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Paid Family and Medical Leave

Hello community,

This is blog to discuss Paid Family and Medical Leave for U.S. If you have any  questions about PFML you can post it here. This blog will be updated with tips, best practices and, SAP Notes related to this subject.

Notes for State of Washington:

2722361 – BSI: Tax Types 098 to 103 (Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave)
2723165 – BSI: Tax Types 098 to 103 (Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave) [CE]
2732298 – Prerequiste objects for SAP Note 2731200
2731200 – BSI – Change BTX screens due to 3-digits Tax Type change
2724688 – TAX: Changes in Payroll Driver log and Sync Tax Data due to 3-digit Tax Type enablement
2736529 – TAX: Incorrect cumulation of YTD amounts for tax types 100 and above
2737921 – TAX: Washington Paid Family Leave not calculated correctly when the employee is not resident in WA
2736319 – TAX: Virtual Tax Types 888 and 999 are not restricted to WA
2740042 – TAX: Adjustments to the WA Paid Family and Medical Leave calculation
2740876 – TAX: Prerequisite objects for SAP Note 2740042
2749956 – TAX: Wage type /T6Z is not sent as year-to-date wages to TaxFactory
2751080 – TAX: Non-taken tax for Tax Type 87 for Washington (WA) is being refunded
2768221 – TAX: Incorrect WA PFML in case of payroll results before SAP Note 2740042
2777590 – BSI: Sync. Payroll Tax Data displays PAL error for TUB 162
2768221 – TAX: Prerequisites for SAP Note 2788251
2788251 – TAX: Configuration for WA PFML wage types for Concurrent Employment [CE]
2788717 – TAX: Corrections to WA PFML 999 Tax Type for CE and Posting
2775430 – TAX: Changes to WA PFML calculation to allow self-adjustment
2790914 – TAX: Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave (WA PFML) solution – FAQ

Notes for Commonwealth of Massachusetts:

2788251 – TAX: Configuration for WA PFML wage types for Concurrent Employment [CE]
2751080 – TAX: Non-taken tax for Tax Type 87 for Washington (WA) is being refunded
2740042 – TAX: Adjustments to the WA Paid Family and Medical Leave calculation
2775430 – TAX: Changes to WA PFML calculation to allow self-adjustment.

TUB 166 is required for Commonwealth of Massachusetts, after the TUB you need to run the Synchronization tool and adjust the tax model.

If you have applied the Support Package that contain these note and cannot see the new wages type, the reason is these changes are delivered in client 000, you should transport the changes to the other working clients, the wiki page has instructions in how to do it.

After the transport you need to adjust the Tax Model to include the wage types that your company need to pay.

You must run the Synchronization Tool.



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  • Hi Everyone,

    We are just now implementing the updates for Massachusetts and Washington.  We applied all of the notes to date (as far as I can determine), currently at TUB 173 and am able to configure all steps related to the tax types including assigning 3-digit tax types to tax authorities, updating tax models, etc.  There were no problems in making those updates.

    Our problem is updating a payroll rule with the 3-digit tax types.  We currently use a copy of payroll rule UTAU (Tax Level/Authority Split) that maps tax types to custom wage types by tax authority for payroll postings.  It seems to only recognize 2-digit tax types.  When I try to add the 3-digit wage types (100-103), it gives me this message when validating:

    Layout of the table key is incorrect, the following is required: XX

    I tried adding VALEN 3 to the line with UWTIFT, but it then gave me a message about it exceeding the actual field length.

    Any ideas of how to get UTAU to accept a 3-digit tax type or another way to get around this?  If the tax type is not set up in this rule it will not execute in Payroll.



  • Graziela,

    Do we have any SAP recommendation on the District of Columbia Paid Family Leave ?

    As per legal changes it's effective from 1st July,2019.




  • Dear Graziela,


    We are in the process of implementing FLML for Washington, we would like to know from when this effective & other information from where we get this in SAP perspective , as we need to inform to Business.




  • Hi Graziela,


    We have the below questions on the Family leave medical leave for Washington configuration.

    1.Can you please confirm that We no need to make it calculate Tax type 098 (Employer Family leave) in the Payroll roll. We see the there is no calculation for the Employer family leave (098) in the WA Govt calculator (

    2.We have configured the State plan for the Washington Family leave and medical leave

    when we run the payroll it is calculation correctly as per the T5UTX rates for the Tax Types 087.098,099,100 but when business compare with there is small differences in the calculations from the above link and SAP Rates are as follow .For example the below rates Tax type 100: 43276.31*0.001466=63.44   Govt site it is calculating $ 63.48 and Tax type 087: 43276.31*0.001333=57.69   and Govt site calculation 57.70/


    1. T5UTX rates
    2. WA       087       31.12.9999         01.01.2019         132,900.00         0.001333
    3. WA       098       31.12.9999         01.01.2019         132,900.00         0.001333
    4. WA       099       31.12.9999         01.01.2019         132,900.00         0.001200
    5. WA       100       31.12.9999         01.01.2019         132,900.00         0.001466


    Calculation of FLML taxes in SAP

    Tax type 087: 43276.31*0.001333=57.69

    Tax type 098: 43276.31*0.001333=57.69

    Tax type 099: 43276.31*0.001200=51.93

    Tax type 100: 43276.31*0.001466=63.44

    Best Regards,

  • Hello There,

    If the employer has less than 50 employees for WA PFML, Employer should stop premium.

    So we have changed tax rate for tax type 100 for WA to 0 in BTXRATE and BSI. We ahve used the formula 3 for the same. Even after making the rate to 0, the Tax type 100 is being calculated in the payroll. Please suggest how to stop the tax type 100 from being calculated for WA




    • Hi rajat satpathy,

      You should remove Tax Type 100 from your Tax Model. The system only calculates Tax Types that are in the Tax Model. Please, check how your Tax Model is configured. In case Tax Type 100 is still in Tax Model, this will be taken into account. If not, TT won't be considred during calculation.





  • Hi Virginia Soares ,

    We have one query on the DC Paid Family leave.

    If we are going with work tax area (IT208) as DC then system is calculating the Paid Family Leave Insurance Tax part. But if we have the unemployment tax area (IT209) as DC then system is not calculating . In the BSI portal , this tax type 098 does not come under Unemployment Override . But as requirement , say example  if any employee have residence tax and work tax area as "Maryland" and Unemployment Area as "DC" then Paid Family leave should get calculate .

    Could you please share your view on this .




    • Hi Sankarsan Dey

      Can you check T5UTM table view and see whether PFML Tax Types are configured for Unemployment the same way as Work Tax Types?

      If you would like the system to calculate PFML taxes for Unemployment the same way as it does for Work, you need to check your Tax Model and verify how it is configured. In this case, you would have the same Tax Combos mapped for Work (value W in column Res/wrk/UI) and Unemployment (value U in column Res/wrk/UI).




  • Not sure if anyone will still respond on this blog, but I have a question about WA PFML.  We have a group of employees that will have the default percentage taken for tax types 87, 99 and 100.  But we also will now have a group of employees that will have a different percentage taken for tax types 87, 98, 99 and 100. (75% employer paid)  Is that even possible?  If so, how?

  • Graziela,

    When should we expect a solution from SAP for CT Paid Family and Medical Leave? We are supposed to start employee deductions for 2021?




    • Hello Greg,

      As per BSI API notice this will be released in TUB 203 for TaxFactory 10.0 and TUB 036 for TaxFactory 11.0.

      For further information you can reach out BSI.

      Kind regards,

  • Hi Graziela,

    I've downloaded TUB 36 in TaxFactory 11 with CT Employee Family leave (tax type 87).  Is there a note coming from SAP on configuration steps?



  • Hello Graziela Dondoni,

    We see an issue with Wage types /T4Z and /T6Z for Washington. For our employees these Wage types have inflated to very high amount and now a result of this, Payroll is going for runtime error with error message "Overflow during the arithmetical operation (type P) in program "SAPLRPCUS"". Do you see am i missing anything.



    • Hello Neeraj,

      I have replied your incident as well.

      As per SAP note 2775430 wage type /T6Z has been rescinded, this means this should not be generated anymore. So please go to table T5UTD and remove/delimite tax type 999 from this date.

      This should fix the error. As per the note:

      The creation of these wage types has no functional impact in the standard system.

      Kind regards,
      SAP Product Support

  • Will an SAP note be supplied in order to display the CT Family Leave on box 14 of the W2? If I remember correctly SAP released a note for this same issue for the state of NY.



  • Hi Graziela,

    We are in the process of implementing the PFML solution for MA. The standard tax models is working fine. But need to have the 401K ER match amount to be included in the PFML base wage calculation.  This is as per the MA rule wherein the base wage should include ER match as well.

    Would like to know is there a plan to release a change for the above scenario. Appreciate if any one else faced similar scenario.

    Looking forward to your response.



  • Hello,

    I am trying to establish the processing for the Connecticut PFML processing.

    The State has provided the following guidance to employers:

    "Employees will have contributions of 1/2 of 1% deducted from their total wages up to the defined Social Security wage base (using the same calculation for determining total wages as are used to calculate FICA) and done so through payroll deduction, to coincide with each pay cycle."

    I have reviewed the note you referenced earlier in this blog (Note 2646985 ).  Based on this note, tax type 087 is to be used.  Configuration has been reviewed and is in the system.

    Tax type 087 functions and the value calculated by BSI is 1/2/ of 1% of the value sent.

    However, the value sent to BSI is consistent with tax type 001 (income tax withholding base) and not 003 (FICA base).

    If I try to change the taxability model the step "Generate Tax Models" resets the tables to the client 000 configuration, which undoes the configuration applied at implementation.

    Will there be a correction to the calculation base of the PFML?


    • Hi Hillary Robinette ,


      Have you tried not running the taxability model, step 'Generate Tax Models'? About your question if there will be a correction to the calcultation, there are no plans to release SAP Note related to this scenario. In case your issue persists, you can open an incident under component PY-US- TX.


      Best regards,