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Product Availability Check Scope: All released supply except PO

The target of this blog is to explain the new option ‘All released supply except PO’ for the field Availability Check Scope in the product data and its impact on the ATP status.

In case you rate acknowledged purchase orders more reliable than purchase orders without an acknowledgement and you want to reflect this in the ATP check, this new option provides you with a solution.

The new availability check scope option allows to differentiate between purchase orders and purchase order acknowledgements in the ATP check. It results in a slightly reduced check scope compared to the ‘Stock and Released Receipts’ option.

The following figure illustrates the new check scope in light blue in the context of the existing availability check scopes:


You can watch this video with the demo or read the steps described below.


As a pre-requisite for use, you have to set the question ‘Do you consider stock and released receipts except unacknowledged Purchase Order in availability check?’ In scope.



You can also find the detailed scope related to the ‘Product Availability Check Methods’ in Finetuning in the Activity List of the Business Configuration:


You can use it, if you assign this new check scope ‘All released supply except PO’ to your product.

The following example shows the consequence for the ATP status in the inventory and supply situation: No Stock on hand and an expected income 50 from a purchase order.

The availability check for 30 each in the sales order results in a red ATP status because the purchase order with the expected receipt of 50 is not considered.

Once the purchase order is acknowledged for the expected date…

… a new availability check results in a green ATP status because the acknowledged purchase order of 50 is taken into account for the availability check.




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