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SAP Fiori for request approvals 2.0 – How to extend Task Summary view

In this post I will show you step-by-step how to extend Task Summary view in application My Inbox.

I decided to write this post in reference to question Extending Fiori MyInbox -(Multi-Select) Task Summary screen with addition columns.

The standard screen shows only 3 columns: Task Title, Created By, Due Date.

OData redefinition

I created new OData project in SEGW tcode and redefined standard OData Service (SAP GW). Technical Service Name: /IWPGW/TASKPROCESSING, version: 2.

I extended “Task” Entity Type with 10 custom fields.

After OData generation I redefined ENTITYSET_TASK method in Data Provider Class EXT and provided custom code to fill new fields.

Frontend application extension

I created New Extention Project of CA_FIORI_INBOX application.

I added custom columns and fields to in table in MultiSelectSummaryCustom.view.xml view.

In S2Custom.controller.js controller I changed aSelectProperties as below to select new fields.

In manifest file I added new OData Service as below (multi-origin propertie).

"dataSources": {
      "uri": "/uri/service_name;mo/",
      "settings": {
      "localUri": "./localService/metadata.xml"

In Component.js file I added service config as below.

config: {
   "": [{
   "name": "service_name",
   "serviceUrl": "/uri/service_name;mo/",
   "isDefault": true,
   "mockedDataSource": "./model/metadata.xml"


2421088 – My Inbox : Method ‘QUERY_CUSTOM_ATTR_DEFINITIONS’ not implemented

Solution are described in SAP Fiori 2421088.


In my blog you could learn how to extend Task Summary view in My Inbox application and redefine standard OData Service.

I am looking for your feedback through comments and I hope you enjoyed this blog.

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  • Hi Mateusz,


    I found your posting very interesting.


    I have a question regarding the My Leave Request History view extension.


    I have to add additional fields like “Created on/Posting Date”, “…” in the My Leave Request History view.

    Can you please give me some hints or steps how to achieve this?


    Kind Regards