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Bulk Materials Consumption in EWM-Withdrawal to Cost Center


The aim of this blog is to explain how the Staging and consumption of Bulk materials happen from EWM managed warehouse to a Cost Center. Bulk items are non backflushed materials so they are not consumed during Production order confirmation and generally cost are collected at Cost center.

The bulk material is not contained in the assembly bill of material . For this reason, it is required to post the costs for this bulk material to cost center as material overhead costs. Bulk materials dont have regular consumption pattern and hence they are not the part of BOM.

This blog will unravel the technicalities, configuration and master data set up for consumption of Bulk items to a cost center from EWM perspective.


Staging and Consumption via Kanban Model:

  • Make a Kanban Control cycle in ERP, assign the cost center and stock transfer strategy.


  • Stock transfer strategy is accountable for creating a Staging delivery( Movement type 411) and a consumption delivery( Movement type 201)


  • The stock transfer strategy can be configured in SPRO in Production–Kanban.



  • Since system has to create 2 deliveries for 411 movement type for staging to PSA and 201 movement type for consumption against Cost center , it is mandatory to create 2 different Delivery types in ERP

In customizing, Logistics Execution–>SAP EWM Integration–>Production Planning and Control—>Define Delivery Type Determination, assign 2 different delivery types with 2 different characteristics. 


Here, I created 2 delivery types, ZDOG(411) for staging and ZDO2 for consumption. Please keep movement type blank for ZDO2 entry.


  • Map the Delivery types with the corresponding item type in ERP.


  • In customizing, Logistics Execution–>Decentralized WMS Integration—>Central Processing—>Application—>Define Interface to Inventory Management and Delivery-Relevant Data—>Delivery-Relevant Parameters for Reference Movement Type, do the delivery type interface with the reference movement type, ship to party and vendor. When we work with EWM integrated environment, it is required to create Plant as Vendor and customer, latter CIF either one of these values to EWM and it becomes Party Entitled to Dispose in EWM which is nothing but technically representing a Plant in EWM



  • Customizing in EWM

Once ERP customizing is finished, it is required to connect the ERP delivery mapping to EWM delivery types and item types.


A) ZD02(201) consumption to cost center delivery is mapped with ZKOS delievry type in EWM

B) ZDOG(411) staging delivery is mapped with ZTPS delivery type in EWM with PSP code for initiator for communication chain.


  • Similarly, map corresponding Item types.


–>Also it is required to create 2 separate Warehouse process types for staging and consumption. 


Replication Steps.

  1. PK13N, empty Kanban card.

The card is full now, it need to be emptied.

2) Click in Empty button and card status gets Red(Empty)



–> System has created 2 deliveries one for staging and one for consumption.

Lets check the both deliveries.

A) first delivery is created with delivery type ZDOG, movement type 411 with the cost center. Goods movement is not posted because we have not conducted any warehouse activity from EWM.


B) The second delivery is our consumption delivery having delivery type ZD02 and movement type 201. This is not posted because picking is not conducted from EWM side.



3) Create Warehouse Task from Staging delivery.

since in current set up, we had only 1 storage location in ERP and 1 availability group in EWM, system created a posting change request in EWM. Also PPF action is set up to create Automatic Warehouse task, it is required to do only Confirmation of WT


—>It is important to create staging Information for Bulk Items in PSA. This can be done in PSA/Stage.If this information is not created, EWM WT will not able to Pick the Goods movement Bin and WT cannot be created.



4) Now check the status of Kanban card in PK13N. 

The consumption delivery is replaced by a material document. It means the goods movement has been posted in Staging delivery.




5) Check the staging delivery in ERP.

The status of staging delivery is completed and 411 movement is posted. So, now the Bulk Item is arrived in Production Supply Area.


5) Now, conduct Picking and GI in EWM from /N/SCWM/PRDO


System can create an automatic WT and Automatic GI if you have configured your PPF in such way. Once WT is confirmed, system can trigger can Auto GI. But this require customization from PPF side.

In our case, we have Automatic WT creation and Manual GI postings. Once Picking is finished, it is required to Post GI.


6) Now, Post GI

So, Picking and Goods issue is completed from EWM, whcih means the consumption delivery is now posted with 201 movement type in ERP



7) Check the ERP consumption delivery. Consumption is posted.



Other Easy Work Around.

There can be 2 other approach for consumption of Bulk items against cost center.

  1. Post the Quantity of bulk items against Cost center directly from MIGO. This will create a delivery and warehouse request in EWM. Further it can be picked and Goods issued from Warehouse directly.

2) The second approach is Direct Consumption from Warehouse(EWM). It means we have to create a direct outbound delivery from EWM and this delivery will be non invoice relevant. 

OPIG is the delivery type meant for “internal” deliveries, meaning deliveries for a cost center.So, some configuration is required to achieve this. In my latter blogs, I would explain how Direct Outbound delivery for consumption can be done.


Hence the topic ends here. I would wait for any suggestions or improvement to make this blog more productive.



Best regards

Shailesh Mishra

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      Nice Document shailesh

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      Mehmet Ozgur Unal

      Good job , thanks for sharing.

      Waiting advance production integration from you .


      M.Ozgur Unal

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      Tibor Dasek

      Hello Shailesh,


      can you please share the definiton of ZKOS delivery type that you use on EWM side ?


      Thank you