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Key User Extensibility in SAP S/4HANA Cloud – Data Source Extensions – Part 2

Key User Extensibility in SAP S/4HANA Cloud – Data Source Extensions – Part 2 (Enhancing the Data Source Providers and using it to enhance the Fiori UIs)


Context of the Blog

In this second blog we will learn about the Data Source Extensions feature in SAP S/4HANA Cloud – Custom Fields and Logic app and learn how to use it to enhance the standard Fiori UIs. We will see how to include the standard field(s) which were not previously made available in the app

Target Audience

Key Users of SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Blog Applicability

SAP S/4HANA Cloud Release SAP S/4HANA Release
1808, 1811, 1902 1709, 1709 FPS01, 1709 FPS02, 1809, 1809 FPS01


Demo app used for this blog

Display Line Items in General Ledger.

[Fig 1: Display line items in general ledger app]

With this app you can check general ledger (G/L) account line items. You can display open and cleared items for open-item-managed accounts, or all of the items for an account. You can select the line items based on a key date or after the clearing date in connection with a key date. If you are selecting all items, you can also choose a posting date range.

You can read more about this app in this link here – (

Demo Scenario

The ‘Display Line Items in General Ledger’ app displays the details of various general ledger line items with a set of columns already provided be default. As you can see from the following figure.

[Fig 2: Standard columns provided in the app by standard]

Problem Statement

Looking into the set of available fields, we can see that few are already selected by default.

[Fig 3: Already included columns]

Few more can be selected that are provided by the standard data source as you can see from following figure.

[Fig 4: More possible selections]

Now consider a scenario, where the business user would like to have few more columns to be included in the app. Consider for example, business user would also like include – Leading Ledger and Ledger text. If you search for these fields, you would notice that they are not provided by standard by default. Searching for this standard field will show an empty result set meaning that is field is not available at present.

[Fig 5: Standard field not available]


To include this standard field in the standard app, we would have to do the data source extension and make the standard field – Leading Ledger available to the business user.

Let us go ahead and see how we can achieve the same by extending the Data Source.

From the SAP Fiori Launchpad, click on the app – Custom Fields and Logic

[Fig 6: Custom Fields and Logic app]

Now click on the tab – Data Source Extensions

Under this tab you will find the list of previously extended data sources if any. Now click on the + icon to create a new data source extension.

[Fig 7: Data Source Extensions]

From the drop-down list choose the Data Source – Display Line Items in General Ledger

[Fig 8: Data Source Extensions]

Give a meaningful description and Extension ID and click on – Create

[Fig 9: Create Data Source Extensions]

Note: As you can see, the system by default picks up the Extension ID name starting with YY1_ as key in the description. You can also change it to your own and something meaningful. As you can see from below screenshot, we changed it to YY1_GL_LINE_ITEMS_DS_EXT.

[Fig 10: Data Source Extension view]

Expand the File Path where it will display all the available standard fields that can be used to extend them to the standard app. From the list we will choose the field – Leading Ledger.

[Fig 10: Choose the available field]

The selected field will now appear in the right pane.

[Fig 11: Selected Field]

Now click on – Save and Publish. The system will start publishing the changes and soon the status will change from – Publishing to Published in green.

[Fig 12: Extension is publishing]

[Fig 13: Extension is published]

Now let’s go back to the original app and search for this newly standard field. This should be available in the list.

[Fig 14: Selecting the newly introduced field]

Click on OK and now this new field will be included as a new column in the UI.

[Fig 15: The new standard field is included in the UI as new column]

Congratulations you have just finished Key User Extensibility – Enhancing the Data Source Providers and using it to enhance the standard SAP S/4HANA Fiori UIs!


For part – 1 of this blog series, click the following link –


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      Author's profile photo Shariq Muhammad
      Shariq Muhammad

      Hi Rohit,

      Thanks for your excellent post.

      How do we deploy / migrate the changes from Dev-> QA -> Prod ?


      Author's profile photo Tricia Galvin
      Tricia Galvin



      You will use Export Software Collection on Q to create, check, and export. Then the collection will show up in Import Software Collection on P.

      SAP Help Portal:

      This blog post goes over just the export and import processes:

      Just note that this is not a quick process, even when status is exported or imported, give it a few more minutes.

      Hope that helps!