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What’s New: Data Wrangling and Modeling in SAP Analytics Cloud #ASUG Webcast recap


Source: SAP

You can register for the replay : BI: What’s New: Data Wrangling and Modeling in SAP Analytics Cloud

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Source: SAP

The legal disclaimer applies that things in the future are subject to change.


Source: SAP

Data Wrangling – upload data from different data sources, resolve quality issues or change layout of data

Unpivot columns to rows will be released in Q2/2019

As described by SAP:

It allows you to transpose columns into rows when you are preparing your data in the modeler. The new table format can then be used to either import data or create a new model. It is important to note that you can only perform one unpivot transformation per session on any given dataset. Another thing to note is that the table resulting from the unpivot transformation cannot contain more than 50 million cells


Source: SAP

Data import road map is above

Q1 can rebuild models

Q2 – connectivity to multiple SAC agents

Q2 – IBP import, CRM data sources, remove data import limitation (today only 800K rows)

Q2 – data geo location

Future – remove feature parity between live and import data


Source: SAP

Q2 is planned


Source: SAP

Able to create new models if using Data Model

Use Data Hub to create dataset and use that in SAC


Source: SAP

Working to rebuild experience, UI, new functionality

Modeling is faster, efficient


Source: SAP

Mocked-up screen

See all dimensions, accounts, sort them

Improve side bar


Source: SAP

Moving models into file repository; gives you way to organize models


Source: SAP

This is for planning; multiple time dimensions

Post Q2


Source: SAP

Q2 has new enhanced modeling experience, undo and redo in modeler, models in file repository

Look for updates at home page

Future direction – enabling more modeling workflows on live data connections – may take some time

Multi source models – enabling you to combine data sources into 1 model

Question & Answer

Q:can you do this with any data source?

A: new modeler for imported data sources

Q: i was asking about unpivot

A: any data – import only

Q: Is this included as part of SAP Cloud Analytics or is this a separate license?

A: part of core (BI) – planning is separate license

Q: When would be the models availabile in Files? currently we see this is a flaw from security and access point of view..

A: Q2

Q: Can you tell more details about the “Support for Undo/Redo” function? Can I undo a dimension after I created it and saved the model? Thank you.

A: when save, undo redo is gone

Q: How does this fit with regards to Agile Data Preparation? Is it planned to have feature parity with Agile Data Prepariation?

A: know what ADP is capable – not rebuild ADP

Q: Can rights & access be mapped to AD groups like you can do in the BIP CMC?

A: You can create a team, and those teams can be mapped AD as long as using SAML 2 protocol

Q: I don’t if that’s asked but what is the security with models in files. Can we give or restrict Access to some models?

A: Yes you can use folders first; saw on his screen

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