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Accessing SAP server Web URL(FIORI/NWBC(thin client)/Webdynpro) on Mac

Salut mes amis !

Recently I tried to access Fiori Launchpad on my Mac machine and I was getting an error page . Initially I thought may be connecting to VPN might resolve but it didn’t , then I realized from the error message that probably my m/c is not able to map the Domain name to a server address . So then just googled to find out ways to map the domain name to server address in MAC and found some steps,  so thought of putting on SAP community steps to do that

1. Open Terminal application(which is like cmd on Windows) on ur Mac ( Find terminal application by doing Spotlight Search – Command + space) , which will open a screen like below

2. Open the etc/hosts file: Bring the cursor after $ sign and type/copy below command after $ sign and hit enter

                     sudo nano /etc/hosts

3. It will prompt you for a password(Don’t worry if you don’t see when u type , just key in ur Mac    password and hit enter .

4. You will see a screen like below which is basically your /etc/hosts file open for edit.

5. To add a new Domain name , bring your cursor( the grey vertical icon) to the end and specify the mapping of the SAP server IP address to the domain ( get this info from your basis team or from  tcode-SMICM) , as an example below


6. Once done press ^O( Ctrl+O) and Press Enter to WriteOut or Save the file

7. Finally exit file by pressing ^X(Ctrl+X)

8. To re-confirm if the changes were saved , reopen the file   following step 2

9. Lastly to clear the MAC DNS cache , type in or copy below command in terminal again and press enter

sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

10. Now try to access the URL in your browser , it should work ( you will get a message saying connection is not secure  go to advanced on the message and say you trust )

Hope you find this helpful 🙂



I recently stumbled on to connecting to SAP AS from Eclipse on MAC , so writing my learnings here to help others:

To Connect to SAP Server from Eclipse( create an ABAP project) on Mac-

  1. Ensure you have below added in ur /etc/hosts/ file ( as mentioned in steps above) Rinis-MacBook-Pro.local (ur computer name – take from system preferences – just type in computer name in search on top right)

2. If you are getting this error – Logon to system <XXX> failed (timeout during allocate) , then make sure the server address specified when you select the SAP server to connect is either the IP address of server or domain name . Try with either of 2 , if none works ask your basis team to check if the profile parameter – gw/alternative_hostnames value in SAP AS has the IP address or domain name  you are using

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      Author's profile photo Michelle Crapo
      Michelle Crapo

      Nice add for our Mac people.  Not me, windows all the way.  Just a random comment - there is a lot of white space in your first picture.

      It does seem a bit cumbersome to use a Mac.  Another vote for windows.  BTW - this is really going to help me.  I know of a lot of internal customers that do use Macs and switch to windows pc for SAP.

      Author's profile photo Rini Kalsi
      Rini Kalsi
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks for your comment Michelle. I had the same feeling when I was given Mac in office , but then i took up as a challenge ? (Hope the challenge is worth taking)

      Author's profile photo Sandra Thimme
      Sandra Thimme

      Wrong tags and misleading titel. NWBC/SAP Business Client and WDA are not envolved here. Either Client nor UI technology are supported an Mac.

      reg. Sandra

      Author's profile photo Rini Kalsi
      Rini Kalsi
      Blog Post Author

      Sandra - I meant NWBC thin client ..which opens on browser(tcode NWBC) . So I am not sure about your comment when u said wrong tags , if you could clarify .


      Author's profile photo Sandra Thimme
      Sandra Thimme

      Hi Rini,

      thanks. I am  so very fucused on the SAP Business Client Desktop version. There should be a tag NWBC for HTML.

      So just to avoid any misunderstanding here: No Mac support for SAP Business Client for Desktop. SAP Business Client for Desktop 7.0 will be releasd on Monday (25th, February 2019)