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5 Ways Cloud Computing Can Benefit Your Business

An increasing number of industries and businesses are investing in cloud computing solutions. According to the Cloud Security Alliance, 86 percent of companies currently spend at least some of their budget on cloud computing, and rightfully so. Cloud computing gives you more freedom to share files and collaborate as a business owner, and cloud technology has been shown to improve productivity in the workplace. Below I describe five ways cloud computing technology can benefit your business.


With the use of cloud computing, businesses all over the world are roughly 19 percent more efficient (according to Vanson Bourne), and their output speed has increased dramatically. This is primarily due to the rapid file sharing and collaboration capabilities that cloud technology offers.

Less is More

When you invest in cloud computing, you have an opportunity to reduce your technical infrastructure by eliminating many – if not all – of your servers and additional storage software. You can significantly reduce costs without compromising your IT operations.


Cloud technology allows business owners to pay for more storage and server capacity when they need it and get rid of it when they don’t. With traditional data storage, this option is not available.


Your data can be accessed from anywhere in the world from almost any device with cloud computing. You will reduce the chance of experiencing difficulties when you access information, no matter where you’re physically located.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Cloud computing has reduced the need for data centers around the world. This, in turn, can have a healthy impact on the environment. A lot of companies have even managed to share resources and secure their status as being environmentally friendly.

Cloud computing solutions – such as those developed by SAP SE – have revolutionized the way we conduct business. These services and platforms will only continue to evolve as we search for ways to improve data storage solutions to make businesses become more and more efficient.

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