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Author's profile photo Lucia Subatin

Updating SAP HANA, express edition in the Cloud to play with the CAP model

Everyone is talking about the Cloud Application Programming model and you want to play with it too?

No need to feel left out! Here is one way to upgrade your HANA express database and XS Advanced tools.

This blog post is for you if:

  • Your rev33 instance of HANA express is running on our cloud providers through their marketplaces (for example, I deployed mine using these instructions)
  • You want to update the database and Web IDE
  • You can live without using your HXE instance for 40′

I got this instance from the marketplace of one of our cloud partners, but the instructions for the local VM and binary installer are pretty much the same.

Before you begin…

I would recommend taking a snapshot/backup of your VM and adding more RAM. Also make sure your internet connection won’t interrupt the online session.

You will go for a coffee (or two) while your instance is upgrading. The size of such coffee can be smaller if you add more RAM (my VM is running at 40GB)

Open that Command Line

Yes, you’ll be using the command line, like hackers do. (Switch the font to green and impress non-tech people looking over your shoulder… )

If you are not hxeadm, become hxeadm (sudo su – hxeadm )

Add the path to Java first:

export PATH=${PATH}:/hana/shared/HXE/xs/sapjvm_8/bin

And then execute the script that is there to make your life so much easier:

/usr/sap/HXE/home/bin/HXECheckUpdate_linux.bin -a


Once it has finished, unzip the files in the downloads folder

cd /usr/sap/HXE/home/Downloads
tar -xvzf hxe.tgz
tar -xvzf hxexsa.tgz 
tar -xvzf eml.tgz 
(Not using the Extended Machine Learning library? Pretend you do and expand the component, or it won’t do the upgrade)

The unzipping will look pretty much like this for all three files:


Once you are done with the three of them, become a sudoer (hxeadm is a sudoer in the local/downloadable VM, so you don’t need to exit in that case)


The fun piece:

sudo /usr/sap/HXE/home/Downloads/HANA_EXPRESS_20/

You are all smart and can read what the script is asking for… especially if you have gone ninja and changed the defaults (in which case, don’t press enter):

The default password for the operating system is HXEHana1 .The rest of the passwords could also be the master password if you haven’t changed it either (again, if you take your instance a bit seriously, your admin passwords should not be the same among themselves and definitely different from the development password… and while you are at it, make a copy of the SYSTEM user and disable it).

And here is where you go for a cup of coffee (it took about 35’ in my machine, to give you an idea). You can get a glimpse of what the Cloud Application Programming model looks like from the replay of this webinar. Or get started watching any of Thomas Jung  excellent series on SAP HANA development here: 

Wasn’t that easy?

May have taken a while, but you should get a success message saying the update process has finished successfully.

Remember you may need to wait a little bit before that “1/1” appears next to webide:


Happy coding!


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      Author's profile photo Randy Middleton
      Randy Middleton

      thx. Just downloaded 1809  Jan'19. can wait to try your upgrade.

      Author's profile photo Nabheet Madan
      Nabheet Madan

      Thanks Lucia this is what i was looking for.Finally i also have the upgraded version, flawless upgrade.


      Author's profile photo Lucia Subatin
      Lucia Subatin
      Blog Post Author

      Glad it helps! openSAP course now? 🙂

      Author's profile photo yuvaraj gurunathan
      yuvaraj gurunathan

      I am trying to upgrade my HANA express on google cloud platform using your instruction and am getting the below error.  Any help how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

      hxeadm@hxehost:/usr/sap/HXE/HDB90> /usr/sap/HXE/home/bin/HXECheckUpdate_linux.bin -a
      Cannot open log file /tmp/hxe_check_update190128.log.

      Author's profile photo Lucia Subatin
      Lucia Subatin
      Blog Post Author

      What is the output of HXECheckUpdate_linux.bin?

      Author's profile photo yuvaraj gurunathan
      yuvaraj gurunathan

      Got it to work by just using the command .  Thank you for the help.

      Author's profile photo Lucia Subatin
      Lucia Subatin
      Blog Post Author

      Cool! Glad it works 🙂

      Author's profile photo Jay Malla
      Jay Malla

      Nice blog Lucia!  It's nice to be able to update HXE without having to go through download manager.



      Author's profile photo Lucia Subatin
      Lucia Subatin
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks, Jay!

      Author's profile photo Marco Hernandez
      Marco Hernandez

      Not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but what is the root password? I'm running the docker version of HXE,  tried with HXEHana1, and with the master password that I set during the container deployment.

      Author's profile photo Marco Hernandez
      Marco Hernandez

      Got it! For docker users: Just connect to the docker container as a root user:

      $ sudo docker exec -u root -it docker_container_name bash

      Then proceed to upgrade (without sudo):



      However the upgrade process stalls at "Preparing package 'DAT Configfiles (EN, DE)..."  (it's been close to 1 hour on my machina)

      Author's profile photo Debanshu Mukherjett
      Debanshu Mukherjett

      Hi Lucia,

      Finally, today got my profile working so sorry for the delayed gratitude...this blog saved my day !
      This is exactly what I was looking for and also learnt a great deal on the upgrade process itself...thanks a ton !


      Author's profile photo Debanshu Mukherjett
      Debanshu Mukherjett

      Hi Lucia..

      After the upgrade, I just tried exploring the new XSA Cockpit functionalities and found that the mapped Org and Space are for the system database and not for tenant HXE.
      Also, I observed that XSA was showing 'not enabled' for HXE.

      I am now a bit I need to enable HXE and map the default Org and Space to HXE?
      Please suggest.
      Here's the screenshot:

      Author's profile photo Lucia Subatin
      Lucia Subatin
      Blog Post Author

      Hey Debanshu,

      First, thanks a lot for the first comment, it’s nice to know this helps ?

      Second, you can enable the development space and map the tenant with the following commands:

      xs enable-tenant-database HXE
      xs map-tenant-database -o HANAExpress -s development HXE

      Step by step details here: 

      Take luck,


      Author's profile photo Debanshu Mukherjett
      Debanshu Mukherjett

      Hi Lucia,

      As always...a lucid, to-the-point, hitting the nail answer which resolved the issue !
      Actually, I kinda jumped the gun on this. Let me elucidate:
      I started the 'XSA getting started' mission today ( and after setting my HXE on GCP, I completed the first topic of exploring the basic tools and this issue was observed while exploring the tools, which prompted me to ask this. If I had looked at the next topic, I would have got my apologies for being a bit impatient....I'll follow the topics and will share my issues as a new question rather than extending this thread.....
      Merci Beaucoup !


      Author's profile photo Ramprabhu Sukumaran
      Ramprabhu Sukumaran

      Thank you. You make things easy

      Author's profile photo Lucia Subatin
      Lucia Subatin
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks for reading and commenting!