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Nominate Topics for upcoming SAP Tech Night in Melbourne – March 2019

Hooray! It’s a new year – 2019! – so what better way to start the year off with a SAP Inside Track / SAP Tech Night here in Melbourne. I attended sessions last year but I would like to help ramp this up in 2019 so we hold them more regularly and showcase more topics and of course to build a larger, more close knit SAP community. Melbourne is a large market so let’s get together and share our knowledge and experience so that we can all benefit from it.

Proposed Date: Thursday 14th March 2019

Where: 9 Queen Street, Melbourne (Bourne Digital – SAP AppHaus Melbourne)

To get started it would be great to hear from the Community on the interesting topics that could be included. Again, this event is for the community so best if those in the community vote for the topics.

I will list some below to provide some ideas:

  • User Experience
  • SAP Cloud Platform
  • SAP Cloud Foundry
  • S/4HANA
  • SAP Cloud Platform Extensions
  • ABAP on SAP Cloud Platform
  • Extension Factory
  • Fiori 3
  • SAP Co-Pilot
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • SAP Mobile Cards
  • SAP Leonardo
  • Intelligent Enterprise
  • Mobile Development Kit (MDK)
  • SAP Mobile Services
  • SAP Cloud Platform Workflow / Business Rules
  • SAP Portal Service
  • SAP Open Connectors


Of course if you don’t see the topic listed above just provide a comment below. Additionally, to vote just include the topic name in a comment and of course you can vote for multiple!

Would also be good if you feel you would like to present something, please offer in the comments.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from SAP Community members on the topics and hopefully we can get a few offers for speakers on these topics.

Alisdair Templeton Custodio de Oliveira Ben Patterson

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  • Hi Phil,


    Thanks for taking the lead, and yes, hopefully we will get it rolling more often this year.


    I would love to see some ABAP at SAP Cloud Platform. But I'll be there regardless of the topic 🙂


    See you later.

    • Thanks Lars - as you can see not much interest in anything. Disappointing really.

      Some pretty hot topics in that list so I am surprised there has been no nominations as yet apart from yourself and Custodio's. Will send another note out, hopefully some more will provide some comments about what they are interested in seeing.

      Thanks for offering, if you can DM me on twitter to let me know what your thoughts are around a session/preso that would be great!


      • What is it with people working on SAP tech, and a lack of interest for community events? It's a mystery to me. For over 3,5 years, I've asked myself that question. The norwegian community is either non-existent, or as secret as the Illuminati. That's why is decided to arrange this years SAP Inside Track, as a possible catalyst for bringing people into the light. But if you have trouble getting people excited in Melbourne, I'm fearing the crickets in Oslo. ?

        I'm crossing my fingers, that you've only had a slow start, and that people soon start to show interest. Kudos to you, for trying to strengthen the community.


        • Good luck mate, yes a bit slow in Melbourne but gaining some momentum so I am sure the SAP Community in Melbourne will come alive. Just need to keep it up through the entire year and beyond!

          Good luck in Oslo - some good topics and presenters will do the trick!

          Thanks for the nice messages, much appreciated!

  • How about a session on how to write better JS UI5 controllers, i.e. not using that=this; and other ways to make your UI5 apps more performant? I'd be interested in such a session!



    • Seems there is some serious interest in this topic, any ideas who may be able to present something like this? Any names would be great, I can get in touch with them and see if they are interested!


    • Nice topic suggestions mate. Any ideas on who knows enough about this topic to present. A different idea may be to open this topic up to the floor and hear from others about their experiences. Maybe 20 minute segment and provide some main concepts as discussion points within the group. Could be interesting and different to the normal presenter talking to the crowd!

  • Hi Phil,


    I guess you can include Integration as a topic. It is an important aspect in the landscape and there can be topics around SAP Process Orchestration, SAP CPI, and Integration in general.




    • Thanks Himadri - I'm interested in this topic as well. Would love to know more about CPI in particular. Let's see - if not this time maybe the next one.

  • Hi Phil,

    +1 for SAP Cloud Platform Integration session on iflow development that has QoS EO.

    +1 Open Connectors

    Since SAP Cloud Foundry is on the list, perhaps an insight on Kubernetes?

  • I will throw my vote into the blog - I'm a +1 for Open Connectors. Have read some blogs on this topic and this area is going to grow exponentially IMO.

  • +1 for SAP Cloud Platform Integration, couple of other topic suggestions…

    1. Ariba integration with S4HANA

    2. SAP EWM vs S/4HANA EWM

    @phil_cooley I am based out of melbourne, in between contracts, if you need a helping hand, pls give me a shout...



    paras (@parry146)


    • thanks Paras for voting, really good topics. Ariba I have heard alot about - let me see if I can organise a presenter on this either for this meetup or another one in the future. Thanks for offering your support as well, will be in touch if more support is needed.

  • Thanks for running with this Phil,

    it's great to have more people invovled in making things happen in the Melbourne community. The more we have doing this, the more momentum we will have. Don't be discouraged at all. You only need a few people, and if they turn up then they are motivated and engaged already. That is all it takes for some great discussion and sharing and that will make it more than worthwhile.

    I liked the suggestion by Chris to look at better UI5 JS code.

    I would be keen to hear from anyone who has some war stories to share regarding anything on that list.


    • Thanks Ben and no problems at all. Yes, will keep going and hopefully we can get some momentum. Onwards and upwards in 2019! What are your thoughts re: my suggestion and reply to Chris's post.

      A different idea may be to open this topic up to the floor and hear from others about their experiences. Maybe 20 minute segment and provide some main concepts as discussion points within the group. Could be interesting and different to the normal presenter talking to the crowd!


  • Hi Phil,


    It would be great to hear about any real world implementations, including pros/cons/challenges using:-

    • Mobile Development Kit (MDK)
    • Mobile Cards


    Open Connectors and Chris's UI5 Code / IDE's topics would also be very interesting.




    • Thanks Stephen for your votes. I've recently implemented mobile cards so I could do a session on that but let's see how the votes come in. If not this this time maybe I can plan to cover that in the next one we organise.

      Yeah Chris's topics by far outweigh others so let's see what we can organise on this topic.

  • Hi Phil,


    Happy to come in and talk about our Conversationa AI and RPA tools and the future digital assistant? Although we might want to leave this for April since we might have a concrete example of our RPA tool.





    • Hi Nick

      Thanks for offering, would be sensational to see this in action and yeah may make more sense to leave to April / May for a second SAP Tech Night we can organise. Feel free to come along though to the March night, should be good.



  • Hi Phil,

    Thank you very much for taking the initiative!

    I would be interested in Mobile cards and benefits of different IDEs for developing UI5 code and cloud extensions as suggested by Chris!



    • Thanks saurabh kerkar - we have scheduled Mobile Cards for April but I am now planning May's session so see what we can do about the different IDE's topic.

      Thanks for your suggestions and input, it is appreciated.



  • Hi Phil,

    Its good that you brought some of the interesting topics and hope to see good participation.

    I would like to vote for below topics:

    SAP Cloud Platform

    SAP Leanodardo



    Sagar Pilli


  • Hi Phil,


    From the September 2018 release, would be great to see

    SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android at the event.

    In any case, will see you there,



    • Thanks Mark Bozinovic  will add this to a future SAP Tech Night. Have a June one planned and topics sorted however maybe July or August to talk about this one. Will give me time to source a speaker to cover this topic also.

      Thanks for providing input to this. Much appreciated.