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Quick Guide: User Management in SAP Enable Now


SAP Enable Now is an enterprise cloud and on-premise application for knowledge management and performance support.The advanced performance support and training capabilities of SAP Enable Now helps customer improve productivity, user adoption, and the end-user experience. In SAP Enable Now, we can easily create, maintain, and deliver performance support, learning material, and documentation content.In this blog I will discuss the user management process of SAP Enable Now Cloud version.

User Creation Process

Step 1: Login in SAP Enable Now as an Administrator.

Step 2: In the User section you need provide below mandatory information to create an user:

Logon ID: Normally Employee ID of the user.

First Name: Self Explanatory

Last Name: Self Explanatory

Email: Self Explanatory

Password: Self Explanatory

Roles: You need to choose roles from the drop down.

After providing the user information please click on the Add button.

The user will be created and will be shown in the user list.

Role Assignment

If you want to assign any specific role to the already created user then you need follow below process:

Step 1: Navigate Administration> Role. Select the required role you want to assign. In this blog I will demonstrate this step using role Test_Authorization. Click on Add button.

Step 2: You will get a pop-up where you need to select the user source folder (I have selected root folder) and the search the user (I have searched for testid1).

Step 3: You need to select the user and press on Save button.

The user id will be shown in the list as below.

Permission Assignment

You can directly assign permission to any user in SAP Enable Now. For this you need to navigate through Administration>Permissions. You need to select the user and select the necessary permission you want to grant and then save it.

User Deactivation

In SAP Enable Now, user can’t be deleted directly. You can deactivate the user using the active check box.


In this blog I have briefly explained the user management process in SAP Enable Now Cloud version. Hope this will help to understand the basic of access provisioning process. Please note you need to have administrator rights to manage the user. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this blog.

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  • This is helpful thanks. our company just acquired sap enable now on premise. i know how to create simulations in the producer (installed on my laptop). But how do i then publish this locally created simulation to the manager (installed on a central server) so many people can access it?

  • Thanks .Is there any specific  rules or norms to create USERID.

    Suppose i want create userid with my Company Mail-ID

    is it work.



    • Hi Singamesh,

      If you use SSO via SAML for the Cloud SAP Enable Now you can choose which attribute will be treated as the username from the list of attributes that you IdP provides.

  • Hi Amit, I hope you will have another look at this blog soon!

    If a user is disabled, he cannot authenticate again in Enable Now, right? How can I delete his record? By Service Request @ SAP?

    We have two users who cannot login with SAML authentication and they seem to be corrupted or anything. We’d like to start from scratch and provision them during first time authentication.

    Kind regards

    Jonas Meyer

  • Hi,

    Thanks for this tutorial, it's really helpful.

    Is there a way to restrict or give permission to an individual/group to view and access only the given object/folder?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

  • Hi, I created a admin-role user, and when i need to chage any other user role the system shows the following: User role does not have edit permission

    This admin-role user have the same permissions that the original administrator user have. What would cause this and how coud I resolved?