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SAP Web IDE – js-beautify plugin

As the built-in beautifier in SAP Web IDE is too basic for me (especially for XML views), I decided to add support for js-beautify, a much more advanced code formatter.

js-beautify project:


Supported file types are js, json, css, html and xml. When such file is opened, a new option is enabled in the Edit menu, bound to Shift + F1 combination.

There is an advanced set of options, which can be used by adding a .jsbeatuifyrc file in the project root folder. More about it can be found in the js-beautify documentation.


Add a new destination in the Cloud Platform Cockpit.

Go to Extensions in SAP Web IDE (refresh if already opened) – the extension should be available (wait some minutes if not and refresh).

Project on GitHub:

Please take a look at my other plugin for Markdown files preview: If you like/want to try UI5 development with Brackets editor, you can check my Brackets UI5 plugin:

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