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SAP Cloud Platform – Different Ways To Create APIs as Microservices

APIs enables enterprises to interact with their business partners to create business networks and external developers to extend their solution capabilities in innovative ways through the development of new applications.

Microservice software architecture allows a system to be divided into a number of smaller, individual and independent services. Each service is flexible, robust, complete and scalable.


Following Blogs refers to all the other blogs created for Microservice developments within the SAP Cloud Platform and then use SAP API Management to Manage and Govern the Microservices.

Part 1 — Create OData APIs on the HANA XS Engine

Part 2 — Create Microservice on SAP Cloud Platform using SpringBoot on Cloud Foundry

Part 3 — Create Microservice using NetFlix OSS and SpringBoot

Part 4 — Create iOS App using APIs with the help of SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS

Part 5 — Create APIs using SAP Cloud Platform Common Application Programming Model

Part 6- Govern and Monetise your APIs using SAP API Management



For more blogs on SAP Cloud Platform API Management visit us at SAP Community

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