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(DREAMS) Direc Real Estate Management Software – SME SEEDx Development Challenge 2019

In this blog, you will learn about a solution that has been developed for the SME SEEDx Development Challenge 2019.


Last year, we joined the SAP Summit Vietnam 2018 as a visitor. We are so grateful to meet all the people behind SAP and also the team that strives on making new technology or tool that helps the SMEs companies to streamline their business. On that day, we have this feeling of joining next year (2019). We dream about it and so we prepare for it. We, in the Philippines, wants to introduce to you, DREAMS.


DREAMS Solution Demo Video:


Submission Details

Solution Name:

DREAMS (Direc Real Estate Management Software)

Solution Description:

The Philippines’ current administration, is set to embark in a “Build, Build, Build” Project. This Project aims to boost the country’s infrastructures by building bridges and highways primarily to ease the traffic in the metro and to connect nearby cities and provinces to central business districts.

Along with this boom, is the rise of Real Estate Businesses targeting to develop remote areas that will now be accessible to major cities, thanks to the government’s Build, Build, Build” Project. Hence, the demand for real estate has grown. With this challenge at hand, Real estate businesses seeks to automate and streamline their processes, making sure that they have accurate data at any given time.

Our application is a real estate management software that helps real estate companies in its sales functions such as property selection, quotation, and reservation. At the front-end, real estate agents and brokers get real time data which properties are still available in the market. The software allows the agents and their prospects to get a graphical view of the entire site development plan and available models so they can easily choose their preferred locations and features. Moreover, the system automatically computes quotations based on several financing options and terms.

At the back-end, data is connected to SAP Business One. Movements in inventory is updated real time based on reservations made, construction orders completed, and even turn-over of units to buyers, so prospective buyers know if they already got neighbors!

Once a sale is completed, our software also handles the complexity of payments under an in-house financing scheme. Principal and interest payments, penalties in case of late payments, Value added tax recognition when it is due, even the recognition of deferred gross profit is already covered.

Solution Use Case

Real Customer Use-case:

  1. The sales agent do the following:
    1. Find property for client
    2. Gather the documents on hand
    3. Check available property
    4. Create Payment terms
  2. The Accountant do the following
    1. Monitor the payments (if overdue or not)
    2. Computes penalties manually

Persona Identified 1:

Persona Identified 2:

Pain Points:


Solution Details:

Reservation process for Brokers and Agents

  • Provide real time property information to brokers and agents
  • Automatically generate quotation sheets right after prospective buyer made their choices
  • Reserved properties are automatically tagged in the system and accounted to a particular broker or agent. This will serve as a basis for the computation of incentive and commission.

Real Estate Company

  • Attach site development plans with complete property details including photos of available property features.
  • Control number and location of properties to be made available for sale by your brokers and agents
  • Automatically synch property status according to its stage in SAP business one – available, ready for occupancy, Re-possessed, sold, and others.
  • Monitor and attach documentary requirements needed for sales processing or loan application
  • Preset available financing schemes including prevailing interest rates for loan computations
  • Set payment application rules on how to handle short/over payments
  • Process loan restructuring with ease
  • Timely recognition of sales revenue and applicable taxes
  • Automatic journal entries for the recognition of realized gross profit

Solution Technology

UX Technology used? 

Bootstrap framework, HTML5, JavaScript


Platform Technology used? 



Integration Technology Used?



Go-to-Market Strategy

Industry focus:

Dreams (Direc Real Estate Management Software) focuses on Real Estate Industries and target market is the property developers or the owners which has services of property selling.

Marketing strategy:

The marketing strategy of DREAMS (Direc Real Estate Management Software) is New Product Development. Which will be developed with industry specific features and functions.


Dreams – A real estate management software that helps companies in sales function – property selection, quotation or reservation.


Consider the cost of streaming line your business process from your sales agent to your back-office staff with real time data.


Offer DREAMS to the Top 5 Locations where the real estate are booming.

1.     Metro Manila

2.     Clark, Pampanga

3.     Baguio

4.     Tagaytay

5.     Cebu or Davao

Access DREAMS anytime, anywhere with it’s web access solution that is directly link to SAP Business One.


Joining Expo with targeted audience to showcase the advantages of having a Real Estate Management Software.


Promoting a complete solution to their Real Estate business. Explaining what the benefits of would be having a system for their Sales Agents and to their Accountants.


Future plan to develop DREaMS as a complete account and property management solution for both real estate and brokerage companies

Features includes such as:

  • Dashboards to include sales to date vs quota, available property allotments.
  • Automatic computation of incentives and commission.
  • Automate sending of statement of accounts via email.

To ready the software also for the vertical property developer or owner which they can have their own accounts with dashboard and analytics that can help them monitor their own business.


Contact Information


Direc Business Technologies, Inc. (EBM partner of Mustard Seeds Corporation)



Team Name:


Team Members:

  • Danilo II Veroy
  • Rhea Joy Roland
  • Iris Lumbao
  • Genevema Rangel



For more information about the development challenge, you may refer to the SME SEEDx Development Challenge 2019.

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