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Building your first fiori App with backend connection and Odata service


A lot of time first fiori App has been discussed in the forum, this blog stands out because it describes the detail solution about how to set up connection of fiori and developed your first application with Odata services.

Just follow the simple steps.


Goto Transaction SMICM

Click services top left 3rd icon now you will see your port and IP


1) Now we have to right IP in our host file

2) now we have to create a SID file and put this in the location given below


give your IP and Port at the black mark


Now we have to create a Odata service for CRUD Application.

1)ย Create a Ztable which you want to use in Odata.


2) Goto Tcode SEGW and create a project


3) Then right click on Data Model goto import click DDIC Structure.

4) Give your Table name and click Next

5)Select all fields which you want to display

6) Select Is Key for fiori



7) now generate the project by clicking red circle button

8) Now redefine all method of ZTB_CRUD2SET by clicking right click on it and click go to abap workbench.

  • To insert a data into ztable define CREATE_ENTITY.

  • To delete a particular record from ztable we define DELETE_ENTITY


  • To display/read the data from ztable we define GET_ENTITYSET

  • To edit/update the record we define UPDATE_ENTITY and GET_ENTITY




  • Now goto tcode Activate and maintain services to Create ODATA service


  • Click on Add Service and create system alias



  • Now add ZCRUD_APP_SRV


  • Now go back and click find and double click on it now you can see its system alias


  • Now click SAP Gateway Client to test the service



Now your Odata service is completed and running successfully


  • Now goto your WEB-IDE and create a CRUD Application


  • Give a project name


  • Now choose a system (SID) and select you service here and start your application.



By following this blog one can easily get hands on experience working with fiori and Odata services.




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      Author's profile photo Atif Mukhtar
      Atif Mukhtar

      Dear Azeem,


      Very interesting blog and finally someone provided all necessary details to set up FIORI connection to backend system. I will also try to implement this by myself.

      Author's profile photo Syed Haider
      Syed Haider
      Blog Post Author

      Much appreciated

      Author's profile photo Muhammad Hassan Alam Khan
      Muhammad Hassan Alam Khan

      Dear Azeem Haider,

      Nice Approach you have done it, I'll follow this blog to set up a Fiori App.

      Author's profile photo Syed Haider
      Syed Haider
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks! Let me know if you need any help.

      Author's profile photo Mohammad Umaid Sheikh
      Mohammad Umaid Sheikh

      I havent seen such a comprehensive and step by step methodology anywhere else . Thanks a lot Azeem . Sharing is Caring .ย  We will be waiting for your next blog in this regards ๐Ÿ™‚

      Author's profile photo Syed Haider
      Syed Haider
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Umaid ๐Ÿ™‚

      Author's profile photo Suresh Subramanian
      Suresh Subramanian

      Nicely documented. Thank you so much !

      Author's profile photo Syed Haider
      Syed Haider
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Suresh ๐Ÿ™‚

      Author's profile photo Matthew Billingham
      Matthew Billingham

      I'm currently developing the back end of a Fiori app. I'm entirely new to this, so I found your blog helpful.

      One point though. I think you should create a structure, not an internal table. There's no real need to involve the database in this stuff.

      Author's profile photo Hira Gulroo
      Hira Gulroo

      very Helpful,