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Configuring Workflows for Collaborations in SAP Intelligent Product Design



This blog is in continuation to the blog – “How to Model Workflow Definition for Collaboration in SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Intelligent Product Design?” that gives you an insights on modeling workflows for Collaborations in SAP Intelligent Product Design.

Detailed Product Documentation – Live Product Cockpit and Collaboration

As a Solution Administrator; you have to deploy and configure respective properties for the workflow definitions deployed to the account. This blog provides you an insight on how to deploy and configure workflow definition and its properties for collaborations in IPD.

Model Workflow Definition on SAP Cloud Platform for Collaborations in SAP Intelligent Product Design

In addition to defining the model of the workflow; you also need to define properties like Recipient Users or Groups for User Tasks defined. The property is to be defined in the following format;


Where WorkflowPropertyVariable is custom input, you would need this workflow Property name to configure the property in the Workflow Properties application for the account.

You can also define other properties for the definition like Subject and Description.

Deploy Workflow Definition to SAP Cloud Platform for IPD Collaborations

Once you are ready with the workflow definition model; you can deploy the same by selecting the workflow file from the Workspace,

  • Select the workflow file > Deploy > Deploy to SAP Cloud Platform Workflow

Configure Workflow defined properties for IPD Collaborations

Taking the example of properties defined for a Document Review workflow, following are the workflow properties defined: (as per snippet attached for Review and Update user task)

  • sName – this refers to the collaboration name
  • ParticipantUser – this refers to collaboration participant users
  • ParticipantUserGroup – this refers to collaboration participant user groups

Steps for creating/configuring workflow properties for workflow definitions deployed for IPD Collaborations

  • Open the Fiori Launchpad for the account (you should login as a Solution Administrator)
  • Open Workflow Properties application and open the Workflow Properties section
  • Click the ‘+’ button to Create Workflow Property

  • Select the workflow name Document Review from the drop-down
  • Input the details as per Property Value
    Workflow Property Property Value
    sName Collaboration/name
    ParticipantUser Collaboration/name
    ParticipantUserGroup Collaboration/contributors<Type EQ UserGroup>/DisplayName
  • Note: These are to be saved one at a time
  • You can add a Property Value Description for the property for documentation purposes
  • You can set a Default Property Value for the workflow property from the application; make sure the conventions are as per Property Value
  • You can also enable the end user to set the property value by enabling the Allow Changes at Runtime checkbox
  • Save the Workflow Property

Once you have configured all the defined workflow properties for the workflow definition deployed to the account; the users can start using the workflows for collaborations in SAP Intelligent Product Design.

PS – Please share your feedback and write to me if you have any follow-up.

Updates: Assign Users to Business Role

If the user wants to select the assignee(s) for a workflow at run-time and has a business role relevant property defied for a task in the workflow definition; Assign Users to Business Role option can checked for such properties. This will enable a dynamic participant select option on Add Workflow action for Work Items section in Collaboration.

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  • Hello Yash,

    Great Blog!

    I have a question. With respect to your previous blog, do we need to update the properties we mentioned in workflow project for the user tasks from ${context.sContributor} to ${context.sName}, ${context.ParticipantUser} and ${context.ParticipantUserGroup} and again deploy the workflow project?

    • Hello Divya,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      The property name mentioned in the Workflow project is what matters; the same has to be maintained in the Workflow Properties application.

      If you want to modify the property name, yes you need to change the same in the Workflow project; re-deploy and reconfigure the properties on FLP.

      If you want to modify just the property value, you can do so via Workflow Properties application; the workflow needn't be re-deployed.

      Hope that answers your question.

      • Thanks Yash,

        Can you please show me an example of property value for property name “ParticipantUserGroup” for better understanding.



        Divya Vannala


          • Hello Yash,

            Thank you for your reply.

            Is it possible to change the control of the workflow property while assigning the values at runtime?

            For Example: Can I have a dropdown list for the "participantUser" when I click "Add Workflow" button? Just like as we see in, when we click on "Add Work Item".


            Divya Vannala

          • Hello Divya,

            Users have the flexibility to configure the properties during run-time; if the corresponding property has ‘Allow Changes at Runtime’ checked(enabled) on the Workflow properties application.

            This will give users an additional input field on the Add Workflow section for a Collaboration; this will be a text input and the id of the user (in the case where the workflow property is w.r.t. participants) needs to be passed in this input field while adding the workflow to the collaboration. The user can define different property values for various user tasks in the definition and each of these can be configured during run-time.

            There is however no provision yet to control the input field to be a drop-down.