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1902: What’s new for mobility on smartphones in SAP Business ByDesign Cloud ERP?

The newly introduced Android and iOS Apps for smartphones have been enhanced in 1902 release and new capabilities have been added:

  1. New CRM apps for lead and activity management
  2. Reports now offers a new chart library with zooming and filtering in the chart
  3. New self-service for leave requests

Here you find a quick demo video:


Enhanced analytics and account 360

We have enhanced the abilities for managers and employees to set targets, monitor progress and see reports including account 360 view:

  1. Consume any report view on the smartphone by marking them as bookmark in the desktop
  2. Zoom into reports
  3. Filter in charts by tapping on the legend
  4. Account 360 chart shows all active leads, opportunities, quotes and orders compared to the last 12 month
  5. Direct display and navigation to last activity on the account overview

Lead management with hand-over and mail & appointment activities

Sales, marketing & service employees and managers are able create and receive leads and activities:

  1. Account 360 chart shows all active leads, opportunities, quotes and orders compared to the last 12 month
  2. Create and receive new leads
  3. See and create activities for phone, task, mail and appointment

Self-service for leave requests and approvals

Employees and managers are able to create and approve leave requests on smartphones, tablets and the desktop:

  1. Personalize access to leave requests on the smartphone launchpad
  2. Create and track leave requests
  3. Approvals can be done by the manager either on the smartphone with the separate approval app or on the desktop

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  • Hi Jan,

    How about the new mobile app (1902) will be available, since I have installed and tried testing , I could not found the self service leave request and approvals and some more




    • said, ByD 1902 will be made available to new customers on 1. Feb. Existing customers will be upgraded over the next weeks starting with the test systems. So you cannot use 1902 mobile before your system is upgraded.




  • Hey Jan,

    Thanks for making the App available. Is the following feature possible?

    I know from account managers, that the would like to keep notes / visit reports. Other mobile CRM applications can make use of the voice recording capabilities on their mobile phone to register the notes.

    I didn't saw the option yet, but is and or would it become available to track visit reports?