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The review cycle February 2019 for the SAP Business One Customer Influence Session is running!

Update March 9th: Review is finished – Read this blog for details and results presentation.


Dear Customers and Partners,

The current review for our SAP Business One session started on February 1st. This time we have about 75 improvement requests (IRs) which qualified as they have met the voting threshold of 25 votes, their status changed from “Acknowledged” to “Under Review”.

Now the solution managers determine which of your respective IRs can be accepted for development. We differentiate between deliveries that could be made in the short or longer term, depending on the amount of effort, risk, priority, and other factors. 

In March 2019 we plan to communicate the cycle’s review results, stay tuned. Find the previous results from June 2018 review here.

For details and interesting remarks on recent review cycle see the corresponding blog on CIS.

As a reminder: Every customer or partner is supposed to participate in CIS for SAP Business One, file their own improvement requests or vote for existing ones. Find details here. If you don’t have your s-user received yet, see here.

For a general description on CIS for SAP Business One check this blog: Are you wondering how you can improve SAP Business One? You are SAP Business One!

Best regards, Peter

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