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Cancellation of Manufacturing Order in ERP and EWM


This blogs is intended to explain how the Cancellation of Manufacturing Order( Production or Process) can be conducted in an EWM integrated environment. The storage location is EWM managed and Consumption and Staging happens from EWM manged storage location only. In my case, there is  only 1 EWM storage location used for staging and consumption(Backflushing).

It is not straightforward to directly cancel the production order using CO13 or CORS as each posting in ERP creates a corresponding delivery.


  • Final Confirmation has already been posted in ERP and components have been backflushed and GR is posted both in ERP and EWM.

  •    GR posting is finished in EWM, but Final Putaway is Pending.



Note:- Only those deliveries can be reversed whose Status is DCO=1( Not Started). If delivery has been putaway and DCO=9, then Production order Inbound delivery cannot be cancelled. In this case, only way to reserve, the GR is to use Vendor Return Process.


Process Steps for Cancellation with Configuration Mechanics:

  • In EWM, the document type for posting Consumption delivery is OPC with document category PRO. So, whatever the BOM components which have been backflushed in Manufacturing order(Considering BOM components are Pick parts), they can be tracked in /SCWM/PRDO where one can view component consumption in GM status. Consumption delivery OPC deliveries are not relevant for picking.

–>OPC document types have a status profile containing the status type which are marked as Inactive in Standard SAP. So, once consumption in posted in ERP and OPC delivery which is distributed to EWM, they are non relevant for Picking.



—>The next question is what we need to reverse, either the Consumption delivery OPC in EWM system or Production order in ERP?

Lets try doing reversal of  Consumption delivery directly from EWM system.


  • Go to /SCWM/FD ,Maintain Outbound Order, enter the manufacturing order number and try to post GIR( Goods Issue Reversal).



  • System immediately gives a error message.


System gives an error message saying OPC document type cannot be cancelled.


Debug the Error:

Lets de-bug this error and understand from programming What EWM system is trying to convey.





2 Important conclusion:

  •  System checks in the table ls_dlv_pp_gi-cancel_ext “Post Goods Issue for Consumption Posting” whether Goods Issue cancellation is permissible from External System or not. Here External system is ERP system.
  •  System check whether the Warehouse and  consumption document type is assigned.

Since, GI cancellation from External system is activated, so we need to do Cancellation from ERP side, not from EWM side.

If, there could have no configuration of ”Cancel GI from External System” cancellation could have been conducted from EWM side as well


  • Execute T code CO13 for production order cancellation.


  • Here components have been allocated  at 2 operations, so we need to do reversal twice. 


  • I already cancelled operation 40 and now doing cancellation of 80 operation. Here we have 102 of Header material as well as 262 of last component which is batch managed.


  • Once, i save CO13, a get Pop Up Information message. I will explain the significance of this message latter.



  • Check the production order documented goods movement in CO03.

The components have been successfully reversed(262), however the 102 Goods receipt reversal has not happened despite doing CO13 earlier.


  • If you see the above message, Dependent delivery 180552557 can only be cancelled from EWM system.

-> Debug this message.

—-> System is saying that the Link Between the Production Order and Inbound delivery in Table ”VRSLI” needs to be broken. If the link between Delivery and Manufacturing order exists in table VRSLI, then 102 in Order cannot be posted.


  • Check table ”VRSLI”in ERP. The link between Production order and Inbound delivery exists, so we need to close the Inbound delivery from EWM side.


  • Check the status of Inbound delivery in ERP first. Delivery has been posted and completed.


  • Now, try to conduct Goods Receipt Reversal(GRR) in /SCWM/PRDI from EWM.


  • Once GRR is successfully conducted, status of Inbound delivery is changed from Completed to Not started as below. Also SAP EWM triggers ERO(ERP original document), a confirmation message to ERP to update delivery status


  • Check the status of Inbound delivery in ERP, it is changed to ”A” now.

  • Check the production Order CO03

Production order quantity is changed from 2 to 0 , means 102 is posted in Production Order.


—> But still, the link between Production order and Inbound delivery in table ”VRSLI” is not broken, which means you cant close or TECO production order in ERP.



  • To delink or close the ERP inbound delivery number, you need to conduct Rejection of Inbound delivery through a Process code from EWM in /SCWM/PRDI



  • EWM inbound delivery is reduced to ”Zero” using above process code I004.


  • ERP Inbound delivery is also reduced to zero as below as Process code in EWM triggers a confirmation message for Inbound delivery quantity closure.



  • Now, finally check the table ”VRSLI” The link between production order and Inbound delivery is broken, so now production order can be closed or TECOed.




The blog ends here. I would appreciate for suggestions or improvement to make this blog more productive. This blog was written specifically on Delivery based Production scenario. 

There is one more interesting topic called as ‘‘Advanced Production Integration”. In my latter blogs, i will try to write on this.


Best regards

Shailesh Mishra

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      Author's profile photo Amit Sharma
      Amit Sharma

      Hi ,

      Wow ... Very Nicely explained..!!

      Looking forward for some more blogs related to  PP-EWM integration from you.



      Amit Sharma

      Author's profile photo Mehmet Ozgur Unal
      Mehmet Ozgur Unal

      Hello shailesh mishra  ,

      Nice blog with example. Waiting advance production integration, production must be in EWM storage location .


      M.Ozgur Unal

      Author's profile photo Ulhas K
      Ulhas K

      Nice Post !!!

      Author's profile photo kumar semmalai
      kumar semmalai

      Very Good Blog.! Learned a lot!

      Author's profile photo Bruce King
      Bruce King

      Great info. HOw would you do using consignment stock 2 cases.

      First change stock ownership and put through production then cancel. Meaning stock has to change ownership back to consignment.

      Second consignment stock is being used but not consumed until the end. The order is cancelled and backflush puts stock unconsumed back into stock.