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SAP Cloud Integration – Enhanced Pagination in SuccessFactors OData V2 Outbound Connector


SAP Cloud Integration version 2.49.x enhances SuccessFactors OData V2 adapter with new pagination concept introduced in SuccessFactors system. More information about the pagination available in This blog explains how this new pagination has been enabled in SAP Cloud Integration in short.



To support three different types of pagination types described in, there is an explicit UI control provided in the SuccessFactors OData V2 connector as shown below.




By default, Server-Side Pagination is selected and as per the requirements, you can select the appropriate pagination type. The Page Size is now considered as customPageSize (explained in, and default value is 1000 if unspecified) for this new pagination. Modelling the SuccessFactors OData V2 query and other functionalities remains the same, it is only the backend SAP Cloud Integration SuccessFactors OData V2 outbound connector runtime has been adopted to support these different kinds of pagination.

The recommendations are captured in the section in How Do I Choose? of documentation at

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