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EWM-SD Integration : Customer Return Process with EWM

In this blog, you can reach customizing steps to integration EWM with ERP. As you know, we have to match documents types and item types in the first step. Then, inbound process has to be configurated.

I generally prefer to activate BC sets. That’s why you have to check them.

After you determine BC set, go to SCPR20 to activate it.

Then, you will find out SAP standard document types and item types .


IRET document type is used for customer return.

IRET Item type is used, if you want to change some fields, you can copy and recreate a new item type.

–> Define Document Type Determination for Inbound Delivery Process

I recommend that read documentation !

–> Define Allowed Item Types in Inbound Delivery Process

–> Define Item Type Determination for Inbound Delivery Process

First step is completed. Inbound delivery process is configured for EWM.

Second step contains integration with ERP SD !


SD Document type : ZI01 , SD Item type : ZI01 in configured for ERP .

–> Define ERP Document Types for Differentiation Attribute

If you are a professional functional consultant , read profiles usage 🙂

RETCU is used for return process !

–> Map Document Types from ERP System to EWM

–> Map Item Types from ERP System to EWM

–> Map Date Types from ERP System to EWM

Second step is completed.

In the third step, you will find warehouse process type and determinations.

–> Define Warehouse Process Type

–> Determine Warehouse Process Type

I hope that it is beneficial for all SD-EWM Integrations for functional consultant.



M.Ozgur Unal

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