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Author's profile photo Akhila Nayak

SAP Coresystems – Field Service Management in SAP C/4HANA Suite

Overview: Coresystems AG is a software company which provides field service and workforce management solutions for technicians and business. SAP has acquired Coresystems-field service management recently (announced on 5th June, 2018) to integrate into SAP’s Service cloud. This provides a platform to customers with a flexible and a powerful service environment and experienced technicians and experts. This new solution will help the company to respond faster to the customer service needs, supporting new business models and at a lower cost of service.

SAP is enabling AI based automated scheduling features for workforce management and Uberization framework for Crowd Service to enable Next-Gen Field Service Management for customers.

An example of features and demonstration on how the Coresystems-field service management works for imaginary company “Housepack” is illustrated below:


  1. Field service types
  2. Employee status
  3. Items
  4. Equipment
  5. Service calls
  6. Activities
  7. Skills
  8. Best matching Technician
  9. Reservation
  10. Time and material journal
  11. Reports

1. Field service types

HousePack provides 4 types of field service to its customers.

  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Gas filling

2. Employee status

Field service technicians are skilled and would be onsite with customers performing maintenance, repairs and finding solutions. The employees can be assigned to the field work on basis of their status.

Picture courtesy: Coresystems


Indications: 1.Red-Busy 2.Green-Available  3.Yellow-not available  4.Pink-On break

Picture courtesy: Coresystems


The employee can be assigned with service calls from “Planning & dispatching” board. The employees last sync status and the assigned service calls can be visible in the dispatching board. Skype call can also be placed to contact the employees.


Items needed for field service can be maintained in the item list. Type of item, stocks of number of items and the price of item can be maintained for each item.

Picture courtesy: Coresystems



Each item can be assigned to an equipment. Each equipment will be associated with a business partner.

Picture courtesy: Coresystems


Example: Microwave attenuator(item) is for the equipment Microwave oven and it is associated with business partner “Just Bakers”.

Skills required to operate the equipment and service calls associated can be viewed for each equipment.

5.Service calls

Best customer satisfaction comes when the services are provided at the right place and time. Service calls provides the information of the business partner, type of problem, inspection date, equipment and skills (if required) for best technician to provide the services.

Picture courtesy: Coresystems


Service calls are prioritized with type and severity of the problem by [high, medium and low]. The service calls can also be filtered by customers, area, type and other requirements.

Picture courtesy: Coresystems



Each service call can be associated with one or more activities. Each activity can be assigned to one or more technicians. Pink area shows non-working hours.

Picture courtesy: Coresystems



Skills are associated with technicians, business partner and equipment to choose the best available technician as an expert service provider for customers.

Picture courtesy: Coresystems


8.Best matching Technician

Best service provider begins with employee expertise. Based on skills, best matching technician can be chosen and assigned to the service calls.

Picture courtesy: Coresystems


Picture courtesy: Coresystems


On service call , right click-> best matching technician, shows a list of available matching technicians and Franklin suits the most as an AC expert.


The employees may be associated with a training to upgrade skills or be on a vacation. In order to filter out the employees, reservations of employees can be done to refrain from assigning service calls.

Picture courtesy: Coresystems


10.Time and material journal

Time effort of the employees for each service calls and customers can be found in Time and material journal. These efforts can further be approved or rejected.

Picture courtesy: Coresystems


Expenses spent by employee for either travel, meals etc can be recorded and further approved or rejected.

Picture courtesy: Coresystems


Materials used from the warehouse can be tracked in T&M journal.

Picture courtesy: Coresystems


Mileage covered to travel can be tracked in T&M journal.

Picture courtesy: Coresystems



The large-scale overview of field service metrics offered by the Analytics Cockpit translates to added business intelligence. This valuable insight helps to recognize each area of function and optimization.

Picture courtesy: Coresystems


Keeping track of activities in real-time helps in:

  • Problem areas can be quickly identified
  • Revenue and productivity measurements can be obtained accurately
  • Transparent performance overviews
  • Custom and standard reports can be created
  • Customer requests can be prioritized
  • Simplified compliance with service-level agreements (SLAs)
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Coresystems offer a seamless offline functionality in mobile applications that help technicians to work in offline environment and sync their status later. SAP offers CPI framework and standard integrations to integrate to CRM on-premise, other 3rd party systems and SAP ECC and S4 systems.

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      Author's profile photo B Nagraj Kumar
      B Nagraj Kumar

      Well explained and documented.

      Author's profile photo Anandh Kannusamy
      Anandh Kannusamy

      Hi Akila Nayak,

      Thanks for details. Could you please come up use case scenario for Crowd sourced Service Technician Assignment? Please elaborate on how spares are consumed from Crowd Sourced Service Technician Stock and how it will be replaced. Please also elaborate on Billing the customer and payout to crowd sourced technician

      Thanks & Regards


      Author's profile photo Akhila Nayak
      Akhila Nayak
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Anandh,


      Hope this helps,

      Q1: Could you please come up use case scenario for Crowd sourced Service Technician Assignment?

      Any Service based organization with limited service technicians can go for Crowd service option to cater to increasing volume of Service work orders.

      The freelancers or technicians (from subsidiary organizations) are enabled in system to be scheduled and accept and then work on service work orders. The work orders can be further managed as multiple tasks. The freelancer takes up the matching tasks, accepts it and completes it accordingly for invoicing.


      Q2:Please elaborate on how spares are consumed from Crowd Sourced Service Technician Stock and how it will be replaced.

      Once the freelancer technician is accepting a work order in Coresystems crowd service framework, he is enabled for consuming the inventory and automatic replacement of spares as per the demand planning of the organization.

      Example: One Service work order requires 2 spare parts of a specific make; the freelancer/Technician accepting the task, will be using the 2 spares and consumes it. The stock reduces and new procurement order is sent to ECC or S4 system for replacement.


      Q3:Please also elaborate on Billing the customer and payout to crowd sourced technician

      The technicians use checklist to capture the work performed and invoice is generated from ECC/ERP system to the customer once the service work order is closed.

      The payout to the technicians is based on the approval of the efforts and expenses which is carried out in Coresystems and ECC/ERP system.



      Author's profile photo Reenu Bairi
      Reenu Bairi

      Well Explained..Thanks Akhila

      Author's profile photo Abel Dicka Ngoh
      Abel Dicka Ngoh

      Great Blogs , thanks a lot.

      Please may you help, I'm trying to connect my SAP backend with my SAP FSM Cloud account ( Demo system ) via Coresystem connector ...without success.

      No problem of TLS certificate.

      Do you know the correct URL that I need to fill in ?