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Data Migration – Import mappings from Q to P system

Why Mapping values:

A migration object contains mapping information for the relevant fields, as well as any rules used to convert values that are migrated from source fields to target fields. The source file data values and target system field values need to be maintained and confirmed.

Example: The value in the source value column for country code is ‘Canada’ and the target column it has been truncated to ‘CAN’, because SAP S/4HANA allows a maximum of 3 characters for this field. But this does not match the format expected by SAP S/4HANA as this value is mapped to ISO codes for country code which is ‘CA’. Therefore, either change ‘CAN’ to ‘CA’ or select ‘CA’ from the target search list by selecting it from the value help options.

Considerations for moving Mappings to P system:

  • Mappings are applied at migration project level
  • All mappings are maintained andn confirmed in Q system
  • Data migration for all objects is completed successffully and validated

How to Export Mappings:

1. Click on the Export Content button

2. Click on Execute button and a .zip file will be generated, file could be found in Downloads folder

How to Import Mapping Values in P system:

1. Create new migration project

2. Make sure Mass Transfer ID is same as Q-system

3. Click on Import Content button and provide the file path for the generated file in Export mappings step above

4. Click on Execute and you should see a success message

5. Check the imported content under ‘Convert values’ step


For large sets of mapping values to be maintained and confirmed, this could be a time-consuming task.

To save time and avoid human errors, the migration tool does provide a very nice feature to move mappings from Q to P system using Import/Export functions.

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