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S/4HANA Cloud – Flexible Workflow for Purchase Order Approval

S/4HANA Cloud – Flexible Workflow for Purchase Order Approval

In this blog, we will see how to build flexible workflow for purchase order approval process in S/4HANA Cloud system. Basically, the Purchase Order Process Workflow feature is used to force purchase orders that meet a defined preconditions to follow a specific approval/review process. For example if all Purchase Order items greater than $25,000 need to be reviewed before release, you can set up the application to enforce that workflow/approval process. This blog will explain how to use Purchase Order Process Workflow feature in S/4 HANA Cloud System.

In SAP S/4 HANA Cloud system there is configuration option provided to use Flexible Workflow for Purchase Order Approval Process.

The workflow approval process for Purchase Order requires configuration to be done for Purchase Order document type and define conditions for which Purchase order workflow should be triggered for approval process. Given below the steps to be followed :


1. First need to activate document type of Purchase order( for which Workflow approval process should trigger). This is to be done in Fiori App: ‘Manage your Solution’.

Follow path Manage your Solution App => Configure Your Solution and search for “Purchase order processing” and navigate to next screen for Configuration Steps.

On Next Screen, select first Step – ‘Activate Flexible Workflow for Purchase Orders’ and ‘Configure’.

Select Standard PO order type – NB (as an example for demo given)

2. Now to defined release conditions, run Fiori App – ‘Manage Workflows for Purchase Orders‘. Refer below app details and required authorization for this app to use.

Manage Workflows for Purchase Orders

Below screen will appear and select Add button to defined Preconditions for Purchase Order Workflow process approval.

Below screen will appear. Here need to maintain – Properties, Preconditions and Step Sequence.

  • Properties: Give meaning full name and put validity of this workflow.

  • In Preconditions, there are several conditions provided and it should be met to trigger the workflow process. We can defined multiple preconditions by using +(Add another condition) , like if Purchasing Group should be ‘001’ and Total net amount of purchase order is greater than 1000 USD.

  • Step Sequence – Select Add Button

Below screen will appear and it has 4 sections : Header, Recipients, Preconditions and Exception Handling.

  • Header: Give descriptive name, sothat you can know which workflow has been triggered if multiple workflow in place (Condition Base)

  • Recipients: It can be Role and User based.

Role has multiple options and we have BAdI option also available for determination of Agent if any coding required.

User: Assign user-id who will get Purchase order work item to approve. We can assign multiple users and have option to select if all users should approve the work item or any one.

For this workflow, I am using User and putting my ID.

  • Preconditions – It also has same conditions as shown above. This can be used if any further condition is required to check after workflow has been triggered.
  • Exception Handling – In case if any exception occurs, we have option to cancel. continue, restart and repeat this step.

Click Add button given on right bottom of screen. (and if required we can add more steps).

Previous screen will appear, select Save there and use Activate button on screen.

Workflow Status should be Active and Set Order 1 to trigger this workflow at first priority.

Finally, all configuration and conditions has been defined successfully and workflow should trigger (based on conditions defined).

Test Case:

  1. Create Purchase order using standard App ‘Manage Purchase Order’ and make sure defined conditions has been taken care (Purchasing Group should be ‘001’ and Total net amount of purchase order is greater than 1000 USD). After save Status at header level of Created Purchase order will be “In Approval”.

To view approver details and workflow Step, go to Tab for Approval Details and can see which step is triggered and Recipient name also.

2. Approver will also get notification at Home Screen.

By clicking on Notification, approver will be taken to Fiori App: “Approve Purchase Order”.

Approve the Purchase order by selection ‘Approve’ Button on Bottom right.

There will be pop-up appear and we can add any note in the window and Submit.

3. Check Purchase Order and Status will be changed to Purchase Order Released.

Conclusion: Using Configuration and ‘Manage Workflow for Purchase Orders’ App, workflow approval process can be designed and all required information can be viewed in Approval Details tab appears in Purchase Order.

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      Does anyone know where the CDS of the workflow configuration are?