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Analytical privilege in SAP HANA

Hello colleagues!

I would like to briefly describe a solution to a problem which popped up while executing one of my previous projects (BW 7.4 SP14).

It is related to authority in SAP HANA. Short description: I couldn’t access a preview of calculation view with projection over external hana view for BW real time InfoCube. First error was like this:

We have given the role called “SAP*_SAP_BW_MODEL_GENERATION” to my hana-user, but that was not enough, and the error changed to:

This issue described in the note # 2250455:

What I want to do is to give an explanation and a step-by-step guide for this predicament:

  • When you generate external hana view on InfoProvider, which includes an authorization-relevant InfoObject, AP-procedure is generated automatically. You can see all generated procedures in: Catalog/SYS_BIC/Procedures. All these procedures are included in the role “SAP*_SAP_BW_MODEL_GENERATION”, which I’ve already mentioned. But to give this role to your HANA-user is not enough.

  • As we can see in the explanation of the note 2250455: “when using analytical privileges, it is essential to plan which user can see which data and the filters are to be specified accordingly in the analytical privileges. Please check which data the hana-user is allowed to see”.
  • You should set up a mapping between your hana-user and bw-user, which has relevant Analysis Authorizations. Details are available here:

              Transaction: RS2HANA_VIEW

  • If you use bw7.5 and support package 4 or higher, you already have tab named “DBMS” in transaction SU01 and can set up mapping between hana-user and bw-user. If you don’t, you should previously implement all settings described in the notes under the link above.
  • After you should run program RS2HANA_AUTH_RUN to generate the authorization string for  your InfoProvider.
  • Finally, you will see the new generated lines in the table RS2HANA_AUTH_STR:

When you try to access “Data preview” on Calc.view in Hana, system makes search in this table.

And one more helpful transaction, if you have some issues with external hana view, launch RS2HANA_CHECK.

All the above is relevant for the developer’s authorization, not for end users.

Thank you for attention!

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      Author's profile photo vishwanath vedula
      vishwanath vedula

      Useful tip, thanks for sharing your exp with the community!

      Author's profile photo dinesh balakrishnan
      dinesh balakrishnan

      Excellent information! Thanks