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CPI Artifacts locked by (user)

Hi mates,

Yesterday I faced a new problem. I found nothing about it in the community. Therefore, I made this guide.

I was updating eDocument for Italy package in CPI and the process took a lot of time. Finally, It ended with the following error.


So, the package and all artifacts of the package appear as locked by my user.


I was searching in the community and I don’t find the way to unlock these objects.

So, I tried to edit the package and I see a message that allows to close the previous session.


I didn’t make any changes so I clicked on cancel button.



Now package does not show the text of ‘locked’ but the lock remains in iflows.



I go into one iflow and I do click on edit. Again I get the message that prompts me to close the previous session.


I didn’t make any changes, so I only pressed on cancel button.


I did the same with all locked artifacts. When you finish all iflows you can refresh the page and iflows will not be locked. But package Documents are also locked.


To unlock these objects you can click in Actions and View Metadada.


In the pop-up click again on Edit and then Unlock Resource message will appear.



When you unlock all document objects you can update the package again.



In the other hand, you can update iflows one by one. But the difference with updating the whole package is that, doing this way, the description of the package gets also updated.


Sometimes the package description shows notes that need to be applied. Therefore, It is important to update the whole package instead updating iflows one by one.


I hope It was useful for the community.


Thanks and regards,

José Antonio Roldán.

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  • Hi Jose,

    For me its different after clicking on Update Package I got the error. But after that Design tab itself is not accessible and is taking too long and finally becoming unresponsive (in Chrome).Now I cannot access Design at all.

    I have opened case with SAP regarding this.



    • Same here, seems SAP has some under the hood problems with whole CPI infrastructure (at least EU Rot Datacenter). We had problems with 3 different CPI tenants since start of this week.


      Of course(!) status page is all green lights *sigh*

      Will open an incident for this, too

      SAP as a cloud provider… this is really not much fun


    Thanks Jose for the excellent solution.

    I already opened a SAP call two days ago and they send us the link to this BLOG as a solution.  😉

    “SAP as a cloud provider… this is really not much fun”
    Sad, but true. We are going to pray each time we have to make a change in iFlows etc.

    Best regards,


    • I have the same issue.  Other user who has locked artifacts is on holiday for some time.  I need to access and continue the work at hand.