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Deploying blockchain adapter on HANA on Premise

Blockchain is no longer new technology which can surprise the world. Everybody who is involved in IT industry has heard about this tech one way or the other.  SAP as always embraces the new technologies and how customer can use blockchain services. You can refer this blog for details information on Blockchain services. Blockchain Introduction  by Andreas Schuster.


This blog will be purely focussed on technical steps for installing Block Chain adapter and how you can register it via agent. I will continue working on further integration. As I am very excited about working on this topic so sharing what i have learnt as of now.


Pre requisite: 

  1. SCP account Subscription: To have Blockchain services from SAP Cloud platform integrated with your On Premise HANA system, you must have subscription for Blockchain services (Hyperledger and multi chain ) as on date 15th Feb 2019. These services are currently available as Beta.
  2. SAP HANA 2.0 System on Premise: As per scope of this blog , require HANA 2.0 MDC system on premise and agnet listener ports should be opened, which is by default are : 5050 and 5051.
  3. Java for DP agent:  You should have JDK available as required by DP agent. You may use the integrated package available with DP agent, (Check DP agent installation).



  1. Create ‘dpserver’ service in tenant DB of HANA 2.0 SYSTEM, by connecting to systemDB sql and run the command: alter database <sid_Tenant> add ‘dpserver’you can confirm the services running as below : 
  2. Import hana delivery unit “ HANAIMDP<corresponding_version as per HANA DB>“ using HANA Studio.
  3. Then install DP agent (choose relevant DP agent as per your DB) on server or windows Machine depending on your usecase, for Production scenario. it is not suggested to install DP agent on same server.
  4. Configure DP agent:  Example for Linux server , setting environment variable .           export DPA_INSTANCE=/usr/sap/<SID>/dataprovagent
  5. Connect DP agent to HANA DB : /usr/sap/<sid>/dataprovagent/bin> ./ –configAgent

    Option 6:

    Provide Host name of Tenant where DP server is installed and port for sql connection , DPAGENT created with AGENT Admin and ADAPTER admin <create user in HANA system and assign the required authorisation>

  6. Now you have to register the agent to assign a name to the connected agent:You can check agent Status:
  7. Once you have connected DP Agent to HANA system via any connection (in our case, it is direct connection using TCP), deploy the blockchain adapter: 
  8. Now register the adapter: 
  9. Once you have registered adapter in SAP HANA, then login to studio and create Remote source using Blockchain service URL and providing other details as given below (as of now I don’t have access to Blockchain services in SCP , I will continue editing this blog further):

    This is how you install Blockchain adapter.


    I had faced two issue so including little troubleshooting part as well:

    1. Agent was not running. Followed the following note:

    2. Agent Name was missing and tried to create random name using SQL but that did not work so had to register the Agent Name again .



Hope this Blog helps you in blockchain integration. I will enrich the blog as soon as I proceed further.

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