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Invalidating Cache is not working.Entries in ICM trace as “IctICmRemoveFile() failed. 1”


While trying to invalidate cache I was constantly being faced by the issue that post invalidating the cache, my screen was turning blank or it was giving me with the blank page.

Once I invalidated my cache it would work for some time (approx 10 minutes) but again when I executed the URL I would get a blank page again.


The first thing that came to my mind when I came across this issue was to check in icm trace file ( dev_icm ).


In icman trace file I could see the entries as:

*** dev_icm

[Thr 15696] Fri Jan 25 14:21:44 2019
[Thr 15696] *** ERROR => remove(‘\\*\sapmnt\<SID>\ASCS00\data\cache\M0x1AC4’) failed. errno=2 [ictxxcache_r 4331]
[Thr 15696] *** ERROR => ENOENT*: No such file or directory OR: The system cannot find the file specified. [ictxxcache_r 4333]
[Thr 15696] *** ERROR => IctICmRemoveFile() failed. 1 [ictxxcache_r 3369]
[Thr 15696] *** ERROR => can’t write resource ‘/sap/public/bsp/sap/system/E9207E7015E6D2F18F8EA41F72C7461F&en&&GZ=0&000&A6E90000&’ (
[Thr 15696] WARNING: ISC object ‘/sap/public/bsp/sap/system/E9207E7015E6D2F18F8EA41F72C7461F&en&&GZ=0&000&A6E90000&’ not found


Based on the error entries the important functions that we need to check are ENOENT , IctICmRemoveFile , can’t write resource , ISC object.

From the above entries at the first instance we can start to visualize that there is something wrong in the header of the url.

The entry :  ERROR => remove(‘\\*\sapmnt\<SID>\ASCS00\data\cache\M0x1AC4’) failed. errno=2 [ictxxcache_r 4331] ..proves this .

I tried to check if some application is causing this? After some research I came to know the issue is something different.

The entry : ERROR => ENOENT*: No such file or directory OR: The system cannot find the file specified. [ictxxcache_r 4333]

this indicates that cache directory which is been set is not actually being taken. In other words it is WRONG!


My next guess was to identify which parameter is related to cache directory and ICMan. Till now I was just trying get to understood what went wrong , but now I had the solution 😉

The parameter that is related to cache dir and icman is “icm/HTTP/file_access_<xx>“.


If you look closely the standard value for this parameter is :

icm/HTTP/file_access_0 = PREFIX=/sap/public/icmandir/ ,DOCROOT=$(DIR_ICMAN_ROOT)

Here the point of concern is “DOCROOT=$(DIR_ICMAN_ROOT)“.

Next I checked the value for $(DIR_ICMAN_ROOT). This was the important step which resolved my issue.

In icm/HTTP/file_access_0 I had set the DOCROOT to some other value which was not matching with ‘ DIR_ICMAN_ROOT ‘.

Once I changed the value of ‘DOCROOT‘ in the ‘icm/HTTP/file_access_0‘ the issue got resolved. I was able to proceed further without the irritating BLANK PAGE!!


Let me know if any queries.


PS: I would like to also point out to a fact that always check the below set of parameters :

ABAP-only or dual stack ( system/type = ABAP| DS )

Java-only ( system/type = J2EE )



Kind regards,

Manjunath Hanmantgad

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