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Confirm Count Task using Microsoft Excel®

The target of this blog is to show the new option to confirm the count task with Microsoft Excel.

To facilitate your counting process, you can also use Microsoft Excel to maintain the count results for the count task. It allows you to maintain count results efficiently and to store it locally before saving it back to SAP Business ByDesign.

You just simply use the new Button ‘Confirm with Microsoft Excel ®.


The items of the tasks are provided in Excel. With the SAP Business ByDesign Add-in for Excel and being logged-in – same as for all Excel Add-ins – you can save the counted quantity back to ByDesign. If a product is found in an unexpected place, you can also add a line here.



In this video you can watch the demo.



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  • Hi Iris,

    Looks like great opportunity to decrease HUGE manual efforts of WH guys need to post wall-to-wall counting results manually, as well as it works for our daily/weekly Cycle counting!

    Thanks and best regards,


  • This is a much needed improvement for the Count Task.  Is the same being worked on for Alignment with Externally-Managed Location in the Third-Party Logistics scenario?  It is also needed there as a full count/alignment is a very tedious entry process.  Thanks.

  • Hello Tre Vertuca,

    thanks for your comment and I am happy you like the new feature.

    The externally-managed Third-Party Logistics scenario is designed in that way that all the warehouse activities are controlled outside SAP Business ByDesign.

    So, the external warehouse software of the 3PL provider should take care about an easy way to report the count results. We do not offer to report the PI count for externally-managed locations -neither with nor without excel.

    Best regards, Iris


  • Hi Iris,

    Thanks for explaining this new functionality in SAP. We are currently working on a live 'Product Count' process for one of our clients and are encouraging them to use this functionality to complete their count tasks.

    However, we have noticed that for some sites, even though everything is updated in the Excel sheet perfectly, not all the data is saved to SAP.

    For example, Out of the 200 records saved in the excel, the count information of only 100 items shows up in SAP. The other 100 shows up as 0 ea.

    Would like to know if you have come across this scenario before.

  • Hello Shashank,

    since I cannot judge from far, please could you open an incident, so that support can look into your individual set up.

    Best regards,