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How to Reclaim size of volume “/hana/log” when it is full.

How to reclaim or shrink the log volume size of HANA DB in /hana/log storage.

Introduction –

Whenever we notice, that the HANA database does not accept any of the new requests to perform it is confirm that the log volume is full for that database. In such cases we need to truncate or shrink or reclaim the unused space on log volume for HANA db. This procedure is explained thoroughly in this blog.


Main Part –

Process of reclaiming the HANA log file system

  • We have observed that the /hana/log volume size is full in our linux server as shown in the image below.

Here, in this screen it is clear that the volume size for /hana/log is 100% full, due to which we are not allowed to perform any tasks on this particular database.

  •  Now login to OS level and try stopping the application’s running in this database.

use command “sapcontrol -nr $$ -function StopSystem” for stopping the application where $$ indicates the unique instance number on which the application is installed.

After stopping all the instances running on the multi-tenant database.

  • Connect to the Database through HANA Studio and run following command.


  • After successful execution of this command check for the volume size for /hana/log

Now it is clear from the screen that the volume size for /hana/log is good – used 21% only.

Conclusion –

By this way we can reclaim the unused amount of log volume in HANA DB. It is better to perform this kind of activity at-least once in every month or depends on the usage and growth of log size.


Reference –

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