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FAQ – SAP Marketing Cloud: Marketing Analytics

You find questions and answers to the topic Marketing Analytics:

Is there a possibility to automatically provision business user from SAP Marketing Cloud to into SAC?

Answer: Yes, as a prerequisite you have to setup user provisioning from SAP Marketing Cloud to SAP Identity Authentication Service (IAS) and define SAP Analytics Cloud as Target System in the IAS. For the details, follow the blog.

Is there a possibility to influence theming, and changing labels of measures, dimension or stories in SAC?

Answer: It is possible to create own palettes and assign them to charts locally or on a story level (using story preferences). It is possible to select from a list of fonts available in SAC but not possible to include custom fonts. Changing descriptions of measures, dimensions and models are possible.

Do you get embedded SAC and also a stand alone SAC tenant free with the purchase of SAP Marketing Cloud?

Answer: Yes, the SAC tenants for test and production are automatically available as soon as the Marketing Cloud Quality or Productive System gets provisioned.

When importing new & updated content from the content library is there any need to check previously imported Content?

Answer: The content library offers different options for provisioning the new or updated standard content to a customer tenant. On the publishing tab of the content library one can distinguish, for example, between only importing new content (with and w/o updating data), importing new and updating existing content (including or excluding permissions).

Can SAC be used to build stories on data which have its source in multiple systems (ByD, C4C) ?

Answer: In data acquisition as well as with live connectivity models, it is possible to load data into a single model from different data sources. Additionally, different models can be linked in stories based on common dimension members to allow creation of blended charts or for cross filtering.
Note: When doing so, one needs an additional SAC license to hanndle the corresponding data source (C4C, ByD).

What is the difference between Content packages for On-Prem vs Marketing Cloud?

Answer: The content package for marketing cloud comprises the latest scope of analytics content, which is based on the recent Marketing Cloud release. Since On-premise releases might miss these enhancements, the package for on-premise might include less stories.

Does SAP Marketing On-Premise require a separate SAC License?

Answer: Yes, because SAC follows a subscription-based license model which different to the perpetual license model in in-prem. However, the SAC-license is available for relatively small license fee.

Is it mandatory to implemented SAC with SAP Marketing to have all functionality in site Marketing cloud?

Answer: SAC itself provides certain analytical capabilities which are available only there. However, Operational Reporting, for example can be done also in SAP Marketing Cloud using the Design Studio.

Which is the future roadmap, Operational reports or SAC reports?

Answer: Since SAC is the key corner stone of SAP’s Analytics Strategy, Operational Reporting in SAC will be improved significantly faster.

Are custom fields automatically available in custom queries?

Answer: If the definition in the Custom Fields and Logic App was made accordingly, the attribute gets automatically exposed to a standard query even, and of course also to a custom query.

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      Author's profile photo Joyca Vervinckt
      Joyca Vervinckt

      Is it also possible to do Marketing Analytics with another tool than SAP Analytics Cloud? (non-SAP BI tools)



      Author's profile photo Josef Ehbauer
      Josef Ehbauer
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Joyca,

      with the recent release we offer also extraction of data into SAP BW On-Prem and we plan to provide also a solution for non-SAP solution in the next release. For more information have a look at the following blog

      Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Fattouma Merdassi
      Fattouma Merdassi


      je voulais savoir la méthode qui me permet d'intégrer  une site web avec SAP MARKETING CLOUD? y'a il une possibilité d'avoir un code qu'on peux l'utiliser pour le relier avec GOOGLE TAG MANAGER ?  et merci

      Author's profile photo amarnath arasavalli
      amarnath arasavalli




      We are new to SAP Marketing cloud.


      As you said, "Yes, the SAC tenants for test and production are automatically available as soon as the Marketing Cloud Quality or Productive System gets provisioned."


      1. Do we not get a SAC ( Dev Tenant) for SAP Marketing cloud development system?
      2. In case of embedded SAC, is there a limitation for no.of users per tenant?
      3. In case of an embedded SAC, can we extract data from S4HANA cloud or SAP sales cloud apart from SAP Marketing cloud?

      Your answers will be helpful for our team in understanding the landscape.




      Author's profile photo Josef Ehbauer
      Josef Ehbauer
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Amar,

      I happy to give you the following answer:

      Ad1) Marketing Cloud currently provides only a so-called two tier landscape with one Q- and one P-tenant per license. Consequently there won't be a third SAC-tenant provided

      Ad2) Yes, there is the same number of users available as in the former bundled version, which depend on the edition of the marketing cloud, please refer to the SAP Marketing Cloud Supplement document.

      Ad3) No, as stated in the answer for the named question "Can SAC be used to build stories on data which have its source in multiple systems (ByD, C4C)?" a customer need a SAC enterprise license for that.

      Best Regards, Josef