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New openSAP Missions on SAP Community!

Back in 2015, we introduced an openSAP mission on SCN which proved very popular with openSAP learners. We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been working together with the SAP Community Reputation team to bring you a variety of openSAP missions that you can now complete to earn badges on SAP Community!

What missions are available?

Whatever level of learner you are, there are several missions available for you to achieve – and we’re also happy to include instructors and content experts in these new missions!

To get the mission badge to appear on your SAP Community profile, you’ll need to do a few things:

Go to your openSAP profile and

  • connect your SAP Enterprise Login to your openSAP account
  • opt-in to display your openSAP mission achievements in your SAP Community profile

You need to be active on SAP Community, so you should have recently

  • updated your SAP Community profile
  • answered a question
  • published a blog or liked/commented on someone else’s blog
  • followed a topic or a person

Once you’ve connected your SAP Enterprise Login, opted in, and are active on SAP Community, you can start completing missions on your SAP Community profile. We’ve included a description of all the missions below. All the openSAP courses that you’ve enrolled in or successfully completed previously will count towards your mission! (Note that only one SAP Community badge is available per mission. So, for example, you need one enrollment for a Newbie badge, but if you enroll in 10 courses, you’ll still get just one Newbie badge.)

Get a description of all openSAP missions.

New missions and badges will be updated once a month, so please be patient after you update your profile and earn your SAP Community badge!

Happy learning!


Note: If you don’t get a badge but you’ve added your consent as mentioned below, it could be that you aren’t active on SAP Community – simply add a comment below to activate your engagement on SAP Community!

***What is openSAP? ***

For those of you who haven’t yet visited openSAP, where have you been?

openSAP is SAP’s FREE open online course provider. All you need to sign up is a valid email address and you’ll get access to a variety of online courses, which you can complete at your own pace. You can learn about SAP’s latest innovations (e.g. SAP HANA, SAP Cloud Platform, SAP S/4HANA) and technology trends (e.g. machine learning, blockchain, IoT). You can find out more about openSAP on our website.


These SAP Community missions and badges recognize your collective course achievements at openSAP. If you’d like to share your individual course achievements, you can download your openSAP digital badge or share it on social media once you’ve earned your record of achievement.


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  • Hey Claire,

    thanks for sharing!

    Just a small hint:
    as it’s about Missions, this blog cloud (should?) be (secondary-)tagged with “SAP Community” – at least that’s what I would expect!


    (I briefly noted it in the global view of my RSS-Reader and then was confused when I could not find it under the expected tag).




    • Hi Joachim,

      Thanks! I had tagged it with “Training” as primary but I’ve changed it to primary “SAP Community” and secondary “Training”. I guess it’s a chicken/egg situation 😉 which comes first…

      Kind regards,


  • Will this also catch openSAP courses completed in the past?

    I contributed to the Calliope course, but I am not listed in the course because I did not appear on screen. How will this work?

    • Hi Andreas,

      Yes, it will be applicable to courses in the past.

      Generally, we know all of the contributors and most are internal. In the unexpected case that an expert has checked the box in their profile but didn’t receive the badge, they could simply nudge the openSAP project manager that worked on their course to get that done in the next round.

      I hope that helps!

      Kind regards,


      • Hi Claire,

        I had been the member of community when it was, started blogging in 2008 with my user id p089129., however due to a gap of 2-3 years in between., while I moved over from my past employer, my old SCN id is still associated with my old email id and I am unable to retrieve activities with my old user id and gather anything towards my reputation on @sapcommunity.

        Is there a way you suggest, via which I could retain my earlier user id – p089129., although I had managed to link it with this user account.

        Please let me know



  • As always I love the opensap courses.  Now to find time to actually do them.

    For any who haven’t gone there yet.  These courses rock!  You get the course and the ability to ask questions.   Well worth the time, if you can find the time.

      • Hi Claire, it is not working for me. 🙁

        Is it because the course was already in progress when I linked my P# profile and set it to send my learning progress?  The course is finished now and record of achievement issued. But no badge for me. 🙁

        Also – not sure if you can help, but maybe point me in the right direction: I similarly have no luck with the tutorial missions. The “done” and “submit” buttons don’t work for me at all. I tried multiple browsers, restarting, clearing cache, different computer, no luck. Very disappointing.

        Thanks for any help you can give!

        • Hi Margaret,

          The missions and badges will be rewarded once a month and the first ones have not been issued yet. Please be patient and once the first badges and missions are rewarded, I’ll edit this blog post so keep an eye out.

          Kind regards,


        • Hi Margret,

          Regarding the tutorial missions, do you mean Tour the Community or the developer missions? And when you say “done” and “submit” don’t work for you, do you mean you are not able to complete those missions, or you are not seeing the badges? The tutorial mission badges are also not immediate; they are awarded at intervals, so patience is required.

          • Hi Audrey,

            The developer missions don’t work for me. For example when I go to this link, if I click any of the “done” buttons the page just repositions at the top of the page.  If I enter the answer at the end and click “submit answer”, nothing happens.


            I have tried other tutorials and had the same problem.

            I have confirmed that I am logged in when trying this. (using my P# id).

            Any help you can give would be appreciated! 🙂

          • Okay, I figured it out … my system normally connects by VPN.  Since it’s automatic, I usually don’t think about it until a website doesn’t work at all. Everything else on seems to be working for me, so I didn’t think to turn off VPN until just now. But when I did and reloaded the page, it does work.

            So it ends up being inconvenient (for me, and maybe only for me) but possible.

            Now the only question is why does it have a problem with VPN?

  • Hi Claire,

    I have followed your latest blog and also liked it.

    The details of the openSAP courses which I have completed are as follows:-

    1. Design the Future of Your CRM (crm1) in October 2016
    2. HR + Finance with SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP SuccessFactors (sf5) in December 2016
    3. Application Integration Made Simple with SAP HANA Cloud Integration* (hci1) in August 2016
    4. The Impact of Digitization on Leadership and Work (next1-tl) in May 2017
    5. Leadership in Digital Transformation (ldt1-tl) in November 2015

    I have also linked my SAP Enterprise Login Id to my openSAP login id.

    Please tell me when will I receive my SCN badge for the openSAP courses completed by me.


    Subhadip Roy

    • Hi Subhadip Roy,

      I will update the blog once it’s available – I expect it will be a few weeks.

      Please remove your P user from this comment as the community guidelines recommend that you do not share your personal information.

      Kind regards,


  • Hi,

    I’ve completed 70+ openSAP courses since 2013 (Early Learner/Adopter of openSAP !!!). Just now I’ve given my consent to publish my openSAP results/badges to my SCN profile.

    Shall I get all 6 badges as below :

    Mission 1 : openSAP Learner

    Enroll in a course on openSAP, SAP’s free open online course provider, to start
    your learning journey!

    Mission 2 :openSAP Novice

    Explore new skills and successfully complete one openSAP course to earn your first
    Record of Achievement.

    Mission 3 :openSAP Emerging Star

    Successfully complete two openSAP courses and start to shine like the star that
    you are! Look at all those new skills!

    Mission 4 :openSAP Smart Fellow

    Spend your free time learning and complete five openSAP courses to show what a
    smart (and jolly good!) fellow you are.

    Mission 5 :openSAP Enthusiast

    Show your enthusiasm for learning with openSAP and complete 10 courses!

    Mission 6 :openSAP Veteran

    You’re definitely an SAP expert and more than the average learner. Successfully
    complete 20 openSAP courses.


    I’ve already S-User Id mapped across and both email ID are same across platform (openSAP and SCN).




    • Hi Niladri,

      Yes, you will. However if you’ve just given the consent, you will most probably need to wait for the second round of awarding badges. The first round is still in process so please be patient.

      Kind regards,


  • Hi Claire,

    Superb. Thanks for info 🙂 . Zeal is directly proportional to badges \o/

    I am waiting for 13 more badges for the course I completed back in 2015-2016.


    Warm Regards,
    Nidhi Singh

  • Hello Claire,

    I have completed more than 5 courses on SAP community. I have not received my badges yet, although it has been a month. How long might this take?

    Also, will I be getting all the 4 badges?

    Thank you in advance!



    • Hi Roshni,

      The badges have not yet been awarded but I’ll update the blog post when they have been.

      Yes, you would get four badges for five successful completions.

      Thanks for your patience!

      Kind regards,


  • Hi Claire,

    I have Completed Open SAP Courses on

    1. System Conversion to SAP S/4HANA (Repeat)
    2. SAP Sales Cloud – An Overview

    But still, it hasn’t updated in my blog badges can you please help me out

    • Hi Ruthvik,

      The badges have not yet been awarded to anyone. We expect this to happen in the next few weeks. Please follow this blog as we’ll post an update once they’re awarded. Thanks for your patience!

      Kind regards,


        • Hi Ruthvik,

          There have not been any additional badges awarded since the last time. If you would like to check the status of your badges, please contact the openSAP help desk. You’ll find it on the right side of the openSAP website.

          Kind regards,


  • Hi Claire,

    looking forward to when the badges will make an appearance in our respective profiles. Until this is ready, how about adding a comment right a the top of your blog post with the information you currently use to respond here in the comment thread?



    • Hi Bärbel,

      I thought about that, but I fear that people will see the update and without reading, check their profile and see that there’s still no badge 🙁

      I’m unsure if it would just be more confusing…but I’m hopeful that the badges will be visible soon!



  • Good afternoon.
    I could ask a question.
    When reading the post, it is described that the old certificates would be as long.
    In my profile this did not happen.
    I have more than 20 courses finalized with a score higher than 50%
    and only received the Badges openSAP Learner,
    So I ask again, only the courses held in 2019 are valid?

    • Hi Daniele,

      Could you raise a ticket with the openSAP help desk please? That way, my colleagues can check your account and find where the issue is.

      Thanks and kind regards,


  • Hi Claire;


    Thank you for all your very hard work on this and I received my first two badges that I had earned.  Since then I took more courses and now qualify for the next level.  I was wondering how often and when the process runs that picks up changes and I thought it would be a good idea to post that above too in order to avoid 5 million+ questions about “why didn’t my account update yet”.




    • Hi Bruce,

      Congratulations on completing the courses and earning badges!

      The badges will be updated once a month – it’s already in the blog above 😉

      Happy learning!

      Kind regards,


    • Hi Venkateswara,

      Please raise a ticket with the openSAP help desk for them to investigate your profile. You’ll find it on the right side of

      Thanks and kind regards,


  • Hi Claire,

    I am so sorry to be a pest .. but … it looks like my INACTIVE profile was updated with all my openSAP achievements.  When I look at my “linked profile”  – which is linked to a company I no longer work for, so I can’t actually log into it – I see that I have the “openSAP Enthusiast” in my badge showcase for that inactive profile. And no openSAP badges at all in my current profile.  I couldn’t have logged into that old profile since last year some time.  But have been active more recently here with my P# profile. I have confirmed that the P# profile is the one linked in my openSAP account.  However, at some point previous to my job change, the old S# profile may have been linked there.   BUT also, I have definitely completed at least one course since I linked to the P#, so would expect at least that one badge. (although I was hoping all would come over to my P# community account, since I am clearly the same person 🙂 )

    Can you help? Do I need to raise a ticket?



    • HI Margaret,

      Yes, unfortunately I can’t access your data but if you raise a ticket with the openSAP help desk, my colleagues there will be able to investigate and help you resolve the issue.

      Kind regards,


    • Hi Dominik,

      there has not been new badges rewarded so far. For specific information regarding your account, you can contact the openSAP help desk – on the right side of the openSAP website.

      Kind regards,


  • Hi Claire,

    thank you for informing us of the openSAP missions.

    openSAP is a great MOOC platform and always an important source of knowledge.

    I am looking forward to the upcoming course: Intelligent Decisions with SAP Analytics Cloud.

    Kind regards,


  • Hi Claire,

    In my openSAP profile , today I opted to send my learning progress data to SAP Community.

    When can I expect to see my badges, kindly help



  • Hi @ Claire Donelon ,

    I am completed and received Record of Achievement for approx 5 courses at openSAP. But linked openSAP to SAP community few days back. Just wanted to check how much time it takes for mission badges activation.

    ID: P1208309

    Please help in activation of same.

    Thanks & Regards,



    • Hi Anthony,

      The badges were awarded yesterday and I can see on your public profile that you’ve got some 🙂


      Kind regards,


  • Hi Claire,

    I am an early learner at openSAP since 2013. I will be celebrating 100+ Record of Achievements in few months.

    I was just curious, If there are any new badges coming up for people who completed 50+ , 100+ RoA from openSAP.


    Apart from engaging learning content, quizzes, weekly assessments; Colorful  Record of Achievement, Digital badge and SCN Mission badges really motivate me to push my limits 🙂







    • Hi Niladri,

      Apologies for the delay in my response, today is my first day back in the office and online since late September.

      We don’t plan any additional badges at this time, but as always, you never know what comes in the future!

      Congratulations on your learning achievements with openSAP!

      Kind regards,



  • hi Claire Donelon

    Would you pl add me up as well to earn the open SAP mission

    I believe we need to comment here do we also need to mention what badge we qualify for or would it be done automatically?

    I already have activated the setting on OpenSAP.

    Is it still happening monthly or is it faster now? 



    • HI Vinita,

      Thanks for commenting! This will trigger the system and let it know that you’re an active community member.

      You also need to check your settings on your openSAP profile.

      Kind regards,


      • Thanks I setting already activated so does this take into account all previous completed course and is it for courses where you have the record of achivement or if I get confirmation of participation from the self-paced courses that counts as well?

        Let me know please.