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Author's profile photo Sue Berry

Jump-start your MDK application with two new app templates

I have heard the same question many times – why do I need to create the offline / online actions and messages?  Mobile Development Kit should do it for me.  Well, we listened and Mobile Development Kit now creates your offline and online service actions, messages and more for you.

With the introduction of two new Mobile Development Kit application templates, you can get an even faster jump-start to building native mobile cross-platform applications.


  • The MDK Base template creates your offline/online services actions for you
  • MDK List-Detail template creates a list and detail page for each dataset and includes everything from the MDK Base template.


Mobile development kit (MDK) is a feature of SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services. If this is your first introduction to the mobile development kit, I suggest you first review the Learning Map which provides overview topics, blogs, videos, and tutorials.



MDK Base Template

Every MDK application needs a minimum set of services actions to connect to and work with your backend data.  So, we have decided to create this for you and save you time.  The MDK Base Template creates the actions and rules needed for every MDK application.  If you only want MDK to create the offline or online actions and messages for you, then this is the template for you.  The following objects are created after completing the MDK Base Template wizard.


  • Service Actions
    • For Offline Apps
      • Initialize
      • Upload
      • Download
      • Close
    • For Online Apps
      • Create
      • Open
    • Success Messages
    • Failure Messages
  • Other Actions
    • Logout
    • Close Page
  • Rules
    • OnWillUpdate.js
  • Globals
    • Application Version
  • Main Page
    • Logout toolbar button
    • Sync toolbar button (Offline Apps Only)
  • updated


After using the Base Template, you can focus on creating your pages, other actions, and rules needed for your application.


Take a look at the following video to see it in action.



MDK List Detail Template

If you are looking to create a list page and detail page, we have a template for you.  The List-Detail Template builds on the MDK Base Template.  Everything created in that template is created here.  In addition, the template also creates a list page and detail page for every dataset you select.  Further, the following objects are created after completing the MDK List-Detail Template.


  • All objects created in MDK Base Template
  • Additional Actions
    • DataSet Folder
      • Navigation Actions from List to Detail
  • Pages
    • DataSet Folder
      • List Page
      • Detail Page


Take a look at the following video to see it in action.

By using the MDK templates, you can quickly get up and running.  You also have complete control to edit the pages, actions, and rules after the template has created them. Try MDK today, these features are now available.

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      Author's profile photo Ravindra Tanguturi
      Ravindra Tanguturi

      Great Blog, Thanks a lot.

      Do we have a launchpad to integrate multiple apps or does MDK support it readily. We don’t see an option yet. Also is MDK always supposed to work as a single app and not a combination of different apps/projects.

      Author's profile photo Bill Froelich
      Bill Froelich

      MDK is designed with the native app model in mind.  From this perspective you would create separate MDK applications and deploy them to your device individually.  The user will use the device home page organization capabilities to layout the various apps along side their existing applications and launch into them as needed.

      The MDK SDK allows you to create branded MDK clients so you can control the icons and naming on the home pages to support deploying multiple MDK applications on a device.

      Author's profile photo Timo Dittrich
      Timo Dittrich

      Hello ,

      First of all i want to thank you for making this Blog.

      Secondly i want to ask you for help.

      I can't use sap.m librarys in my Mobile Dev. Kit app, which contain basic things like an input field.

      Other librarys except sap.mde aren't working as well.

      When i add an Item from it, no code is generated and it disappears in the Page Editor after refreshing.


      Thank you for your help.



      Author's profile photo Sue Berry
      Sue Berry
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Timo,


      Thanks for reading the blog.

      Those libraries look like UI5 libraries, but MDK is solely for native apps not Hybrid apps.

      You will need to drag and drop controls from the page editor to add things like input fields, etc.

      Check out this video that shows you how to customize the app since the template has already built pages for you.

      You can also look at all the blogs and videos available from this blog.

      If there is a specific control you are looking for that the MDK doesn't support, you can use custom extension controls to bring them into SAP WebIDE.



      Author's profile photo Michael Dräyer
      Michael Dräyer

      Hi Sue

      I already built an MDK app with the new base template. Almost everything worked fine, but there is one thing, that I don‘t know how to achieve.

      My App is built with two screens:

      1. List of objects (
      2. Detail of selected object

      In the second screen I‘ve implemented an object table showing tickets for the selected object (0:n, realized in the service).

      Now the customer asked me to make the app „offline“. So I added the objects (1. Screen) to the „offline sets“ and did some changes to my online app. (InitializeOffline.action)..


      After doing this, I was happy that I got the list of objects and the details to the objects in flight mode.. obviously the ticket‘s didn‘t got displayed, because I didn‘t added them to the offline-query. When I turn off flight mode, I would expect that all the data is shown. Unfortunately, the data doesn‘t seem to change… I don‘t get the tickets even if I‘m online.

      Edit: I didn‘t deleted the OpenService and the Create Service actions, but the failure message. (Otherwise it would always show an error in offline-mode)

      Can you please help me?

      PS: I tried adding the tickets-collection to the offline query, but there are more than 10‘000 tickets available and I get an error trying to download all of them.



      Author's profile photo Pratik Kumar
      Pratik Kumar

      Hello Sue Berry

      Can you please post a blog on how to update data from offline mdk application to backend automatically (i.e  without clicking on sync button on main page) whenever data connnection is switched on?



      Author's profile photo Jitendra Kansal
      Jitendra Kansal

      For up-to-date info on Mobile development kit templates, please follow new documentation.