmaple in SM50:

    It begins on the logon screen, the size of the font does not fit to the input boxes:

    When i do the same with proportional font and tahoma in size 11 it looks much better.


    Can anyone of you tell me if my standard Belize settings are correct? When I did my update from 7.40 to 7.50 my font setting for Blue Crystal were incorrect to. Tahoma was overwritten with Arial and the whole theme looked awkward. Maybe it is the same here too;




    • I got the same settings in that dialog after upgrading from 7.50.

      I had to reboot my PC after the upgrade though, otherwise all icons were missing.

      • Hello Fabian,

        SAP GUI for Windows is using an icon font and exchanging a font sometimes is not that easy (sometimes the operating system fails to update a font without reboot). If the installation of SAP GUI for Windows asks you to reboot after the installation, you should do so.

        Best regards,

    • Hello Sebastian,

      SAP GUI itself has exactly 2 fonts:

      • The monospaced font (primarily for ABAP lists which are aligned by characters)
      • The proportional font (for most elements like labels, fields, buttons,...)

      In Belize Theme the monospaced font is Lucida Console in both SAP GUI 7.50 as well as 7.60, but the proportional font was changed to font "72" in release 7.60. This font is a special font designed for SAP Fiori (see also and like the other UI frameworks, SAP GUI for Windows should be using this for Belize. Of course you are free to change this to another font if you prefer for example Arial (which was the default proportional font for Belize in 7.50).

      So: Yes, your setting is the default setting.

      Personally I do not think that font 72 is crappy. It even got a red dot award. However, this is of course a matter of taste.

      Regarding your statement that the fonts change from transaction to transaction: If a transaction is using an HTML Control and creates the output itself, this may very well be, but as I said above SAP GUI is using exactly two fonts.

      Best regards,


  • And in addition one big problem where we get trouble with our users. I think it does not make any sense to place "Enter" Button at first in every status line. Normally the button does nothing in start screen of a transaction. The system does nothing after pressing it. And the Execute button which is starting the transaction is only at third position. This is a little bit confusing and annyoing (I never worked with fiori, maybe it is there same there and not new).

    Here Belize:



    and here Blue Chrystal:



    In Blue Crystal no user would press the enter button, because you can definitely see that it does not control anything in the transaction. In Belize the users will always press the "Enter" button and then wonder that nothing happens.





    • Hello Sebastian,

      thank you for this feedback. I believe you are right.
      We will consider this feedback for one of the next 7.60 patches (certainly not patch 1, but maybe we can implement a change for patch 2; we will see).

      Best regards,

  • You would think that after the disaster that was SAP GUI 7.40 which appeared to be released with no testing whatsoever, and was riddled with bugs, that SAP would have learned from that mistake and tested 7.60 thoroughly.

    Looking at the above blog that clearly has not been the case. I was really badly burned when I installed 7.40 the day it came out, so this time I deliberately did not install 7.60 in case it was full of bugs, and thank goodness I did not.

    With 7.40 what really annoyed people was not so much all the bugs in the first place, but the fact that SAP did not release a "hot fix" to solve the reported issues after, say, a week, but instead waited three months until the next scheduled update.

    In essence a company needs to be able to deviate from a fixed schedule when there are serious problems which need to be fixed at once.

    So the question is - will there again be a 3 month delay until the more obvious bugs are fixed, or will there be a faster response this time?

  • Hello Fabian,

    first of all: Thank you for your feedback.

    I would like to go through your huge list item by item.

    1. ALV Performance has decreased significantly

      Update (13.03.19): The issue is indeed newly introduced in SAP GUI for Windows 7.60. It affects all SAP GUI themes and it is related to the implementation of the input history for editable ALV (yes, I know the ALV in SM50 is not editable). We are presently still working on this.

    2. Tree ALV scoll behavior in Belize

      Yes, I can also reproduce this difference and will report this to the responsible team.
      We have to check what is causing this.

      Update (13.03.19): The performance is substantially improved (Note 2764921 will be published) - the correction is included in patchlevel 1. However, Belize will remain slightly slower than other themes due to the introduction of the grid lines.

    3. Column widths in ALVs and table controls

      A) Lucida Console is a monospaced font. You should not use that for the proportional font.
      B) When comparing Blue Crystal with Belize it is obvious that there will be a difference in the amount of data displayed, because we changed the metrics. You may of course say that you don’t like that.
      C) I checked the table control and honestly speaking I do not see an issue with that. Your screenshot shows that the columns are getting slightly wider, but that is likely primarily due to additional padding between the text and the borders of the cell (which we included intentionally).
      D) Your feedback regarding the width of the columns in ALV is absolutely correct. I checked this in Blue Crystal theme with font 72 (11) and found that even in this scenario the widths are substantially bigger than compared to Arial (11). This does not make sense in my opinion and needs to be treated as a bug. I will report this to the responsible team as well.

      Update (13.03.19): This is still under investigation.

    Continued (1st of March):

    1. Black bar at the top of maximized GUI window

      I cannot reproduce this behavior on Windows 10 and on Windows 2008 R2 Server. I also cannot reproduce the behavior with the “Small Taskbar Buttons” setting.
      This would need to be analyzed in more details in a respective incident.

      Update (13.03.19): There was indeed an issue that we had already fixed in my SAP GUI version, so the fix is part of patchlevel 1.

    2. ALV totals line background

      That is another bug we haven’t seen so far. Interestingly this is not a new bug in SAP GUI for Windows 7.60, but also present in SAP GUI for Windows 7.50 (like many issues you report for the Belize theme). The difference is that with 7.60 far more users can now use Belize, because it is no longer limited to SAP S/4HANA.

      Generally the colors for the totals and subtotals lines are wrong in Belize theme. We will use a consistent yellow color again.

      I will report this to the responsible team.

      Update (13.03.19): In patchlevel 1 we have changed the background colors of cells for total / subtotal lines to yellow (similar to Blue Crystal). And there are no more cells with wrong background colors as reported by you. SAP Note 2765296 will be published regarding this.


    3. Amount fields with signs are not aligned in ALVs

      Here we have two independent issues:
      A) The classic ALV does not show the right alignment in Belize (-> bug that I reported to the responsible team)
      B) The IDA ALV does not align as the classic ALV did. This occurs in all themes and also in SAP GUI for Java (-> likely something that needs to be checked in the ALV ABAP code – I have informed the responsible team).

      Update (13.03.19): We fixed the alignment issue (SAP Note 2765296, contained in patchlevel 1).

    4. ALV vertical field alignment

      It looks to me as if this happens for fields with datatype CHAR (but not for others).
      Obviously, this is another bug that I report to the responsible team.

      Update (13.03.19): We fixed this issue (SAP Note 2764103, contained in patchlevel 1).

    5. ALV scrollbar

      Your assumption is exactly correct. In Belize theme the minimum size is 24px, but the ALV does not take this into account. Another bug that I reported to the responsible team.

      Update (13.03.19): The issue is resolved (Note 2765046 will be published) - the correction is included in patchlevel 1.

    6. Container Bar shows scroll buttons

      That is neither a Belize, nor a SAP GUI problem.
      Here the applications are creating a container with a fixed height in pixel.
      SAP GUI cannot overrule this.

      You will see the same issues when using another theme with higher DPI settings, but indeed the Belize theme shows these issues even with 100% DPI, because the line height in Belize is bigger.

      The applications need to adjust their code and no longer assume a fixed line height. For example SE80 already reacted (see SAP Note 2216308).

      Update (13.03.19): I have created a Consulting SAP Note containing more information (I will insert more information in one of the comments below).

    7. Show longtext link missing

      Can you provide some information on how this issue can be reproduced?

      Update (13.03.19): We could reproduce the issue and we are still working on this.

    8. Some progress indicator messages are not displayed

      Yes, we have noticed this recently and have already fixed this. The solution is part of 7.60 patchlevel 1.

    9. Black border in embedded SAP GUI in Eclipse

      Presently I cannot reproduce this, but I am in contact with my colleagues from ABAP in Eclipse.

      Update (13.03.19): We have found some issues when the fallback theme is not Belize and are working on this.


    Again I would like to thank you for your feedback. 

    You wrote:

    I hope most of these are somehow related to my local configuration.I do however have these issues on two separate PCs. Hopefully these can get resolved. Otherwise it is very difficult to recommend switching to the new recommended Belize theme or even to upgrade from 7.50 at all.

    Well, it seems most issues are not caused by your local setup, but are issues which exist in the Belize theme since the initial delivery in SAP GUI for Windows 7.50. We will analyze and fix these issues. 

    Best regards,

    • Hello Frank,

      thank you for your detailled response and also for taking the time to respond to every comment in this post.

      I think most of the issues will be resolved with fixing the width for 72, which you mentioned seems to be a bug. Regarding table controls: My only issue there is values being cut off (like LIMU -> LIM..., CINC -> CIN..., company code 1001 -> 100...).

      You mentioned somewhere that Arial was used in the Belize theme before. I tried that and it looks much better regarding the widths in ALVs, not in table controls though.

      Interesting, I'll create an incident then to provide some more information.

      Well, if it's not Belize nor SAP GUI then I guess it's a SAP_UI problem?
      I looked at note 2216308, but it seems to be only relevant for SAP_BASIS 700 to 730. I have this issue on 740SP20 in SE80, without any fancy DPI settings or font scaling enabled. And I have it in other programs where CL_GUI_CONTAINER_BAR_2 is used, including the example reports of the control (RSBPT_CONTAINER_BAR_* in package SBPT_GUI). As a user of that control I have no influence on the heights it calculates. Looking at its source code it does account for metrics in some form (added in note 2387865).

      (I wanted to upload these directly in this comment, but it does not work)

      Should I create an incident in the component of the control then?

      I had this issue for the message in the screenshot. You get it when the debugger opens because a break point was hit. Assumption: It might be a related to messages being shown immediately after a new external mode is launched. That's the only difference I see here to other messages.


      - Fabian

      • Hello Fabian,

        some updates:

        Black bar at the top of maximized GUI window

        Interesting, I’ll create an incident then to provide some more information.

        When I was testing this I used a SAP GUI version that was newer than patchlevel 0. In this version we had already fixed this issue. However, today I verified this issue with patchlevel 0 and could reproduce it. Therefore, you do not need to create an incident, because the issue is already fixed.

        Show longtext link missing

        I had this issue for the message in the screenshot. You get it when the debugger opens because a break point was hit. Assumption: It might be a related to messages being shown immediately after a new external mode is launched. That’s the only difference I see here to other messages.

        With this additional information I could reproduce the issue and we will fix this.

        Best regards,

      • Hello Fabian,

        and now finally regarding

        "Container Bar shows scroll buttons

        With CL_GUI_CONTAINER_BAR* you can normally get containers and toolbar buttons in a specific configuration, where the container automatically takes the remaining space between the buttons. With Belize I now have scroll buttons because it somehow could not determine the height correctly. Instead the container should have been sized with less height, so that the buttons fit exactly."

        I needed some time to properly document this issue and have just release SAP Note created 2767962 to explain the cause and suggest a solution.

        The problem here is that some applications are setting a fixed height of a splitter container row (often it is 21pixels, because this was the line height in older SAP GUI themes). As long as you are using Blue Crystal or an older theme AND you are at 100% DPI AND you are using the default SAP GUI font size this was fine, but as soon as you increase font or DPI or more to Belize (which has a larger line height) the issue starts occurring.

        SAP GUI cannot overrule an absolute height, because this may have been desired by the application exactly like this. Therefore, the affected applications need to fix this by checking the Dynpro metrics and calculating the size of the splitter row accordingly. My SAP Note briefly explains how this can look like.

        Coming back to your question: If the most current version of the application still shows such issues, this should be reported to the application component in my opinion.

        Thank you,


    • Hello,

      we also face a problem in scorlling. e.g. large alv lists (>9.000 rows), you cannot grab the slider with the mouse and scroll down, you can only click on the scroll-bar which was differently with 7.50 and so is is not really useable.


      another problem is ALV export to Excel - when you have data with non-printable characters (shown as #) sometimes excel-download reports an error and the download is incomplete.


      i reported both to sap...but maybe someone has a solution or this is somehow a configuration-problem?



  • If they asked for my opinion, It would reduce the margins, especially in the title bar, in addition, I would add the menu bar again.

    In my case, I changed the font type.

    I know, Actually, the red theme color, is pink.




    • Hello Miguel,

      we are indeed planning to offer an option to restore the menu bar. I cannot say when this will be coming, but it is planned.

      The overall style is designed to be close to the Fiori design and our desigers have - at least from my perspective - created a good compromise between the classical SAP GUI and the new Fiori world. Certainly not everybody will like it, but that is why we offer alternative themes. If you do not want to use Belize or the red version of Belize, you can use another one easily.

      Best regards,

  • Anyone know, how to show "Where use list icon" in tool bar?

    The Where use list icon was disappear from the tool bar,

    It not convenient for me.



    Budtawan Vu.

    • Hello Budtawan,

      If the header toolbar is not wide enough to contain all buttons, the additional buttons are moved into the overflow (More menu). If the button also cannot be found there, this likely means that the application does not show the button at all, because SAP GUI is not hiding enabled buttons.

      It could also mean that the button is disabled, because SAP GUI shows only enabled buttons in Belize theme.

      Best regards,

  • Nice blog about performance on 7.60

    Personally I installed it on day one and I do not face the issues that massive. I try to have a lookon it tomorrow, but as I'm using the gui every single day here and then I have to say that the gui in combination with eclipse does work like I expect. Maybe it's also just the fact, that I use eclipse for almost everything and when testing transactions of other gui-based things I do not have the focus on the speed.. maybe.

    Next to it, my Ticket-tool is abap-based and has several ALV(s) I also didn't feel that it is laggy since the change. MAybe my ticket-system is more laggy *mhhhhaha*  🙂


  • I saw that the GUI has a different behavior, if you use the SAP GUI from Eclipse or not.


    For example in the SE11


    From the GUI himself:

    Everything is fine.


    Another nice feature is the transaction ATC.

    From GUI:


    From Eclipse:

    I like the color 😉


    I have another bug, when i added a new server with "group-/serverselection".

    The problem was a missing CRLF in the XML.

    • Hello Marcel,

      we have fixed the issue with the wrong display of the tree control when SAP GUI is launched from external programs:

      SAP Note 2765629 - SAP GUI 7.60: drawing issues with custom controls

      The correction is part of patchlevel 1.

      The other issues I cannot comment without being able to reproduce them, but the first one sounds pretty much like another one that we are already working on.

      Best regards,

  • Hi!

    SE10 - Right Click Mouse is not working

    When the cursor is on an transport request and you klick right, nothing happens (no tool window appears).

    Marking of values in input filelds

    It is not possible, to mark values (i.e. for copy+paste) in fields by using left mouse button and marking the value from right to left. That means the marker is visible while you are pushing left mouse button, but it disappears immediately, when you free left mouse button.




    • Hi!


      SE10 – Right Click Mouse is working

      MArking of values in Input fields is working.

      Installing the 7.60 has activated OPTIONS -> “Quick Cut and Paste”. This was the problem. Deactivating this function in SAP GUI and everything is alright.




      • Quick Cut & Paste is a very useful feature, which can save you a lot of time when using it. It allows you to quickly select & paste text from GUI input fields or classic ABAP lists, by simply selecting the text while holding down the main mouse button. So, with only one "click & select" action you have the same result as with: Ctrl+Y, select, Ctrl+C (even if you use Ctrl+Y when "quick cut & paste" is active, you save the Ctrl+C action). Quite strangely, I haven't seen many people using it!

        In 7.60 PL1, when using Belize theme, the "Quick Cut & Paste" option is not visible, so you first have to temporarily revert to an older theme where this option is available to activate it. When switching back to Belize, quick cut & paste will also work in Belize.

  • May I add the history migration issue from 7.40 to 7.60

    I’ve opened an incident to support regarding this, and no fix so far : 190890 / 2019




  • Now it's just the gap that the patchlevel 1 is not released yet. Had an marker that it should be end of April, now I see it updated to mid of may. Frank Krause can you please explain the delay. As I have the feeling the list of fixes mentioned here is long enough to put it on a patchlevel.


    • Hello Florian,

      we had to postpone the delivery of the patch by two weeks. With a bit of luck we will be able to ship it this week. Reason was of course that we found something in our tests that we needed to fix before releasing the patch.

      Best regards,

      • Hi Frank,

        After applying 760 the cursor tabs across all fields in editable ALV grids and ignores the ‘output only’ and ‘disabled’ settings. We have been forced to revert to the previous GUI.



        • Hello Steve,

          we just fixed this bug and have published SAP Note
          2830161-SAP GUI ALV Grid Control : Animated Focus moves to a Grid cell which is not Editable

          The correction is included in patchlevel 3.

          Best regards,

  • Ha!  The reasons above are the ones are why I wait until installing something "new".   I'm still back on 7.4.   At some point I'll move forward.  Some point. 😉

  • Hi!

    I have been waiting for Patch 1 for Gui 760 and I hoped that some errors will be corrected with this. Unfortunately, some still exist. A very annoying error is following. For many F4 or F1 screens, the last line is not visible. For example, in case of the F4 search to material master data basic unit.

    The value "µL Mikroliter" is not visible.

    Best Regards


  • First of all, the PL1 makes a lot better.

    One problem I see is when you try to mark text via ctrl+Y --> this is the result:

    It's just not possible to mark only a specific area.


    Anyone else also got this problem.


  • Could anyone provide me a feedback on the following bugs? Is it a problem of my installation or a general sapGUI defect?

    1. ABAP Web Dynpro development: in previous releases, doubleclicking on any WD element automatically highlights and opens the details of the WD element itself. In 7.60 this doesn't work anymore (doubleclicking on a WD element does not have any effect).
    2. Search helps for user roles does not return any value.
      Example: opening from SE16 transaction the table AGR_USERS in SRM --> empty results table.

    Thanks everybody.

  • Hi,

    I can see in the notes that the ctrl+y issue (note 2780416) will be addressed in PL2 of 7.60, and that it will be delivered around week 31 (note 1053737).

    I would assume that a lot of us uses ctrl+y for marking, and i would not recommend to deploy SAP GUI without that functionality, I could imagine a lot of incidents from end users if this functionality suddenly is not available end to end. Maybe thats just me? Still hope they will address this issue as a hotfix for PL1 instead of waiting all the time until August.

    great blog btw, thanks


  • I am using 760 with PL 2, but still have the problem that after some time working iwth it (different systems, windows,...), the system is getting slower and slower. When you open a new GUI window, it could take up to 10 seconds until you are able to work with it. Then entering S16N, next 10 seconds thinking time. And so on and so so.


    Working on Windows 10, 1903, actual drivers, Belize Theme

  • After applying 760 the cursor tabs across all fields in editable ALV grids and ignores the 'output only' and 'disabled' settings. We have been forced to revert to the previous GUI.

  • Hi Folks,

    I tried GUI 7.60 with every theme offered.  The only one that cascades multiple sessions correctly (i.e. applies correct DPI scaling when launching new SAP windows from an existing session) seems to be Classic;  but Classic can't do different colours for different systems (unlike 7.50).

    I think the DPI scaling problem appeared in 7.50 Patch 11, and I'm sure only a few people are bothered by it. However, as a developer, I might have 10 or 12 sessions open across 3 or 4 servers, so neat window tiling is a real help, especially with modern wide screens, which are much shallower.  So is a different colour for every server.

    Also:  does the Belize theme have to make the logon pad so HUGE?  Even with a smaller font, it's twice as big.

    Roll on 7.50 patch 12...?

    Great Blog, keep up the good work!


  • I am also waiting for the next patch/hotfix, as I have some problems with the newest GUI as follows:


    In ME21N transaction, the cart icon is missing in every theme:

    In OMJJ, there is no option for see the missing columns to the right:


    • Patch level 3 addresses table controls and solved my issues with them. Regarding both missing columns and default columns widths.

  • /
  • Dear all,
    Does anyone else have such extreme performance problems in combination with Windows 10? Our response time between Windows 7 and Windows 10 with SAP Gui 7.60 PL3 is more than twice as high, e.g. when opening an order in the VA03 and changing tabs.

    And that's just an example. We feel these response times in various transactions where ALV is present.

    I have done several tests between Windows 7 and Windows 10 in combination with SAP Gui 7.60 (PL1 to PL3). And these are my results.

    best regards


    • Dear Frederik,

      we are investigating on performance issues too.
      We are facing performance problems on Windows Terminal Server 2016 combined with SAPGui 7.6 PL3.

      Our old Servers are running on Windows Server 2008 R2 with SAP GUI 7.5. Compared to our new Installation, the response Time opening VA01 on the old Installation is about twice as fast.

      I am wondering if you had those performance issues on Windows 10 with any SapGui on Windows 10 or before?

      Kind regards,




  • I have installed SAP GUI 7.6 and ABAP Editor and all text fields are in over ride mode. I don't see INS/OVR on window status bar/Footer (Bottom right corner of the SAP Window). How to fix this problem.

    • Never mind. I was able to find the solution. There is an icon in the bottom right corner of the window. Click on it, which opens a window. Select Keyboard and there is a command "Edit.SwitchOvrmode" and see what's the short cut key assigned. You can assign a new short cut key as well.

  • Deal all:

    SAP GUI 7.60 Patch 3, Belize Theme, transaction SE38. I hold down the ALT key to freely select code. However, when I release the ALT key, the context menu of the More menu appears. It's very annoying


  • Hi @all,

    I'm try to switch from OVR to INS in the Belize Theme.
    Where can I find this option?

    Using the new SAP GUI (7600.1.4.3392).

    Kind regards


  • Hi All,

    We moved from SAP GUI 7.5 to SAP GUI 7.6 Patch level 2 and we are facing issue with Copy paste functionality from some t-code using ctrl +y , ctrl + c ,ctrl +v. Users are not able to paste the value to excel or notepad . do anyone facing the same issue. if yes please help us towards the solution.


    Chaitali Desai

  • /
  • I am an ABAPer, works mostly in chinese environments.

    when logon with language 'ZH'(chinese), opening se38, choosing code font,

    only very limited mono font types are available.

    Fonts such as consolas, courier ... are not available. (guessing these font are not for chinese characters)


    when logon with english.

    consolas is available,everything is fine.


    hoping sap will fix it in ZH environment.


  • Hi SAP Experts,

    Recently i created a SAP GUI package via NwInstaller file in order to be deployed via Matrix 42 system. The installation ran successful on a laptop where there was no SAP GUI installed before. Then, i deployed the same SAP Installer on my laptop where there was already GUI installed (7.60) and had connections already added to it (Productive, test, Development & FIORI system). The installation ran smoothly until i receive an error message "Execution of the windows script host failed. Access denied". My account has administration rights so this cannot be an issue. i clicked onto OK and the installation completed. After starting SAP GUI, i saw that my all older connection have been deleted and the only was that was added to installation file via script for Productive system was there. i assume that the error comes from the SAP installer which tries to run a .vbs which obviously has the job to delete old contents. Do you have any suggestion how can i restrict the installer file not to delete the older content when updating the GUI on a system where there was an older version of SAP GUI (7.40, 7.50...)


    I would really appreciate your feedback here.





  • Hi Experts,

    We have installed this week the newest patch level 7 for SAP GUI 760 (and also the path level 11 for Netweaver Business Client 7.0).

    We have now one error on one computer.


    1. VA05
    2. Open Orders for one sales organisation
    3. Select one order by double click.
    4. Choose Header Output Preview
    5. Preview is shown correct
    6. Choose Back (or F3)
    7. Session stuck (Frozen screen)

    Tried to solve it:

    1. Use of an other theme -> no effect
    2. Use Business Client -> no effect
    3. We have removed the SAP GUI program - reboot - installed SAP GUI again -> no effect
    4. Searched on the internet and on SAP support portal -> no hits

    Can anybody provide me with a solution?

    Thanks in advance.



  • We face the same problem randomly on patch 7. With the previous installations never happens.

    It appears with the print preview: purchase order, quality views, sale order, ... both on stand-alon installations and terminal server. Same user one day it owrks and one day freeze.

    Any suggestion?

  • Hi All,

    In the sap logon 760, I am unable to activate the "Service for objects" option in the VA02 and VA03. I have maintained the following settings still unable to see it.

    system->user profile->own data->Paremeters

    Parameter ID - SD_SWU_ACTIVE

    Parameter Value - X.