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Using ArcGIS Pro and SAP HANA Express together

SAP and Esri have put together an offer where you can obtain a trial license for ArcGIS Pro.  The offer includes the following:

  1. The Tutorial (click here to view/download it) that walks you through the steps on how to configure HANA Express and ArcGIS Pro to work together.  The tutorial used to be hosted elsewhere, but I’ve moved it here so it is easier for me to update and maintain.  Check back for updates.
  2. An export of ArcGIS Tapestry data by ZIP Code that contains household income and other information that you can load into HANA Express
  3. An export of the ArcGIS Pro project containing a Webmap and a 3D Scene
  4. A link to sign up for a free ArcGIS Pro trial
  5. A link to sign up for a free 32GB HANA Express instance. The site has tons of tutorials, documentation and other information including a page where you can download a free 32GB instance of HANA Express. You have the following options:
    • Download a VM that you can run with your favorite VM tool (VMWare or VMWare player, or Parallels on a MacBook Pro)
    • Download an image that you can install on bare metal where you’ve installed the appropriate version of SUSE Linux
    • Create a VM in one of the following: Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Amazon Web Services (AWS)

When you sign up for the offer, you will receive an email with the associated links.

The tutorial walks you through:

  • How to configure HANA Express and ArcGIS Pro
  • Loading the Tapestry data into HANA
  • How to select by attribute and use query restrictions to select various ZIP codes based on income
  • How to navigate a cool 3D scene

When you are done with the tutorial, you’ll have basic working knowledge of ArcGIS Pro and HANA Express.  We encourage you to sign up and follow the tutorial and go from there!

Here are some screenshots:

And this 3D Scene where the extrusion height is the number of households in each ZIP Code:


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