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What’s New: Smart Assist Portfolio in SAP Analytics Cloud #ASUG Webcast Recap

You can watch the recap here BI: What’s New: Smart Assist Portfolio in SAP Analytics Cloud and don’t forget to register for Upcoming ASUG Business Intelligence Community Webcasts – below are the remaining ones for January, including one today:

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January 23 BI: SAP Digital Boardroom and SAC Mobile App – What’s New, Best Practices and Roadmap

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January 29  INFL: Mobile BI Influence Council Re-launch

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January 31 BI: SAP Analytics Cloud Roadmap


Source: SAP

Smart Assist offers AI features to “expand the conversation beyond just visualizations, charts, and data connectivity”, offering “easy to consume machine learning capabilities embedded deeply within SAC, alongside and integrated with BI and Planning.

This webcasts focuses on augmenting BI and Planning workflows with machine learning, and begin to enable business analyst types to become citizen data scientists with easy to use capabilities.


Source: SAP

Employees can do more with less, as it is easy to get to the insights that machine learning can get to the customers

Data alone will not get you your business insights; it is the insights embedded in data. We all have bias

Power of machine learning allows for faster time to insight

What is augmented analytics? New buzzword; brings machine learning to the analytics space. In the past it was with statisticians and data scientists and now bring power to end users

Need to speak the language of the business user; now use terminology that people use in their day to day lives, such as natural language.

Customers can get explanations with a single click.

Make AI available to everyone


Source: SAP

Search to insight, users can type question in natural language, provide suggestions to people to get the answers they want

New, this feature is available to HANA Live connectivity and on the roadmap to extend to other live sources.


Source: SAP

You need to start somewhere.

Smart discovery is a way to automatically have a dashboard generated; it generates pages of insight of data, powered by machine learning; running automated predictive library, then generate insights on the dashboard.


Source: SAP

The idea of smart insights gives you insight on particular data point

Allows you to click on data point and have insight automatically generated


Source: SAP

This was covered in the demo at minute 11:42 of the replay BI: What’s New: Smart Assist Portfolio in SAP Analytics Cloud


Source: SAP

Smart grouping allows you to automatically groups of entities in data set – e.g. characteristics of high performing employees


Source: SAP

Time series forecasting – how know which algorithm to select? That is a challenge for time series forecasting.

Instead of putting burden on end user, use machine learning to decide in terms of accuracy and confidence

Feature available for BI and Planning

It is embedded in planning workflows – what expect next year and write back into different versions


Source: SAP

R can be used to create static and dynamic charts


Source: SAP

Classification, regression and time series – 3 types of algorithm available in SAP Analytics Cloud, with focus on business user

Question & Answer

Can you write back those simulations to your database?

No. But not totally clear on the ask. Would you be willing to share your use case in more details?

Will Smart features be extended to voice? E.g. I speak the commands? Conversational by voice?

Search to Insight powered by voice – showed it at SAPPHIRENOW – not released…

Timings of replay BI: What’s New: Smart Assist Portfolio in SAP Analytics Cloud are below:

Introduction to Augmented Analytics – 2:16

Features Overview – 6:47

Demo – 11:42

Wrap-up – 31:57

What did I miss?

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