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Author's profile photo Sushma Kudum

Steps to deploy a simple SAPUI5 application in cloud platform using SAP WEB IDE

Hi Autodidact,

This blog is for enthusiastic people who wants to learn creating a simple application and deploy it into cloud platform using SAP WEB IDE for the first time.

We will go through step by step processes of creation and deployment of a application in cloud.

Pre-requisites required :-

Accounts and infrastructure:-

  1. SAP Cloud platform Cloud Foundry/Neo trial account.
  2. SAP Web Ide Full stack service enabled.


  1. Basic knowledge of Cloud Foundry/Neo and SAP Cloud Platform.
  2. Basic knowledge of SAPUI5 or any UI frameworks.


Lets start:

Login into Cockpit and navigate to your trial account (Cloud Foundry/Neo) and then to services and then open SAP WEB IDE full stack.

Navigate to next page by clicking on SAP Web IDE full stack gird.

click on “Go to Service” link, it will load SAP Web Ide.


Navigate to workbench and in workspace start creating a new SAPUI5 project as shown below.

Select SAPUI5 template.

Enter basic details.

Click on finish it will create a project on workspace.

Right click on project and navigate to Deploy

Deploy new application if its first time

If you already created and wanted to update some changes then select option “Update an existing application”, we can change the version number to create updated version separately as well.

Click on Deploy once the required change are done.

Click on “Application URL link” to check the UI display (output).

Output of the application in cloud platform


Congratulations!! Your first application is deployed into the cloud.

You can play around by doing changes in View1.view.xml,, index.html content and check the output by refreshing the page.

Note: For deploying the project in Cloud Foundry, you can create a mtar project first and then SAPUI5 under HTML5 module and we can deploy mtar file which we got after building the project into Cloud Foundry.


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      Author's profile photo Shantanu Sharma
      Shantanu Sharma

      Excellent step by step tutorial. I don't usually need to do demos, but this is a very effective and quick way to create a basic UI5 app in a customer meeting. Thank you for sharing.

      Author's profile photo Sushma Kudum
      Sushma Kudum
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you

      Author's profile photo John Davanzo
      John Davanzo

      Thanks for sharing. I am trying to deploy a UI5 application to the SAP Cloud Platform, but I cannot change the account: the button “Get Accounts” is missing. Is this an issue related to access rights or to any configuration of the account where I am developing the app?

      Any help is appreciated.



      Author's profile photo Sushma Kudum
      Sushma Kudum
      Blog Post Author

      Hi John,

      These kind of issue occurs generally. when

      1). SAP WEB ide is slow.

      If it slow, then need to wait for sometime or refresh the page and try again.

      2). Not created an account in cockpit.

              Try to create an account in Neo, then try to map the same.

      Hope, this should solve the issue. If it still persists then we can take help of Web IDE team.

      Author's profile photo John Davanzo
      John Davanzo

      Hi Sushma,

      I found out the reason of this issue: the “Get Accounts” option is not available if you are using a custom identity provider (IdP). We are currently using our custom IdP.

      To solve the issue I created a new subaccount on the SAP Cloud Platform which uses the SAP IdP. From here I use the WED IDE to deploy my applications to any other provider account by using the option “Get Accounts”.

      Thanks very much for your fast reply.


      Author's profile photo Angel Eduardo Cruz Gonzalez
      Angel Eduardo Cruz Gonzalez

      Hi, Sushma Kudum.

      In this moment we're deploying a web-app on our SAP Cloud Plaform tenant, but we have contracted only HANA as a Service and we don't have Portal Fiori service, so, we would like to know how an user which don't exist to our system can log in on SCP and run the web app, My doubt is if it's necessary to buy Portal Fiori to achieve this.


      Author's profile photo Sushma Kudum
      Sushma Kudum
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Angel Eduardo Cruz Gonzalez,

      As per the information I got,

      Cloud Foundry, to run web app we need app run time and this is allocated per quota based deal with sales.

      whereas for neo, it's default so no need to pay for Firori portal services.


      I do not have much information on this further. I hope this will give you some idea to proceed.