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Binding Correction in parallel-approval-process-in-workflow-using-block

Introduction :


I am following the below mentioned blog on parallel-approval-process-in-workflow-using-block . .


This is really a great blog to follow  but I came across an issue that the workflow – Task binding is not correct as mentioned  in the Parralel Processing Block which is being used in the above mentioned blog




Problem is that , ZAPPROVER is the multi line element and In any Parralel Processing block , if we assign any Multi Line Element on the Right Side of Binding i.e From Workflow to Task , then the approver ID determined for Sending Mail is only the the first one present in ZAPPROVERS Table ( which is the Internal Table containing All Approvers IDs . All other subsequent records were not selected for Decision .


I have corrected the binding as mentioned below .



Once this is done , Parallel Approver Block started behaving properly with Decision Mail started to float to All Approvers in parallel in one go .





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  • Thanks Umaid, I was also stuck in parallel processing block and have stopped using it because of this ambigious binding issue, now after your blog ill use parallel processing blog where ever required.


  • Hello Umaid

    Really appreciated your effort, I was also stuck in multi line element in parallel processing block and your detail and easy solution helps me out, Hoping more correction blogs from you 🙂

    • /
      • Nice. I advise you to post a comment in the referred blog post, so that people can be aware of the issue you have detected and can easily navigate to your blog post for the correction.

      • Why not ask the blogger to correct a mistake instead of writing a separate blog to point out errors in someone else's blog? It doesn't help anyone reading the original blog if they are not aware of this one. And reading two blogs is just a nuisance.

        And if there is a wizard available to do parallel approval, what is the advantage of using this technique? That is the real question which neither of these blogs have failed to answer.

        • Mike,


          We appreciate your concerns on posting a blog but its all about sharing the knowledge one gains from practical experience.

          The wizard that you are suggesting often is misleading and create unnecessary container elements in the workflow repeatedly so working practically on a business case is different from reading a book.

          Anyways try to appreciate people instead.